The Blind Billionaire

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The next morning Allesandro went out early. As he arrives at the warehouse where Jhonny have Donatello, Allesandro grew more angry. Antonio tells Allesandro that they arrive and help him to the building. "AHH, good thing you arrive early, because I would have killed this son of a bitch myself." Jhonny says. "Very funny, now take me to him," Allesandro demands. Jhonny leads Allesandro to where Donatello are tied up. "Haha this is the so called mob who wants me? Psst as if i'm going to tell you anything", Donatello mocks. "Jhonny will you shut his tramp?" Allesandro ask. Jhonny hit Donatello with his fist in the face, "If I was you I would shut it." Jhonny says. "Know I want to know why you wanted to take my wife?" Allesandro calmly ask. "I don't know what your talking about", came Donatello's reply. Allesandro nods his head and Jhonny hits him again. "I will ask again, why did you want my wife".
"And I will tell you again i don't know what your talking about, and you hit like a pussy", Donatello say as he spit out blood. Jhonny went over to the door and push a small table inside. "What do you want to use now, Allesandro." Jhonny ask as he takes the cloth of the tools on the table. "Take out the pliers" Allesandro reply. Jhonny takes the pliers and wave it in front of Donatello. "I know you are into human trafficking, so its either you wanted to sell my wife, or you wanted her for yourself my guess is number two. But what i don't understand is why?" Allesandro says to Donatello. "You don't know what your talking about or who you are messing with Mancini, I warn you everyone you love will slowly die if you don't let me go" Donatello threatens. "Pull one of his teeth" came Allesandro's short demand. Jhonny did it and Allesandro hear how Donatello screams. They kept going on like this for another half an hour when Allesandro says. "Take him to his sell, I will be back later in the meantime I want you to find all of his warehouses and inform the cops about the girls there, then I want you to take down every single casino he owns",
"Sure thing Mancini. When is Lisa going home?" He asks. "We are going to the hospital now" Allesandro tells him. Antonio came inside and leads Allesandro back to the car. "I don't want Lisa to know about this, did you make the arrangements for our stay in Miami?" Allesandro ask Antonio. "Yes Mr Mancini, everything is ready for our arrival in two days", Antonio reply. "Good, hopefully after this operation I will have my eyes back." Allesandro says hopefully. "I wish so to Mr Mancini". Was Antonio's reply. They soon arrive at the hospital and went to Lisa. Doctor Rossi was just on his way out when they arrive. "Good morning, Mr Mancini." The doctor greets. "Good morning doctor. How is my wife?" Allessandro ask. "Mrs Mancini is doing just fine, she can go home this morning, but she needs to rest for atleast two weeks, if she complains about any headaches i want you to bring her back. I will prescribe medicine she needs to take", the doctor says. "Thank you doctor", Allesandro says. They enter Lisa's room. "Good morning Mrs Mancini," Antonio greets Lisa, " Good morning Antoni, Allesandro." Lisa greets. "I hear you can go home today, Maria and Alice will look after you. I have to leave in two days so the boys told me they will stay over until I'm back" Allesandro says as he sits next to Lisa. He really missed her last night in bed. The pillows smelled of her perfume and that wasn't helping him much. "O, are you going to be away for long?" Lisa asks with disappointment clear in her voice. Allesandro noticed the sadness in her voice and smile knowing she's still affected by him. "I don't know how long I will be away but I promise to phone you regularly." He promises Lisa. The nurse brings the forms to get Lisa discharge. After handling everything Lisa and Allesandro went to the car.

When they got home Allesandro went to the bedroom with Lisa. "I think its wise to take some rest. Lilani went to school so Alice will get her." Allesandro says as he takes her hand. Lisa let him lead her to the bed, then she climbs under the covers. Allesandro shocked her when he went around and lie next to her. "I won't be here for lunch, I will ask Maria to bring your food up to you."
"Thank you, when are you leaving?" Lisa ask carefully. "In two days, Antonio is coming with me." Came his answer. Lisa keeps quiet. She really is going to miss him. She wishes they had a normal marriage. Lisa feels Allesandro get closer and take her head and lay it down on his chest. Lisa close her eyes and just enjoy this moment. "What are you doing to me Lisa?" Allesandro suddenly says as he plays with her hair. "Ehh, wh... what do you mean?" Lisa ask confused. "I have never done what I have done for any other women in my life, you bring out the soft side in me every time you are around its as if I want to show you the real me not the arrogant, angry heartless side." Allesandro tell her truthfully. "I ehh, i don't know what to say, I mean I feel flattered", Lisa says. Allesandro lift her head with his finger and then trace her lips, he slowly bends down and starts to kiss her. Suddenly the bedroom door burst open, "O baby are you....." Bianca's voice interupt them. Bianca is pissed of at the scene in front of her. "What the hell are you doing here in our bedroom Bianca?" Allesandro's voice came harsh. "Baby, I have missed you so I decided to come and visit you", She says innocent. "We "We won't be receiving any guest until Lisa are fully healed, so you can turn around and leave, o and Bianca if you dare to sit a foot in my house again there will be consequences do i make myself clear."
"What!! You can't be serious Allesandro! She can rest here, while I take care of you baby, you know how much I missed you." Bianca continue. "Lisa honey, will you please call Antonio for me?" Allesandro ask low. Lisa gets the phone and phone Antonio's number after three rings he picks up. "Mr Mancini wants you in his bedroom Antonio" Lisa informs him. Soon after the call Antonio arrives. "Antonio, please escort this gold digging women out of my house, she's not aloud in my house again, do I make myself clear?" Allesandro tells him. "Yes Mr Mancini". Antonio says as he takes Bianca to escort her out. "Don't touch me! Allesandro you're kicking me out? I love you I thought you just wanted to punish me for leaving you. Please don't do this to me". Bianca shouts. "Bianca as you can see I am a married man I will never and I mean never leave my wife for you do I make myself clear? Stop behaving like a whore!! I'm getting tired of you showing up here like you own the place. If i ever see you near me, my wife or any other family member you will regret it!" Allesandro tells her angry. Bianca just look at Allesandro then look at Lisa. "This isn't over!" Bianca says as she turns around and leave.

Allesandro takes Lisa's hand before saying, "I think I must start locking that door, because every time I kiss you someone or something interups us. I will finish this later, but now I have some business to take care of. Please rest a bit." Allesandro kiss Lisa one last time then call Antonio to take him to Jhonny.
When they get to the warehouse, Jhonny, Kevin and Jake a stand outside waiting. "Welcome back, Mancini, while you were busy with your wife we worked our asses off to sink Donatello.". Jhonny says. "Thank you guys. Did he say anything yet?" Allesandro ask. "No just keep saying he don't know what we are talking about." Kevin answers. "Take me to him", Allesandro commands. They to take him to Donatello. "Well, well, well look who came to visit me," Donatello says. "The only time I want to hear your annoying voice is when you answer my questions." Allesandro says. "Do you have everything we need?" Allesandro ask Kevin and the guys. "Yes everything is here. What shall we start with?" Kevin ask. "Well I was thinking about the water and shocking, what do you guys think?" Allesandro ask their opinion. "What ever you want Mancini." They say together. Allesandro began questioning Donatello and every time he refuse Jhonny shocks him. "Alright i... i... I will tell you. Mr Lombardi sold her to me, saying you don't want her, and she don't want to divorce you even tough she knows you love his daughter." Donatello eventually tells them after two hours of torture. He knows that after this the Lombardi's will have his head. "Now that wasn't so hard was it?" Kevin ask. Allesandro calls the guys and tell them to drop Donatello at the police station then they must come to him to plan the Lombardi's down fall. After that Allesandro went home. Lisa was still sleeping when Allesandro ask Maria about Lisa. He don't know why he got this feeling, but he feels like he should protect her from everything that wants to harm her. He has this urge every time she is near him. Allesandro went to his office and began to work. Just before dinner Antonio tells him Lisa is awake. Allesandro nods and ask him to take him to her.

At the table Lilani tells them about everything happening at her school. "I have a father daughter day coming up" Lilani says sadly. "When is it taking place?" Allesandro ask. "A month from now, everyone is going to be there with their fathers except for me, so i don't think I will go to school on that day." Lilani says with tears in her eyes. "No, you will go, I will be there as your father little one", Allesandro tells her. "Wi... wi... will yo... you... you really?" She asks hopefully. "Of course I will, you are like a daughter to me after all." Allesandro assures her. Lilani's face brighten up, and she stands up walking to Allesandro and hugs him. "Thank you, Alli" she tells him. Everyone around the table have tears in their eyes at the scene in front of them. They never thought they would see their boss being nice to someone.

After dinner Allesandro tells Lisa he will be in his office. He was just about to sit when he hears the guys entering. "Hey, what's up, Mancini." Jake ask. "I will tell you guys my plan in a minute, but first are you sure you want to get involved and how did it go with Donatello?" He asks them. "O hell yes, and for Donatello he was arrested as soon as his ass hit the station, they got so many cases against him that I doubt he will ever see the light of day again" Jake answers with the other two following him. They start planning what to do with the Lombardi's. "We must keep a close eye on Lisa and Lilani because they will try to hurt them." Allesandro tells them worried. "Don't worry we will hire bodyguards to watch them." Kevin assures.
They were busy for the next three hours when Allesandro tells them he will see them tomorrow morning to finalize their plan. Everyone greets and then leave. Allesandro got ready for bed. When he slides in bed Lisa turns to him. "Is everything alright?" She asks concerned. "Yes, everything is alright. I thought you were sleeping". He says. "I couldn't fall asleep", came her reply. Allesandro taps his chest and Lisa moved closer lying in his arms. Soon the pair falls asleep each with a smile on their faces.

Bianca was in her fathers office. "I want to get rid of that bitch." She tells her father. "I know princess and I think I know just how to get rid of her.. You see Allesandro leaves to Miami in two days for an eye operation..........."
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