The Blind Billionaire

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Allesandro leaves for Miami

The next day Lisa feels sad. Today Allesandro will leave for a few weeks. She don't know how she will survive. He has become her everything. Lisa decides to make him breakfast, she quickly gets up and get dressed. Lisa went down to prepare breakfast for them. She decides to make pancakes with syrup as she knows its Allesandro's favorite. Lisa are almost finished when she hears Allesandro and Lilani talking. She takes the dishes to the table where everyone is already waiting. "This looks delicious." Alice compliments her. "Thank you." Lisa helps Allesandro to dish then went and sit next to him. At the table everyone was quiet until Allesandro speaks. "Sophia and Gabriele will be here this afternoon, they say they don't want to leave you alone even though I told them Jhonny and the guys will be with you."
"O, that's thoughtful of them," Lisa says. "How late are you leaving?"
"Just after breakfast", Allesandro reply. Lisa nods then continue eating. After breakfast Allesandro tells Antonio to get their bags ready.

Lilani went to greet Allesandro and Antonio. "Good bey, Alli take care and please come back soon" Lilani says as she hugs him. Lisa walks up to Allesandro and hug him. "Please come back safe." She says with tears in her voice. "Don't worry I will. Take care of yourself and Lilani." Allesandro says softly. He then takes her face in his hands and caress her cheeks, "I am going to miss you.", then he kisses her. Everyone that saw it was surprised but also happy. Antonio take Allesandro and leads him to the car. Lisa watches the car till it disepear. Just as she wants to go in Sophia's car came into view. She waits for them to get out of the car then went to greet them. "Wow, look how big you are getting, you look great", Lisa says as she rubs Sophia's heavy pregnant belly. "I know right, I cannot even see my feet anymore." Sophia laughs. Gabriele come and hug Lisa. "Good morning to you to", he greets Lisa. "Come on lets go inside." Lisa tells them. Gabriele take their bags and follow the two women inside the house. Lisa ask Maria to take the things upstairs then offer something to drink. "I hear you met my brother and the other two?" Sophia ask Lisa. "Yes, I have they actually come around a lot." Lisa reply. "Wow, I cant believe it, Allesandro never let anyone come near him after the accident. Thank you, Lisa", Gabriele tells her. "Don't thank me, I did nothing you guys." She protests. "If you say so", Sophia reply. Lisa just shakes her head. Then went to get something to drink. "Let's sit outside". Lisa suggest. Sophia's notice how sad Lisa looks and knows it's because of Allesandro. "Hey, he will be back before you now it." Sophia assures her. Lisa give her a small smile and the three of them starts talking about what they were up to. After a while of catching up Sophia tells them she's going to lay down for a bit. "I feel tired and my feet are killing me."
"I understand go and rest for a while." Lisa tells her. Sophia gets up and walks inside the house. Gabriele also excuse himself saying he still needs to go in to the office, "Please watch over Sophia and don't let her do anything she's not supposed to do", he asks Lisa. "Don't worry I will take care of her." Lisa smiles at him. Lisa decides to go to the back yard and read a bit.

In the meantime at the Lombardi's house.
"What's your plan daddy?" Bianca wants to know. "Allesandro's friends are going to stay with his wife while his gone. I think we must put a wedge between him and his best friends. If he thinks one of his friends and Lisa are having an affair then he will divorce Lisa, and she won't get a sent. You just need to lay down for a bit let me do the work." Mr Lombardi tells his daughter. "What if he don't believe it?" She asks. "Then we will take it to the next step and remove her permanently from Allesandro". He tells again. Bianca nods and promise not to interfere with anything. She looks at her father and smile. "Soon I will be Mrs Mancini."

Lisa and Sophia were sitting outside when Lilani and Alice appear. "Lisa, the guys are here", Lilani tells her. Lisa stands up and went inside to welcome them. "Well I must say I feel honored that so many people will be with me while Allesandro is away", Lisa tells them. "You know you are like a sister to us, and thanks to you we have our best friend back." Jhonny tells her. "Thank you guys, this means a lot to me."
"Alright, lets get to our rooms then how about we order pizza and have a movie night?" Kevin suggest. "Sounds great, I will tell the sjef to take the rest of the day off", Lisa says and walks off to the kitchen. Lisa then went and play with Lilani for a bit. She misses Allesandro and its not even a day yet. "You miss him?" Lilani ask her sister. "Yes very much" Lisa admits. "Me to, but he will phone us every day like he promised", Lilani tells Lisa. Lisa smiles and take Lilani to the back yard. "How about we swim for a while?" Lisa ask. "Are you positive? Your supposed to be in bed resting", Lilani says with her hands on her hips. "And that's why we are here, we will take care of Lil while you go back inside and rest", Kevin suddenly speaks from behind. Lisa turns around and was just about to say something when Jhonny also says. "He's right, Allesandro will kill us if we let you over work yourself go and rest we will call you when dinner arrive." Lisa nods and went upstairs to their bedroom. She climbs on the bed and takes Allesandro's pillow and fall asleep.

Allesandro just arrive in Miami and ask Antonio to take him straight to the clinic. On there arrival the doctor came towards Allesandro. "Good morning Mr Mancini, we will show you to your room, your operation is at six this evening like you asked." Doctor Johnson informs him. "Thank you, doctor and no one knows I am here, right?" Allesandro ask. "No Mr Mancini its just me and my staff who will assist me during and after the operation." Dr Johnson informs. "Good, thank you doctor", Allesandro thanked him. "Antonio I want you to call Lisa so that I can speak to her", Allesandro ask. Antonio takes the phone and phone Lisa. "Lisa Mancini speaking," Comes her voice over the phone. "Well hello, Mrs Mancini, how are you?" Allesandro tease. "O my gosh, Allesandro its you, I'm good, are you in Miami yet?" She asks him. Allesandro smiles at the sound of her sweet voice. "Yes I have just landed. So I decided to phone you. How was your day?"
"Busy, but great. Sophia and Gabriele arrived just after you left and the other three arrived this afternoon." She informs him. It's quiet for a while when Allesandro talks again. "Thank you for breakfast this morning, I will miss your cooking while I am here in the USA."
"O its nothing, you know I enjoy cooking, besides once your back I will cook your favorite meal." Lisa says in a sad voice that Allesandro hears. "What's the matter? Why do you sound so sad?" He asks. "O, its just.... nothing to worry about"
"Don't lie, tell me what's wrong if something happened I want to know, then I can deal with that person", He threatens. Lisa laughs and says. "Then you will have to deal with yourself", she sighs and continues, "I miss you". Allesandro's heart skip a beat after hearing this. "O, Mrs Mancini you have know idea how much I miss you too". He tells her truthfully. They talked for a while when Allesandro tells her he will phone her before she goes to sleep.

After their phone conversation, the others notice how sad Lisa looks. Kevin and Jhonny give each other a look then stands up and went to her. "Is everything alright, Lisa? Did something happen" They asked concerned. "No, its just.. I miss him". They smile and hug her. "You really love him don't you?" Kevin ask. "Is it that obvious?"
"Well, you look like you belong six feet under, and we have noticed how you look at Allesandro and every time you hear his name you smile" Kevin continues. "Wow for guys you really know how to look at signs." Lisa joked. "Well, its obvious and the only reasonvAllesandro don't know it is because of his blindness". Jake tells her. "I ordered pizza you and Sophia get to choose a movie." Kevin informs her. "O great thank you." They chat while they wait for the pizza to arrive when they hear the bell ring. Jake shouts he got it and went to get the pizza.
Everyone went to the living room and got comfortable. Lisa put a movie on and they start watching. Just before the movie ends Lilani fell asleep. Jhonny offer to take her up stairs to her bed. Lisa nods and let Jhonny take her. Suddenly the phone ring and Lisa run for it. "Hello" she asks exited. "Hey, you sound better", she hears Allesandro's deep voice. "Yeah, that's because I knew you would phone before I go to bed", Lisa answer. "I always keep my promises. I wish I was with you now holding you when you go to bed."
"Yeah, i also wish you were here, it's going to be a long night without you", she admits. "So what are you guys up to? I hope you don't overwhelm yourself too much." Allesandro says concerned. "Don't worry I have rested, we ordered pizza and decided on a movie night. Lilani fell asleep during the movie".
"That sounds like fun".
"Yes, but its not the same without you."
"I think as soon as I get back the two of us should go on our honeymoon". He suddenly says. Lisa are shocked when she heard him say that. "I think that's a great idea".
"Alright think of places and let me know then I can arrange everything." Allesandro and Lisa talked for an hour, neither one wanted to end the call and eventually Allesandro put it down. Lisa went to the living room and see everyone is fast asleep. She turns everything off and went to bed hugging Allesandro's pillow.

Allesandro ask Antonio to keep in touch with Lisa and the others while he is in surgery. Soon the nurses came in and took him to the theater. Antonio decides to go to the hotel he booked for them and tell the nurse at the station to phone him as soon as Mr Mancini comes out of theater. With that he left praying that this operation will be a success.
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