The Blind Billionaire

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Meeting his friends

Lilani looks up to Allesandro and ask, "Why are they laughing at me Alli?" Allesandro bent down, "They are just some huge ass over grown baboons' sweetie, they don't have any manners," Allesandro tell the little girl. Lilani nods her head and look at the men, "Hey, i am Lilani, Lisa and Alli's favorite sister," Lilan introduce herself. Jhonny bends down and greets her then the other two. "Hey, Lilani we are Allesandro's best friends." Kevin says to Lilani. Lilani nods then says to Lisa she's with her Nona if she needs her. Lisa nods then leads the guys to the back. Lisa went inside to get beer for the guys and then went back to the kitchen. "You got yourself a keeper here, Mancini. Damitt I wish I get a girl like that, where did you find her?" Kevin ask. Allesandro shook his head and say, "It's a long story guys i will tell you another day".
"I hear Viola left the country," Jhonny suddenly says. "Yes, i sort of told her that I will sell her to you as a whore". Allesandro answer rubbing the back of his head. "You fucking kidding me right, what the hell man, why me and not one of the others? I mean i don't want my brothel to be associate with that cheap scank", Jhonny says shaking his head. "Well it worked didn't it she left, she chose to leave rather to be with you?" Comes Allesandro's reply. "You know you are an idiot Mancini, but we know that, now Lisa must find out what an idiot ass you really are poor girl don't know what a baboon she married", Jhonny says teasing Allesandro. "O I think she married MR hotness over hear because of his dick guys, remember in school how every girl he slept with fall in love with the MAN," Kevin says pointing to Allesandro's manhood, "and what was the girls name that named him HULK,"? Kevin continue laughing. Allesandro puts up three fingers and says, "Choose one barbie". Everyone laughs at Kevins nickname he got from Allesandro. I'ts good having there friend back.
"But really now how did you two meet and how long are you married?" Jake asks serious. "Like I said it's a long story and if I am not mistaken we are married for a month now." Allesandro says. Just then Lilani came running out and sit next to Allesandro and watch the guys. "Are you guys some sort of super heroes?" Lilani suddenly ask. Kevin answers her, "Yes we are, I am actually iron man, Jhonny well lets say he is the nerd that tracks down evil men and Jake well he dress up like a girl to get the bad guys." Allesandro burst out laughing while the others look at Kevin ready to kill him. "O okay, I have a tutu if you need one uncle Jake then we both can capture the bad guys," Lilani says before running up to her room. "You are a fucking idiot Kevin I swear I am going to kill you", Jake says glaring at Kevin. All the others laugh at Jake. Just then Lisa appear, "do you need more beer? Antonio will bring the cooler box now." She says as she takes a seat next to Allesandro. "Thank you but we are still alright," Jhonny says. "So tell me Lisa, how did you and Allesandro met? Because this dick head was so stubborn that he even pushed us his best friends away we cried for days, ate ice cream and cried some more", Kevin says with a hand on his chest faking a heartbreak. "
"Kevin shut the fuck up you make us soud like a bunch of pussies", Jhonny says. "O he didn't tell you?" Lisa ask confused. "No I left the story for you to tell honey" An innocent Allesandro tells her. Lisa smirks before telling, "O are you positive baby?" Lisa ask sweetly. Allesandro nods and Lisa begins to tell, "Well you see, Allesandro always went to the park with Antonio, my sister and I was on holiday here and went to the same park. Lilani went up to him and began calling him pappa, Allesandro became pale as a ghost and ask Antonio to describe the little girl, after Antonio finished his description Allesandro face was laced with quilt. Lilani do look like him, black hair, brown eyes and a tanned skin. So I walked up and apologize for Lilani's behavior, then Allesandro here began to stutter, "I... i i..kno...know you? How.. ol....old are the g....girl"? At first I didn't know what he's talking about but then Lilani told me she found her father, you guys should have seen his face it was priceless I swear I have never seen a guy struggle to say a word before. I then told him the truth and he relaxed immediately. Before I could go Antonio came running up to me and told me Allesandro wants to go on a date, we went on a few dates and one night he went down on his knees and said, "Lisa honey, you are an amazing woman, you love me and I love you so let's get married", I said yes of course. He didn't want a big wedding or wait long so two days later we got married, didn't make it to the honeymoon because MR HULK over here kept me busy in his room for three days straight" Lisa ends her story then put her hand on Allesandro's tight and squeeze it. "I told you one of these days and ex girl would show up with your kid" Jhonny laugh. "I must admit i really thought Lilani was his daughter they look alike" Jake chirped.
They made some more jokes at Allesandro's expense. "Alright but seriously Lisa thank you for what ever you did, we got our best friend back." Kevin says seriously. Everyone cheeses to that. "I didn't do anything this was his decision." Lisa reply. All three eyes moved to Allesandro. "You did miss us to your nuckel head". They say at the same time. Lilani came holding a pink tutu for Jake saying, "Here you go uncle Jake, it's my favorite tutu now you can wear it when you catch the bad guys" Jake bent down and take the tutu putting it on and says, "Thank you little one now I will definitely catch a lot of bad guys". Every one laugh at Jake for wearing the tutu.
They enjoy the rest of the day outside telling stories to Lisa and asking her about herself. Allesandro are strangle proud that his best friends and Lisa gets along great. After they ate the guys went to Allesandros private bar and Lisa went to clean the kitchen.

"I really like Lisa, she is fun and down to earth" Jake tells Allesandro. "Yes I agree she doesn't seem like Bianca, who was just with you for your money," Kevin also says. Allesandro listen as his friends talked about his wife, how beautiful she is, smart, funny and knows how to have fun. He knew his friends never really liked Bianca, whenever they were here, Bianca seems upset and didn't talk to them she would take his card and go shopping instead. Come to think of it Lisa never asked for any money since they got married. Allesandro suddenly hear Lisa talk, "Hi guys, thank you for coming today, it was nice meeting all of you, don't be strangers". Lisa greets them and then says to Allesandro, " You can catch up with your friends I will be heading to bed."
"Sweet dreams honey and thank you for everything today". Allesandro softly says. The endearment Allesandro used the whole day make her feel happy, but she knows it's just a show in front of his friend. Lisa went to take a shower. She thinks of his friends. They really seem happy to have Allesandro back, she can tell they are really close. His friends don't look scary at all, in fact she like them. After she finishes she put on a towel and went to the clothes to get dressed. Lisa quickly dressed and then went to Lilani, when she gets there she is already fast asleep. She enjoyed today, Lisa think she over did herself with all the playing. She walks up to Lilani and kiss her. "Goodnight baby girl". Lisa softly says. Then went back to her room.

Allesandro and the guys spent the rest of the night drinking and playing games. "What is wrong with Lilani?" Kevin ask, "I noticed she got a hair cut and Lisa was very protective towards her".
"Al right let me tell you the short version of everything. Lisa and her sister was on holiday a few days after they arrived Lilani fell unconscious and the doctor told Lisa she got a brain tumor. Lisa cried in the park, me and Antonio went to talk to her. She told us everything. I offered her money for the operation if she would marry me, and the rest is history". Allesandro tells him about their parents car accident.
"Wow, that's sad I can tell Lilani means the world to Lisa. You really got a great girl now Allesandro. Don't push her away." Jhonny tells him. "I won't push her away, but I will never love her i only love one woman and you guys know it. Lisa is becoming a great friend for me." Allesandro tells them. "All we ask is for you to give Lisa a chance" Kevin also says.
"I will think about it. I don't want to give the wrong idea and break her heart she doesn't deserve that." Allesandro says.
The four of them drink and play games till past twelve when Jhonny says it's time to go. "We will visit you soon, and you know you are always welcome at our house." Jake tells Allesandro. They give each other a bro hug and then leave. Allesandro press the button to call for Antonio. Not long after calling him Antonio came. "Mr Mancini, it's nice to see you smile again. I am also glad you finally reached out to your friends." Antonio says truthfully. Allesandro nods and they went to the bedroom. Allesandro washes and then goes to bed. He thinks about everything his friends told him. He knows he got a soft spot for Lisa, but that can't be love. He must just tell her that they can be friends and not to expect anything more. With that thought he falls asleep.
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