The Blind Billionaire

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Bianca visit again

Lisa was right, it wasn't even ten in the morning, when Bianca's car stopped in front of the mansion. Lisa was busy reading a book to Allesandro. "Whose car door did i just hear, Lisa?" Allesandro wants to know with a frown. "It's your lover, Allesandro, just like i predicted". Lisa can't keep the anger out of her voice. "What did you expect?" Allesandro want's to know with a smile. "That she will visit you every day...." Bianca's appearance let Lisa stay quiet to say more, but she feels how anger burn inside her when the blond went up to Allesandro and kiss him. Then she pulls a chair next to Allesandro and start chatting to him as if his wife aren't around. Lisa's eyes rest on Allesandro's handsome face. Maybe she can get to know his feelings for Bianca. Then she realize with a shock..... she loves him. How and when it happened she don't know. She just knows that she loves this arrogant man.
Lisa feels how every drop of blood leaves her face when she realize that her love for him is doomed. Because Bianca, who has his heart in her hand, has returned to win him back.
Lisa turns her head away and look at the flowers. She realize she has reached a path in her life that seems impassable to her, but she also knows that she will have to walk out of this difficult path. When, the lunch are ready Lisa felt relived. After lunch, she can take Lilani to the chemo and be alone with her own thoughts.

It's a hot, sunny day. Lisa went inside with Lilani and make sure she is alright, then she went outside to get some water from the cafeteria, she is so deep in thought, that she don't hear foot steps behind her. She got startled when a stranger voice suddenly says behind her, "Is this seat taken?" Lisa stands up and look at the man before saying with a cold voice, "I don't know you Sir, please leave me alone."
"Let me introduce myself, i am Mr Lambardi, Bianca's father..."I don't care who you are Mr Lambardi," Lisa interups, "Leave me alone".
"But you are so beautiful, Mrs Mancini. How can anyone leave you alone?" The man laughs as if he just heard a joke. "I think i should just take you and give you to my nephew, then Bianca can have Allesandro back. Besides, he loves Bianca and with you there in the way he will never take Bianca back". Lisa walks past him in Pierro's direction, just as someone tries to grab her Pierro comes to her rescue. He tells Lisa to go inside the hospital and stay there, Lisa runs towards the hospital with Pierro watching her until she is inside. Just as he turns to talk to the man who followed Lisa he's gone. Pierro immediately runs to the hospital and find Lisa with Lilani. A sight of relieve escape Pierro. After, Lilani is done the three went back to the mansion. Alice takes Lilani to her room to rest while Lisa went to tell Allesandro that she returned. When she enters the room, Pierro are already there. "Who tried to take you Lisa? Pierro just told me what happend, and he saw you talking to an older man in the cafeteria". Allesandro ask. Bianca keeps quiet and looks pale. "You can ask, it was Bianca's father. He told me he will take me to his nephew because Bianca and you will never get back together as long as i am here," Lisa tells him with anger clear in her voice. "I don't know how he knew that I will be at the hospital. He walked straight up to me, even tough I have never seen him in my life." Bianca's face are red of anger but manage to say, "I don't think it was that bad, Lisa....."
"Maybe not to you, Bianca" Lisa interupt angry, "But his behavior was scary and I felt threatened".
"I will talk to my father and bring him here tomorrow morning to apologize." Bianca tries to talk the whole situation away. "Thank you, but that won't be necessary, i don't wish to see or talk to him", An angry Lisa says. Bianca will have to throw wall so that Allesandro don't find out what her part in the unpleasant incident was. She thought her father and his people could catch her, but she did not think the driver was going to be near her. She must make a plan to win back Allesandro's heart. Allesandro's silence makes Bianca feel so guilty and uncomfortable that she apologizes after a while and leaves. Lisa notices the strange, unfathomable pull around Allesandro's mouth and says somewhat hesitantly, "Excuse me, I do not want to interfere with your affairs, Allesandro, but if you want a divorce to marry Bianca ... I mean, it's clear that she wants you back, and Lilani and I can go back to South Africa tomorrow. Our passports are still valid ... "
"It would be better if you don't say anything more Lisa." he says with anger. "I do not need anyone's advice! And never talk about going back to South Africa again. Do not try to escape me either, because I will find you, wherever you flee. I know you have often regretted this marriage. But just remember, you were willing to marry me when you needed my money. "
"There's no need for you to remind me of this stuff, Allesandro". Said Lisa ashamed. "I just suggested because I know how much you love Bianca..."
"You don't know anything," he interupt her, "Rather keep to your own business."
After this unfriendly encounter Lisa excuse herself, determine not to get into his business again.

When, Bianca arrives home she went straight to her father. "Lisa told Allesandro everything, how could you be so careless daddy? We have to think about another plan. I told her you would apologize tomorrow morning." Bianca says angry to her father. "If that stupid girl didn't run out of the cafeteria we could have caught her. I will not go to that place". Her father says in a stern voice. "But I have to warn you, Allesandro will never leave a beauty like her for you".
"I didn't ask your opinion father, just get rid of her". Bianca says. "Very well, i will call Donatello and arrange something with him, don't worry my princess one of these days you will have Allesandro all for yourself." Her father says with a sly smile.
The next morning Donatello arrive at Bianca's apartment. Bianca looks him up and down and says, "Glad to see you made it on time. Are you ready to meet Lisa? You know what to do?"
"I know what to do Bianca I'm not a fucking child", Donatello says angry. Bianca nods and walks to her car with Donatello following her.

Lisa was busy reading for Allesandro, when one of the maids came in and announce Bianca and another mans arrival. "So, she had brought her father with? I just hope you don't expect me to talk to him, because I will forget that I am a woman and get nasty", Lisa says angry. "Don't worry about her father, Lisa i will keep him company." Allesandro assures her. "Take me to the small living room please and remember your place is next to me".
"Don't worry I won't leave you alone with those two", Lisa take his arm and says, "You can get mad but I don't care, i don't trust them".
"I won't get mad", Allesandro says softly with a smile. Lisa leads him to their guests. Bianca and Donatello was standing when they enter the living room.
"Allesandro honey, daddy could not make it, so he sent Donatello to apologize on his behalf." Bianca immediately says as she walks up to Allesandro and kiss him. Lisa body stiffen at the sight of this, Allesndro noticed it and stroke her hand with his thumb. "Your father could have just phoned, there was no need for the two of you to come all the way", Lisa says harshly. "I will take Allesandro to a chair, Donatello wants to talk to you", Bianca says. "No need for that, i don't have anything to say to him, and he can talk in front of Allesandro, I will take him myself ",Lisa says as cold as Allesandro always talks. "I am sorry if I did anything wrong", An angery Bianca says. "I really don't want to stand here the whole day listening to your apologies Bianca", he turns to Lisa and says with love in his voice, "Please take me to the couch my love". Allesandro and Donatello begins to talk about business, pretending that nothing happened. Lisa never showed that her and Allesandro's friendship affected her. She needs to be careful. She just now she has to get Allesandro, and she can't do that if he kicks her out for good. Dammit, Donatello must just do what he was told to do her patient is wearing thin.
After something to drink, Donatello asks for a bathroom. "Lisa can show him, you won't mind will you Allesandro?" Bianca suggests. Lisa's whole body stiffens, and she silently wishes Allesandro says no. "Lisa, love will you please show our guest the bathroom", Allesandro says. Lisa stands up and walks out of the room. On her way up she hears Donatello say, "Bianca and her father never mentioned how beautiful you are, I think I might have to keep you for myself, Lisa". Lisa ignore his comment, she finally arrive in the bathroom and says, "Here is the bathroom, you know your way back", just as she turns around Donatello reach for her arm and jerks her back, "I didn't say you can leave, give those two some time alone, you know they still love each other, plus I can think of many ways to keep you busy", Donatello tells her with a smirk. Lisa tries to yank her arm away, but he just holds it tighter, "Leave me or I will scream do you hear me", Lisa threaten him. "O honey I dare you to scream, if you do you will wish you never did, now be a good girl and show me away out were now one can see us" Donatello says with an evil glint in his eyes. Lisa must think fast because if she goes with him she might never see anyone again. "Fine, I will show you just follow me", Lisa says scared. "O no honey I'm not letting you go, don't try anything funny because you will regret it". He threatens. Lisa nods and leads them towards the stairs as she almost reaches the stairs she stamps her foot hard on his, he let out a yelp and let go of her Lisa runs for the stairs without looking back, then she feels someone from behind pushing her, she lost her balance and let out a scream as she falls down the stairs. "What was that?" Allesandro ask when he hears the scream. "O, I didn't hear anything darling," Bianca says with a smile on her face. Donatello you are amazing Bianca thinks when she hears Lisa's scream. Allesandro calls out for Antonio. Not long Antonio appear and says with fear in his voice, "Leonardo is calling the ambulance, Mr Mancini. Mrs Mancini fell down the stairs and appear to be unconscious".
"Take me to her immediately, how the hell did this happen?" Allesandro demands. Bianca stands up and offer to take him to Lisa when she puts her arms around him. "I have asked Antonio, get your hands of me". A very angry Allesandro says. Bianca steps away scared of this Allesandro in front of her. She wonders what Donatello did to Lisa. When, they reach her Antonio let go of Allesandro. Allesandro sit down with her head in his arms. "I want to know what the fuck happened here, Donatello you were the last one with my wife", Allesandro wants to know. "I don't know Mr Mancini, she showed me the bathroom and then left", Donatello tells them. Just as Allesandro wants to say something the paramedics arrive. They examine Lisa and treat her head wound, "I'm sorry Mr Mancini, but we have to take your wife to the hospital this instant", one of them says. Allesandro nods and then tells Antonio, "Call Alice and tell her what happened, we will keep her informed, but she can't tell Lilani about what happen, then I want you to take me to the hospital, the rest who aren't family must leave this place now!" Bianca feels her anger rising, how dare he sent her away. She must think of away to get rid of that bitch once and for all. She tells Donatello to get the car then walks up to Allesandro and kiss him. Allesandro push her away and says in a cold angry voice, "Do that again and I will feed you to the sharks", Bianca looks at him shocked then turns around and run out of the house.

Allesandro and Antonio reach the hospital, they quickly went to the emergency room. "I want to know how my wife are doing"? Allesandro commands. "Sir will you please take a seat, the doctors will be with you as soon as possible", the nurse at the station says. "I want to know where my fucking wife are and if she is alright", A very angry Allesandro shouts. Antonio calms him and tells him the doctor will be here shortly. Allesandro is scared for the first time in his life. Why did he send her with Donatello? Why don't things add up? He wants to know what happened and if Lisa will be alright. All these things goes through his head. "Mrs Mancini's family?" A doctor asks. Allesandro got up and Antonio walk with him to the doctor. "I am her husband, Mr Mancini, please tell me she is alright" Allesandro ask with sadness and guilt in his voice.
"Mrs Mancini, is.......
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