The Blind Billionaire

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The Ex Fiance

Lisa and Allesandro are married for four-months now. Lilani are doing great and it seems the chemo are working. Allesandro and Lisa are friends after the day his friends was there Allesandro talked to Lisa about their relationship, he told her that he don't want to give her hope because he will never love her. Although it felt like someone stuck a knife in her heart she decided that its best if she keeps her feelings aside. Lilani have been going to school not far from the mansion, she really enjoys school and made some friends. Alice are still part of the house hold she has become like family to everyone and loved by everyone. Sophia and Gabriele are now almost six months pregnant with a little girl. Gabriele is over protective already Sophia aren't aloud to do anything. Jhonny, Jake and Kevin also come over regular or Lisa and Allesandro goes to one of their houses. The boys and Lisa became like brothers and sister to each other they grew very fond of her and promised to protect her. Lilani feels like a princess every time they would get her from school saying they are her bodyguards. Lisa's Italian have improved since she started her lessons.

As usual Lisa reads important news to Allesandro out of the local newspaper so he can listen how her Italian has improved. Here at the back where they sit they are unaware of the car that stopped in front of the mansion. Allesandro are so in awe with Lisa's beautiful voice, that he starts to frown when he hears a very familiar voice. "Good morning, my dear Allesandro!" A very hoarse voice comes from the door. She steps closer and give Allesandro a kiss full on his mouth. "I have really missed you baby", she says and then turn and look sharp at Lisa before saying " Please get me a chair and put it next to Mr Mancini, then you can go I will watch over your patient...."
"Wait a minute," Allesandro stops her with a cold voice. "Lisa is not my nurse, Bianca, let me introduce you to my wife Lisa Mancini", then he takes Lisa's hand and says in a cold, hard voice, "These women here are my ex fiance, Bianca Lombardi. When she heard I was blind she left me for someone else and then got engaged to him. I would love to know why she is here in my house".
"I already told you I have missed you very much, Allesandro," Bianca says sweetly while pulling a chair closer. "I left Lucas last night". Bianca is clever enough not to mention why she left Lucas, let Allesandro believe it's because she still loves him. He doesn't have to know that she found out Lucas is actually very poor. She must win Allesandro back. She can get rid of this so called wife of him.
When Allesandro don't reply she frowns and continues, "I didn't know you got married baby, your wife looks like a school girl."
"I think it's because she is small and tiny" , Allesandro says with a cold voice. "Lisa will turn twenty-five-years in a few months, so she can't be a child."
"Its true," The blond girl says with a distaste. "She's not a child, but she is still young for you, you are thirty- two-years old after all baby".
"Oh, would you like to see me with an old woman?" Allesandro say. He knows that the twenty-eight-year-old Bianca will feel the sting. Lisa smiles amused behind the newspaper pretending not to hear anything. Bianca is red with annoyance and embarrassment, but let nothing show when she carefully asks, "How long have you been married darling, or may I not ask?"

"There's nothing mysterious about our marriage, Bianca. We were married very quietly here in the garden of my mansion four months ago because my sister-in-law was very ill at the time," Allesandro says calmly. "So, then you've been married for four months," Bianca said with a frown. "Well I must say it did not take you long to forget me, or did you perhaps marry in the hope that you would be able to forget me?" Allesandro laughs briefly and bitterly and then says with a sarcastic sound in his voice, "What makes you think you are miss able, Bianca? Or did you perhaps think that for me it was the end of my life when you ended our engagement? I've never pursued things beyond my reach."
"Well, I have to say you could have waited a few months longer with this marriage ...."
"I see no reason why Lisa and I should postpone our marriage, Bianca," Allesandro says indifferently. "We are happy and I want nothing more from life except to have the use of my eyes again and maybe some children."
Lisa unfolds the newspaper, apologizes, and walks slowly toward the back door. She realized that she would lose her temper and tell the girl exactly what she thought of her, if she stayed there any longer. When she had Allesandro, she didn't want him because he was blind. But now that he's married, he's suddenly good enough, and she wants him back. She can't understand why Allesandro don't send her to hell. Of course, he still loves her. That's why he tolerates her, Lisa thinks. Not that she knows what he sees in her, because to Lisa she just looks like many other Italian girls, maybe just smarter and more sophisticated. There are many more beautiful girls here in Rome. It suddenly strikes Lisa that she feels jealous that the blonde is holding Allesandro's whole heart in the palm of her hand. She feels shocked because the shameless girl has come to make her appearance in his life again, only to open old wounds. Lisa tells the housekeeper about Bianca's unexpected visit and carefully continues, "I think you should go and ask immediately if the lady is going to stay for lunch, she was quite shocked when she heard Allesandro was married"

"I hope she realizes that it will be shameless to stay under these conditions for lunch, Mrs Mancini," Maria says. "I don't think Bianca knows what that word mean, Maria," Lisa says. "If I summed her up right, and I think I did, she's going to do everything in her power to win Allesandro back."
"I don't think she's going to succeed, Mrs Mancini," Maria assures her seriously.
"My boss will not allow anyone to deceive him twice."
"Oh, well, it's going to be his own fault if he let her back again," Lisa says with a slight shrug and walks straight to the reception room to see if the flowers are still fresh. Lisa goes back to Allesandro just before lunch, and wasn't surprise when she sees that Bianca is still there. "I have come to get you, Allesandro because it's time for lunch," Lisa says matter-of-factly. Bianca immediately says, "I will take him".
"Bianca are joining us for lunch, Lisa", Allesandro informs her, "But I prefer that you, my wife, take me inside and not an outsider ...
" So now I'm an outsider after everything......"
"You're not a member of our family Bianca," he corrects her, "and in any case I only allow two people around me, my wife and Antonio."
Bianca is red with anger. Her lips were pressed together. Lisa can see she has not succeeded in softening Allesandro's hard heart. Lisa takes Allesandro's arm and feels his big hand search for hers, finds it and gently slides his fingers through hers. "At least you have tiny hands, my little one", she hears him say with a friendly smile, "Just as small and delicate as a Dresden doll's."
"Yes, it's a shame," she smiles back, "that not everyone is blessed with a long, slender body."
"You don't need to envy tall slender girls at all my love," she hears Allesandro say lovingly again, "I prefer little woman, that I can protect, tall ladies do not need a man". Lisa notice how Bianca watches her from the corner of her eyes. She does not succeed in hiding her resentment and envy, because the hard, unwelcome pull around her mouth betrays every emotion in her. They walk into the house Allesandro apologizes to their guest and asks Lisa to take him to the bathroom first, so he can wash his hands. There is an unreadable expression in Bianca's black eyes when she looks at Lisa and Allesandro. She realizes she has a big made a mistake when she broke off her engagement to Allesandro at the time. Now he is married, and it is going to be an uphill battle to put an end to his unwanted marriage. She refuses to believe that he forgot her so soon and that someone else has already taken her place in his heart. She will not rest until she has won Allesandro and his billions for herself again. That he is blind no longer matters. During lunch, Bianca succeeds in drawing Allesandro's attention to her by constantly talking to him as if it's just the two of them at the table. Maria looked at Lisa meaningfully a few times and then started discussing household matters with her. Leonardo viewed Bianca disapprovingly and tried to save his employer from her by discussing some unimportant matters with him. But Bianca's determination is getting worse, and Antonio too had to watch silently as she rudely interrupted everyone that talk to Allesandro, until Lilani frown at Bianca, "You know its bad manners to pretend the rest of us aren't here, Uncle Leonardo is talking to Alli but you keep interrupting. " Bianca looks at Lilani sharply and then says, "Didn't your parents teach you any manners? Who, are you in any case?. And who is your Alli, his name is Allesandro", Lilani stands up and walks up to Bianca with her hands on her hips and roll her eyes when she says, "I'm Lilani, Lisa's sister and my parents taught me better manners than you will ever have, and Alli don't care that I call him that"! Everyone at the table was amused by Lilani's short temper towards Bianca, "Allesandro darling are you going to let a little uneducated child talk to me like that?" Bianca ask seriously. "I'm afraid you're the grown up Bianca, but Lilani is right, she may call me Alli if you don't like it, it's your problem, if I ever hear you refer to her as uneducated then I'm going to forget I'm a man and throw you out myself. Please remember in the future, you're just a guest the rest of the people here at the table are family." Allesandro says cold. Lilani sit down with Allesandro and start talking to him. Bianca is furious that Allesandro would rather talk to the brat than to her. After dinner Lisa takes Allesandro to the garden where he usually relaxes in the afternoon. She carefully helps him to sit in a comfortable chair. Then she politely apologizes and goes to Lilani and Alice, where she spends the rest of the afternoon with them. Lisa sees no reason why, she should sit and be bored in Allesandro and Bianca's company all afternoon. Although she doesn't know the blonde girl much, she is the woman that Allesandro loves and whom he has been missing for months. He would definitely welcome being alone with his beloved.

Later in the afternoon, Allesandro calls Lisa to his office. So, then his lover finally left, she thought as she walked into the office and found Allesandro alone in the room. She closed the door softly and asked calmly, "Is there anything I can do for you, Allesandro?" "Yes, you can tell me where you hid all afternoon," Allesandro exclaimed in a cold voice. Lisa immediately feels discouraged about his unfair attack. Her voice sound tired as she softly said, "I did not hide, Allesandro, I was with Lilani to see what I could help her with."
"I don't care what you have done. You know as well as I do that your place is next to me when we have guests, but you have deliberately disobeyed my orders today!" he says to her bitterly, not satisfied at her actions. "I did not do it out of spite", Lisa defends herself. "Bianca is a very special guest, and it was very clear that she is very sorry that she broke off your engagement. I thought, since she is the woman you love, you would like to be alone with her ... . "
"I didn't ask you to think for me Lisa. Your duties are to carry out my orders punctually, without interfering with my affairs or acting at your discretion. I repeat, when we have guests you must stay by my side until the last guest leave, no matter who the guests are! "
"Well I sincerely hope that Bianca is not going to visit you tomorrow, it's Friday and I have to take Lilani for her chemo session", the words are out before Lisa thought about it. If she's right, Bianca will be a regular guest from now on. "I will excuse you when you have to take Lilani to chemo and when you have to attend Professor Bove's classes. But otherwise I expect you to do your duty punctually as my wife, when we have guests." she hears Allesandro now calmly say, "Anyway "I think it's time to get ready for dinner."
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