The Blind Billionaire

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Viola leaves

Just after dinner Allesandro tells Lisa not to wait up for him he needs to attend an important meeting. Lisa feels that there is something he is hiding from her, but decides to let it go. He will tell her when the time is right, she hopes.
Allesandro and Antonio went to the apartment where Viola live. Antonio knocks a few times before Viola open the door. When she sees Allesandro she immediately run up to him and put her arms around his neck saying, “I knew you would come to me, i just needed to be patient. Did you finally realize your little wife are to plain for someone with your status?” Allesandro pushed her away and ask Antonio to help him inside and then tells Viola to follow him. Once inside Allesandro says in a very cold voice, "Viola, I have done some research and I must say I found some very interesting stuff. You may think because I am blind I won't find out about who and what you really are, tst, tsk, tsk, do you even know who I am? Because! if you did you wouldn't of dared to cross paths with me let alone messed with my wife." Viola looks at Allesandro before replying, "Of course I know who you are, you are the most powerful man in the whole Italy, everyone fears the ruthless Allesandro Mancini, you have connections with a lot of people even the mafia, I know there're rumours that you are mafia yourself. I did all of that because I love you, I have been watching you ever since Bianca left you."
"O for fuck sake, you only love the idea of my fucking money, let me tell you what I know about you, you grew up in a poor household, your father was a drunk who loved to gamble, your mother was a crack whore who couldn't keep her legs closed even if she got paid to do it and you began to sleep with rich married men and then blacked mailed them for money. I am going to give you two options, one you leave this country and never return if you do I am going to find out then make you pay with your life, two you are going to become the whore we both know you are and sell you to Jhonny Gravano. The choice are yours I give you ten minutes to think about it." Allesandro says cold. Viola visibly gulps she knows she messed with the wrong guy and that Jhonny Gravano is one of the biggest mafia known in Italie he is ruthless and don't give a shit who he has to kill to get what he wants. Allesandro stands up and went outside with Antonio. He just hopes she makes the right decision. After some time Allesandro ask Antonio to take him back.

"Have you made a decision? Your time is up." Allesandro interrupt her. "Yes, I will leave the country," Viola finally says.
"Great, you made the right choice i give you twenty- four-hours then i want you gone," Allesandro calmly says. He stands up and Antonio escort him back to the car. Once inside Allesandro tells Antonio to keep an eye on Viola and make sure she leaves the country. "Will do it boss." Pierro starts driving back to the mansion.
Once, back at the mansion Allesandro ask Antonio to take him to his room. Antonio help his boss to the bathroom and then says good night. Allesandro takes a shower and think about today's events. Viola really tested his patients, he will not tolerate anyone who mess with him or his family. He is known to be ruthless, he has been associated with the mafia, he may not be mafia, but he has a few best friends who are in the mafia, they have been friends for as long as he can remember. Jhonny, Kevin Salvatore, Jake Bilotti and Allesandro grew up together, they were best friends. When he lost his eyes he started hanging out with them less they would always call to check up on him, he misses them maybe he should stop pushing every one away. The only ones who he can't push away is his brother and Sophia, they just don't listen to him when they come here every Sunday. Sophia are Kevin's little sister she and Gabriele where inseparable since they were small, Gabriele always took her sweets or tease her until she cried. Allesandro always told Kevin that sophia and Gabriele will get married, but then Kevin would threaten Gabriel saying he would chop of his manhood if he touches his sister, eventually Kevin got used to the idea of Gabriele and Sophia.

When, Allesandro went to bed he turns towards Lisa. He knows he doesn't love her, but he got this urge to protect her at all cost. If, only he can see her. He can't wait for the eye operation only Antonio and Leonardo knows about the operation that will soon take place. He doesn't want to tell anybody else, if the operation don't work he doesn't want pitty. He should probably tell Lisa about everything well except the operation. With that thought he fell asleep.

The next morning Lisa wakes up with Allesandro's arms around her. Carefully not to wake him she removes his hand and went to the bathroom, once she's finished she goes down stairs to prepare breakfast. Just as she was finish everyone was seated at the table. Today is Saturday, she told Alice that they can take Lilani to the park to play a little. Allesandro ask Lisa to meet him in his office. After, breakfast Lisa went with Allesandro to his office. He told her about his life and who his friends are. That he like to introduce her to them Sunday. Lisa knew Allesandro was powerful and feared by people. The friends don't bother her much strangely. She trusts Allesandro even if she doesn't know him long. "So you knew Viola left on her own?" Lisa ask. Allesandro shake his head and reply, "No not exactly she needed a little persuasion and I helped her out. You don't have to worry about her anymore." After they are done talking Lisa ask, "Do you want to go with us to the park today?" Allesandro runs his hands trough his hear before saying, " I would love to, thank you for inviting me".

The four set out to the park. At the park Lilani takes Allesandro's hand and leads him to the swing. "Will you please push me?" Allesandro assume she's talking about a swing and nods. Lisa an Alice watch the scene from the blanket Lisa had brought along. "They really love each other." Alice remarks. "Yes, Lilani are very fond of Allesandro and it seems his fond of her as well." Lisa watch as Lilani laughs and notice the smile on Allesandro's face. It's a good thing she invited him. Lilani enjoys the park very much, she loves the pond where she can feed the ducks. Lisa made them a picknick basket, and they enjoy lunch there in the park. "Thank you for the picknick Lisa, this was delicious." Allesandro tells her. Lisa smiles and soon calls Lilani to get ready. After four hours at the park they went back to the mansion for Lilani to take rest. The rest of the day Allesandro worked in his office. Lisa went to get him when dinner is ready. "My friends will be here tommorrow at 11:00 hours," Allesandro informs Lisa. "Thank you for letting me know." Lisa reply.

The next morning Lisa was busy preparing for Allesandro's friends. They decided to have a BBQ, so Lisa makes a potato salad and "paptert". Lisa was just finish with this when the door bell rings. She quickly wipes her hands and went to open the door, as she open it three huge ass men stand in front of her. "O i see he got himself a keeper, that's why he didn't want us around here", The guy with blond hair and green eyes says. The others nodded in response and Lisa steps aside, so they can come inside. "Allesandro Mancini get your ass down here this instant," The blond guy shouts out. Just then Allesandro makes his appearance. "Wow i am blind not fucking death Jhonny", Allesandro says to the man. "Hey guys, i am glad you could make it," Allesandro tells his friends. They went to him and give him a bro hug. "Now will you introduce us to this beauty that opened the door for us?" A guy with dark brown hair,brown eyes and tattoos all over his arms ask. "Lisa come here please, guys this is Lisa my wife and Lisa this clowns here are my so called friends, Jhonny is the blond, Kevin is the one with dark brown hair, and Jake is the one with black hair" intreduce them. "Hi guy, pleasure to finally meet you." Lisa greets them with a hand shake. "O, its we who are honored to finally meet the girl that took Bianca's place." Jhonny tells her. Just then Lilani comes down. "Who yelled so loud? You know we are not death around here", she says as she go and stands next to Allesandro with her hands on her heaps, looking at the three stange men with angry eyes before continuing, " Who are you and what do you want with Alli?" Lilani demands. The three of them look at each other and start laughting at the little girl in front of them.
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