The Blind Billionaire

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Lisa and Allesandro


Lisa wakes up with arms around her waist holding her tight. She looks up and start tracing Allesandro's head lightly with her fingers then his lips and slides her hands to his chest and trace his six-pack. She loves him so much that she will do anything he asks her to do. She wonders what he did yesterday, it looks like he was angry at something, maybe some work project. She wishes he could share some of his worries with her.
Suddenly her hand was snatch and held tightly by Allesandro. "You do realize what you're doing to me? Especially down stairs?" Allesandro ask in a husky voice while pointing towards his manhood. Lisa tries to stiffen a giggle but failed. "O, so now you think its funny, Mrs Mancini?" Allesandro ask her. "Well, that wasn't my intention at allll, I promise", Lisa says shyly. "Mmmmmm, I think I am going to punish you now," Allesandro says in a low husky voice near her ear, then he starts to nibble on the earlobe, as she gasped and gripped his shoulders. He licked and sucked on the sweet spot behind her ear, which earned his name being moaned over and over again. "Shh baby," Allesandro whispered huskily. Her moans were maddening. The blood from his body has rushed to his manhood. Allesandro could not think at all. He was only focused on what he was doing to Lisa and the sounds she had been making. The sounds that made him want to cum. The sound that want him to take her and make sweet love to her.. "Allesandro," Lisa moaned loudly as he began nipping at her neck. "O my God, Allesandro" Lisa whispers and close her eyes as his hands slippes under her shirt tracing to her breast, Allesandro growled as his thumb flicked over her erect nipple. "Allesandro" she hissed when his hands went through the left leg of the shorts she was wearing. She could feel her face heating up. No man have ever touched her. "Tell me, do you like the way I make you feel, Mrs Mancini?" His voice low. Lisa shook her head. The action meant no, but she like the way he was making her feel. She was just to shy to say yes.
She squees her eyes shut and focus on him rubbing the inside of her thigh not touching her wet heat even though she wanted it to be touched, but she was to shy to ask him. "Answer me, Lisa" she heard Allesandro's voice demand, her eyes snapped open, and she looks up at him. She was a virgin and this was her first time making out. She knew he was just aroused as she was. "Answer me, Lisa. How am I making you feel?"

Allesandro growled lowly and slip his finger inside her laced underwear. She could feel her blush making itself known on her cheeks. She didn't want him to know how soaked she was. "You are so wet, Lisa". Allesandro said huskily, and she gasped at how thick his voice was with lust. She released a silent scream her mouth agape as his thumb rotated the small nub. She gritted her teeth and sank her fingernails deep into his scalp. "Allesandro", she gasped when she felt her belly clench and unclench. "I wish I could see you when you cum, Lisa", She felt Allesandro's lips on her ear and rotated her hips causing friction between his fingers and her body. "Allesandro", she screamed when she felt her clitoris quicker and her back arched, Allesandro increase the pace his fingers was rotating, "Allesandro" she cried again as her body shivered violently.
"You are mine, Lisa". Allesandro groweld as their lips became one. "I won't make love to you just yet, but I will soon, very soon" Allesandro tells her as he stands up.

Allesandro went out just after breakfast, leaving Lisa alone. Lisa keeps replaying this mornings event over and over again in her head. What did he mean she was his? Can he really have feelings for her? No it must just be lust, he only loves one woman, "then why did he chase her away?" Lisa's subconscious ask. Maybe because he wants to punish her. Lisa thinks of all these things and eventually falls asleep.

Allesandro and the guys were busy planing on taking out the Lombardi's. "I want them to lose everything they own",Allesandro demand. "Of course, but the illegal business that's tricky, you know Mr Lombardi don't deal with that side himself in public. We must find away to expose him for human trafficking, drugs and money laundry." Kevin tells them. "Everyone has a price Kevin, talk to some of his employees offer them money," Allesandro says. "Fine I will go to one of his places tonight and you are coming with me", Kevin says while pointing at Jake. "Fine, I will go with you, but don't you dare to interrupt me when I'm busy", Jake answers with a grin. "You are a sick bastard, your dick is going to fall of one of these days," Jhonny tells him. "O, says the one who can't leave, ummm... what's her name? Aline?" Kevin says smirking. "Leave Aurora out of this fuck head", Jhonny threatens. Everyone laughs. "I never thought I will life to see the day Jhonny boy defends a woman" Kevin mocks. They all make jokes on Jhonny's account until Allesandro says, "Alright guys, you know what to do? Remember I leave tomorrow just after lunch. Please don't tell Lisa about the operation. I will let Antonio keep you up to date. Take care of my family otherwise you guys are as good as dead." The guys promise to be at the mansion early tomorrow and that they will keep a close eye on both Lisa and Lilani. Allesandro stands up, and they give each other a bro hug and went their separate ways.

Back at the mansion he went to their bedroom. He can hear Lilani and Lisa talking. He stands their and eavesdrop
"Lisa, do you think Alli will adopt me?" Lilani ask shyly. "I don't know, Lil, why do you ask?" Came Lisa's answer. "Well, you see its like this. You have always been like a mother to me, and ever since I met Alli he became like a father to me"
"Well, why don't you ask him then?" Lisa encourage. "Alright, as soon as I see him I will ask him. Lisa?" Lilani ask again
"Yes sweetie?"
"Do you love Allie?" She suddenly asks her sister. Lisa started coughing at her sister sudden question. "I... i... think so, but why do you ask? I mean your just five years old Lilani." Lisa ask. "I maybe five years old but I have seen how you look at Alli it's the same way mom always looked at dad." Lilani says with a roll of her eyes. Before Lisa can answer the bedroom door opens. Lilani runs to Allesandro as soon as she sees him. "Allie, your home." Lilani shouts exited. "Hello little one, how was your day at school?" Allesandro smiles. "It was fun, I told my friends that I got a new daddy, so they are nice to me now." She tells him. "O really? I am glad they don't tease you anymore." He says. He walks to the bed and feels for Lisa. Lisa takes his hands, and he reach for her face then bent down and kiss her. "How are you feeling today?" He ask Lisa. "I am good thank you." Came her reply. "Allie, can I talk to you for a second?" Lilani ask nervous. "Yes, come here", he says patting the bed next to him. Lilani climb up and sit next to Allesandro. "Well, you see... i. Umm. Want to know if.....if.... if maybe you want to ummm adopt me?" She asks him sadly. Allesandro search for her hands and holds it when he finds it. "I would love nothing more than be your father, I love you as if you are my own flesh and blood". Allesandro says happy. Lilani hug him and starts crying. Allesandro rubs her back and let her cry on his shoulder. " real...really me..mea...mean th..that?" She asks between sobs. "Of course I do. I will ask Leonardo to get the papers ready if Lisa agrees with me?" He says. Lisa was in tears and a sob escape her lips as she answers, "Yes, of course I agree, thank you Allesandro". Allesandro reach for Lisa and holds his two girls against him. He can't believe how much they grew on him. After some time he asks Lisa to call Antonio to take him to Leonardo. Not long Antonio appears and take Allesandro to the office. He tells Antonio and Leonardo about the adoption and both was shocked when they heard he agreed to it. They look at each other and smiles. "I will arrange everything before the end of the day." Leonardo tells his boss.

At the dinner table that night Allesandro tells Lilani the good news. "Remember what you asked today, princess?"
"Yes" came her small reply. "Well I have good news. The adoption papers are sent, and we will now soon." He tells her. Lilani's face brighten, and she claps her hands happy. Everyone around the table got tears in their eyes. After dinner Lilani went to her room after telling everyone goodnight. "I will head to bed myself", Lisa tells Allesandro. "Antonio you can go, Lisa will take me to our room", Allesandro dismissed him. Lisa takes Allesandro's arm and leads him to the bedroom. She then went and take a shower and brush her teeth. After coming out, Allesandro makes his way to the bathroom.

When both lay in bed Allesandro suddenly speaks, "I will be gone for at least two to three weeks. I will call you every day I promise you." Lisa looks up to him and move closer hugging him. "I am going to miss you." She says sadly. He holds her like that for a while. When he feels she's sleeping he turns them around and hold her against him. He got a bad feeling that somethings going to happen. He don't know this feeling he have toward Lisa, it can't be love, can it? He just knows he has to protect her. With all of these thoughts he falls asleep.
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