The Blind Billionaire

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"Mrs Mancini, is alright she's got a concussion and a broken arm and lots of bruises from the fall. I am going to keep her overnight to keep a close eye on her. She is very lucky that its just a concussion and nothing serious the distance she fell down the stairs should have done more damage but somehow she protected her head from hitting the stairs that's how she broke her arm." The doctor tells Allesandro, "O, and one last thing, are you abusing your wife, Mr Mancin? I found a large bruise on her arm, it looks like someone grab her and pressed very tight".
"Thank you doctor, and to answer your question no I don't abuse my wife, but I will find out who did it to her", Allesandro tells the doctor in a hard voice. The doctor nods and tells them where Lisa's room is. Just as Antonio wants to walk to Lisa, Jhonny, Jake and Kevin comes up to them. "We heard what happen man, is Lisa going to be alright?" Jhonny ask worried. "Yes, the doctor say she has a concussion, he wants to keep her here for the night I was just on my way to her". Allesandro says. "We will go with you", Kevin tells him. They all went to Lisa's room. Inside Lisa is sleeping peacefully. "I assume she is asleep?", Allesandro ask. "Yes, she is. What happened because she got bruises on her face and her arm is in a cast?", Jake wants to know with anger clear in his voice.
Allesandro sigh and tells them about Bianca. "Are you fucking crazy? Why don't you just sent the bitch away?" A very angry Jhonny wants to know. "I don't know guys, I mean I love her but I want to punish her", Allesandro says. "You are a fucking idiot, I tell you, Bianca is responsible for this, if she is, i am going to kill her slowly for hurting my sister", Kevin tells Allesandro."Bianca was with me the whole time she couldn't have done it, don't you dare lay a finger on her," Allesandro says in a cold voice. "Wow, she still got you under her spell. But you keep on entertaining her. The rest of us will find out what happened" Jake says. Just then the doctor comes in and say, "Mr Mancini, if everything goes well we will discharge Mrs Mancini in the morning, she needs to rest for at least a week or two, if she feels dizzy, or she vomits you must bring her in asap. The cast will be on for at least eight weeks, after that I will remove it and check if her arm has healed. I will prescribe medicine she needs to take. Any other questions?"
"No, thank you doctor," was Allesandro's reply. The five men spent a few more minutes with Lisa when the nurse came to tell them they must leave. When they got out of the hospital, Bianca arrive and run to Allesandro. "O my poor baby, are Lisa alright baby?" Bianca ask sweetly. As soon as she left the mansion she asked Donatello what happened, he told her what happened she then went straight to daddy so that he can fix this mess. They sent Donatello away to another country so that if Lisa accuse him, he will be long gone and can't point fingers at Bianca and her father. "What's plastic doll doing here"? Kevin asks with disgust clear in his voice. "Excuse me, are you talking to me? I am here to support Allesandro, right baby?" Bianca says in a high pitch voice. Allesandro heard the guys snorts and tells Bianca in a hard voice, "I think you better leave I told you before i only let family close to us, Bianca".
"What im not family but these three are?", She asks in disbelieve. "Well, duh barbie, Lisa is our sister from another mister, do you got a problem with that?Kevin ask. "UGG, o please she is just using all of you, are you really that blind", Bianca ask. "No, at least she married Allesandro for what he is and not his money and status, she knows how to have fun unlike you who always spent his money on shopping." Jake reply angry. "This is enough, Bianca i won't say it again leave", Allesandro's voice boomed. Bianca walks away sulking like a three-year old who didn't get her way. Jhonny excused himself and made a phone call to his men, "I want people outside Mrs Mancini's hospital room this instant. If something happens to her they will never find your body", Jhonny tells the person on the other side. He got a feeling all of this is Bianca and her fathers doing, Allesandro are blind with his love for her that he don't realize at what extend Bianca will go to get him back. The other two agreed to help him keep an eye on Bianca and her father and expose her for what she really is. He just hope it won't be to late for Lisa.

Back at the mansion Lilani run up to Allesandro and the guys. "Alli, your back. Where's my sister?" Lilani wants to know. "Hey, little one. Your sister is alright, she needs to stay in hospital for today, but she will be home tomorrow morning I promise," Allesandro assure Lilani. "What happen to her"? Lilani ask with fear in her voice. "She fell from the stairs, but she's going to be okay, just a broken arm," Allesandro tells her. "You promise me Alli?" Lilani ask with tears. "I promise you, little one". Allesandro says. Lilani look at the other three and give them each a hug, "Hey guys. What you doing?" She asks them. "We came to visit you guys", Kevin says. "O really? I missed you", Lilani says as Kevin picks her up. "Yeah, we missed you to princess", Jhonny says ruffling her hair. Maria came in and ask if she can speak to Allesandro. Allesandro nods and she leads him to the office. "What's the matter Maria?" He asks her. "Mr Mancini, I saw what happened to Mrs Mancini, you see I was busy in one of the guest rooms when I heard yelling so I went closer to the door to listen." Maria says. She tells him everything she heard. "Thank you, Maria, I will attend to this matter immediately." Allesandro says. "Can you call Jhonny and the guys for me please?"
"Yes Mr Mancini." With that Maria walks out. Allesandro runs his hands trough his hair. He fucking cant believe it, he should have never sent Lisa with that bastard. This is his fault as well. Just then the door opens and Kevin speaks, "You called us?"
"Yes, Maria told me what happened. I want you guys to track down Donatello Costa for me and bring him to me. He wanted to kidnap Lisa for Bianca's father but decided to keep her for himself. She struggled against him and once she was loose she run down the stairs, but he followed her and pushed her. He's going to pay for what he did to MY WIFE!" A very angry Allesandro tells them. The three looks at each other and smirks. This is going to be fun. "We are on it, we will find him promise". Jake says with a smirk. "We will come as soon as we find him", Kevin says. "You have to do it in three days time, I am going away for a while in three days", Allesandro tells them. "What, are you taking Lisa on a honeymoon?" Kevin ask. "No, she don't know yet, I want to keep it a secret I'm getting an eye operation on Thursday, I want you guys to look after my family while I'm gone." Allesandro finally tells them. "Wow, I hope all goes well bro, and don't worry we will come and stay here till you get back, your family is safe with us." Jhonny says. Allesandro thank them. Jake and the rest wants to know about the operation. Allesandro tells them everything. After, they are done the guys leave.

After dinner Allesandro ask Lilani if she wants to visit her sister. Lilani says yes and they went to the hospital. On there arrival Lisa is awake. "Lissy, I miss you", Lilani say with tears running down her cheeks as she sees all the bruises on her sister. "O come here Lil, I am fine I promise, please don't cry", Lisa comforts her. "Hey, Allesandro how are you? Thank you for bringing Lilani with you." She says. "No problem. I'm okay I guess. I heard what happened. I'm sorry for sending you with him", Allesandro says soft as he sits next to her holding her hand. "Its alright, you didn't know this would happen, besides I am alright. But how did you find out?" She asks him. "Maria was in one of the guest rooms she listened to everything, she came to me and told me everything" Allesandro explains. Lisa was thankful for Maria she must give her something to thank her, Lisa thinks. They chatted for a while longer until they are asked to leave. Lisa kiss Lilani good bey and Allesandro did something that shocked Lisa and poor Antonio, he bent down and kissed Lisa full on her lips. He bit her bottom lips softly and Lisa gasp, then he slides his tongue inside. They kissed a while then pulls apart when they hear Lilani giggle. Allesandro rest his head against Lisa's head and whisper, "Sweet dreams love, I will come and get you tomorrow", Lisa smiles and bid them good night.

Allesandro was busy in his office when Antonio handed him the phone saying its Jhonny. "We got him, his in Greece Kevin are on his way as we speak. They will be back tomorrow", Jhonny tells Allesandro. "Good job, thank you Jhonny. Take him to a warehouse and then come and get me", he tells Jhonny.
Allesandro smirks, tomorrow Donatello will never see another day of light again....
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