The Blind Billionaire

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The new nanny

Warning!! Some sexual scenes!! Read after lines if you don't want to see.

Lisa phone Alice Bruno, a sweet old lady, she really got the grandma vibe she is sixty-years old, short, round, short gray hair and green eyes. Lisa immediately liked her when she came for the interview. Her husband past away recently, they did not have any children out of their marriage after her husband past away Alice was alone. “Alice speaking how may I help”? Lisa hear Alice on the other side. “Hey Alice, this is Lisa Mancini, you were here for an interview a few days ago, i just phone to tell you the job is yours if you still want it?” Lisa says kindly. “O my dear yes thank you very much, when must I start?” Alice asks happy, “You start Monday morning, I will send Pierro our driver to pick you up and your stuff tomorrow morning at say 10:00 if that suites you?” Lisa informs Alice. “That will be perfect, thank you, Mrs Mancini, enjoy the rest of your day,” Alice greet her. “Same to you Alice. See tomorrow”, Lisa greets her back before hanging up.
Lisa went to Lilani and found her and Allesandro play together, “Hi guys, what are you doing?” Lisa ask amused at the sight of Allesandro in a small chair drinking from a tea cup. “We are having a tea party Lissy. Prince Alli came to visit me, do you also want to join us for tea princess Lissy? Lilani ask giggling. “Of course I would love to join you”, Lisa says as she bows. “Prince Ali, can princess Lissy sit next to you?” Lilani ask Allesandro. Allesandro nods and reply, “I would love it if the princess sit next to me as long as she don't steel my cookies.” The three of them played a long time until Maria came to tell them that dinner is ready, when she saw Allesandro with make up and a tutu Maria can't help but laugh, its good to see Allesandro enjoying himself instead of pushing people away. The three of them went to get ready for dinner. Lisa had a great time with Lilani and Allesandro, who knew he got a fun side.

They all sit down for dinner. Lilani and Allesandro are in a deep conversation. Every one in the Mancini house hold watch as Allesandro and Lilani talk and can't believe what they are seeing, Mr Mancini are like patty in the little girls hands, they are so grateful that she became a part of them, she is the only one Mr Mancini don't push away and laughs with. They all came to love Lisa and her little sister. The sisters are like a ray of sunshine in this house. Everyone get to see a little of the old Allesandro whenever he is around the little girl, they just hope he will soon get back to how he used to be.
After dinner Allesandro ask if he can tuck Lilani in, Lisa agreed and help Maria do the dishes. After cleaning the kitchen and table, Lisa went to check on Lilani she stops at the door when she hears Allesandro telling her a story she recognizes Lilani's favorite book, Cinderella. When his finish he pulls the cover over her and kiss her on the head. “Sweet dreams princess”, he says to a sleeping Lilani and feel his way out of the room, Lisa quickly walk to their bedroom before Allesandro can hear her. Allesandro enters the bedroom when he hears the shower, knowing it's Lisa. He thought if he distant himself from her this feeling would go away but it seems to get stronger, the longer he stayed away the more he missed her. He can't understand these feelings, maybe its just his hormones, when was the last time he was with a woman, it must be sexual attraction Allesandro decides. Then he hears the bathroom door open. He wishes he could see what Lisa looks like, he knows she smells like heaven and have a sweet voice. Everyone tells him she is the most beautiful girl they ever saw, he knows she will do anything for the ones she loves, she is smart, funny and adored by all of his staff. Lisa ask if he wants to shower braking his thought. Allesandro nods and went to the bathroom.
When Allesandro get in to the bed Lisa says, “Mrs Bruno will be here tomorrow just past ten in the morning, I will get her room ready for when she arrives.”
“Ask Maria to help you”, is his only answer. Lisa says good night and turns around. The two of them can't fall asleep, both of them are thinking about each other. They turn towards each other on the same time. “Can't sleep?” Allesandro ask. “Yes, i assume you can't sleep either?” Comes Lisa's reply. “Mmmm seems like it, so I assume the new nanny is the old lady? Allesandro makes a conversation. “Yes, she seems sweet and reminds me of my grandma. The first time I saw her I knew she was the one”, Lisa reply truthfully. “Or maybe you don't want a young girl around, maybe afraid she will seduce your husband?” A teasing Allesandro says. Lisa slap his chest. “Ouch women, don't get abusive,” he laughs. “I am so not afraid that a young women may seduce you my dear husband”, Lisa now also tease.
Allesandro takes her hand and hold it. Lisa watch as he strokes her hands with his thumb. Suddenly he pulls her closer and kiss her, Lisa open her mouth, and he slid his tong inside. The kiss is passionate two people who are fighting their feelings for each other. Allesandro flips Lisa so his above her, his hands travel slowly down her body until it reaches the hem of her shirt, then he puts his hand inside her shirt and start messaging her belly and slowly moving up until he reaches her breast, he gently starts to play with her nipple, Lisa moans in his mouth. This feels so good she starts to feel a strange sensation between her legs, then she starts to grind against him she feels something hard against her pelvis Allesandro's start kissing her in her neck then he pulls her top over her head and take one breast in to his mouth, he softly takes the nipple between his teeth.
Suddenly they here a commotion down stairs and Allesandro came to his senses, shit what the hell is going on down stairs he quickly gets off from Lisa and whisper, “This isn't over”. Lisa blush at what he says. “Can you call Antonio for me please?” Allesandro ask with a voice still full of lust. Lisa takes her phone and call Antonio. Just as she finishes dressing, Antonio knock and enter. “What the hell is going on down stairs"? Allesandro demands to know. “Sir, there's a bunch of reporters and a police officer, they are here for Mrs Mancini”, Antonio says scared about his employers action once he hears the news. “And what do they want with my wife?”
“Viola went to the police and opened an assaulting charge against Mrs Mancini sir, then she went to the media claiming the two of you were lovers, when you ask Mrs Mancini for a divorce she started assaulting her and threatening you, Sir” Allesandro was mad how dare Viola tell such lies. “Will you take me down stairs and then call my lawyer, Lisa you can come with me I will not let them take you.” Allesandro says in a stern voice. Lisa was scared she never once had a run in with the law, why is it that every time she and Allesandro are intimate, he either with draw or something happens. They went down stairs and find the officers waiting for them. Allesandro ask them about these charges, and they talk for a while. Lisa was visibly nervous. After they are done the officers ask Lisa to go down to the police station with them, Allesandro tells her he will go with, and she doesn't have to worry about a thing. Lisa agrees and went with the officer.
At the police station Allesandro's lawyer arrive, Antonio gives him something and with that the lawyer went out. After sometime the lawyer and the police chief comes back. “Mr and Mrs Mancini, we all here at the station are very sorry for any inconvenience we have caused you. Mrs Mancini after seeing the evidence you are free to go.” The officer tell them. Lisa wonders about this so called evidence but decides to ask Allesandro about it later.
As they walk out of the station the media was already there, Antonio and Pierro help the couple to the waiting car. Once inside Allesandro began to speak, “Antonio, I want you to find Miss Viola and bring her to me, then I want you to send a copy of our evidence to the media, Viola don't know who she messed with, when I'm finish with her she will leave this country and never return.”
“Yes Mr Mancini I will do it as soon as we get home.” Antoinio assure his boss.
Arriving at the mansion Allesandro steps out and hold his hand for Lisa, she takes it and lead them inside. “Can I make anything to drink?” Lisa ask softly. “ Yes I think I need strong coffee about now.” Comes Allesandro's reply. Lisa went to the kitchen to make some coffee for everyone. Once she is finish she takes the tray to the small living room. “I am just going to check on Lilani,” Lisa says concerned that her sister has heard all of this commotion. “Maria is with her, Lilani did not hear a thing she is still sleeping peacefully”, Allesandro assures Lisa. Lisa let out a sight of relieve, she was worried that her sister heard everything. She takes a seat next to Allesandro and then carefully ask, “What is this evidence you are talking about?”
Allesandro rub his face before saying, “Remember the day Viola accused you of hitting her? Well after our fight in the office I ask Antonio and other staff what happened they confirmed what really happened. So I asked Antonio to put cameras with sound everywhere in the house. That is how I found out about everything how she treated you, how she planned on getting me.”
“O, wow i don't know what to say, thank you Allesandro,” Lisa says before kissing him on his cheek. Allesandro smirks, “I also heard what you have said to her.” Lisa forgot that she said somethings and look up at Allesandro who's smirking, knowing he heard everything. “So you really missed me?” Allesandro teased. “I did not, I was just telling her that I miss you.” Lisa defends herself. “Whatever you say, Mrs Mancini.”
Soon after midnight Allesandro tells Lisa to go and rest. Lisa first deny being tired but agree when Allesandro says he can hear her yawn. She stands up and bid him good night and went to bed. Allesandro, Antonio and Leonardo worked hard in finding Viola. After finding her location Allesandro instruct them what to do before asking Antonio to take him to his room.

The following morning everyone was quiet at the breakfast table. Allesandro ask Lisa what time Alice will be coming so that Pierro can pick her up in time. Lisa told him and he nods. After breakfast Allesandro left with Antonio and Leonardo. Lilani and Lisa went to the back yard to walk for a bit. There's a path leading to a beautiful water pound. Lilani went and stand on the bridge to see the fish. There were all sorts of flowers, Lilani decides that from today onwards that this is her spot. They spent some time there until Lisa tells her they must go back. As they enter the house Alice arrive. “O my dear, is this the little girl?” Alice ask exited. “Yes, Lilani this is Alice and Alice this is Lilani”, Lisa introduce them. Alice and Lilani immediately like each other. Lisa help Alice to her room and tells her lunch will be at 13:00. After that she left to spent time with Lilani.

As lunch comes, Allesandro is still out. Lisa don't know what they went to do, but she got a feeling it involve Viola. Alice and Lilani talk about everything, the little girl really likes Alice and decides to call her grandma. “Aunt Alice what do you call grandma in your language?” Lilani ask innocent. “Grandma is called Nonna my dear”. Alice reply. Lilani repeat the word until she got it right. “From now on I am going to call you Nona”, Lilani says happy. Alice was so shocked and happy she always wished for someone to call her that but sadly that never happened. Alice smiles brightly at Lilani and tell her she would love it if she calls her Nona. After dinner Allesandro and the others arrive and judging from the look on Allesandro's face he wasn't in a good mood. Lilani notice Allesandro and run up to him, “Alli your home, I have missed you so much, I want to show you my new Nona,” Lilani says exited. Allesandro laughs and let Lilani leads him. “Nonna this is my Alli and Allie this is my Nona,” Lilani introduce them. Alice greets Allesandro. He tells her to just call him Allesandro, he can tell Alice is a sweet and caring lady, the fact that Lilani calls her Nona she must really like her. Alice and Lilani spent the rest of the afternoon together. Lisa went to check on them only to find the pair fast asleep on Lilani's bed. Lisa smiles knowing they made the right choice.
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