The Blind Billionaire

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Two weeks later

Allesandro lay in the hospital bed with bandages over his eyes. In his heart he prays that the operation was a success and that he will be able to see again. He thinks about Bianca, he realizes she's just after his money and that it's not love that she feels for him. Maybe it was God sent for their engagement that was broken off and that he met Lisa. Everybody says she is the most beautiful women they ever saw, maybe he won't think she's attractive, not everybody has the same taste. She has a beautiful voice and a beautiful personality, but he wants more in a woman then just that. They are married for almost five months, and he still don't know what he's wife looks like. But if everything goes well he will get to see her very soon. Allesandro got so much time to think about his past and future. He realizes he needs to get his life in order. He's not getting any younger, and he wants a child of his own. Antonio visit Allesandro every day to help him wash and shave. They are satisfied with the treatment Alledandro receive in hospital. A week after Allesandro's operation Antonio received a file. He don't reconice the hand writing and open the file. What he sees in there shocked him. He quickly phoned Jhonny and inform him about the photos he received. Jhonny told him he will find out who sent it and that Antonio can't tell Allesandro about the photos just yet. Antonio agreed and sent the photos to Jhonny.

Lisa enjoys Sophia's and the guys' company, but the house is not the same without Allesandro. She went with Sophia to her sonar appointment and were in awe when she heard the heartbeat. She can't believe there's a baby inside Sophia growing. Lilani have been doing well with chemo and it seems like there's no trace of the tumor. For that Lisa feels relieved. The guys always find a way to keep Lisa busy when ever they see her sad. They pray that this operation will be a success because they know how much this means for Allesandro.

Jhonny received the photo's Antonio sent him and called Kevin and Jake to meet him. They realize Bianca's father is behind it and start to take matters in their own hands. By the end of the week the Lombardi's lost most of their hotels and casino's. Jhonny orders his men to hit the Lombardi's brothels. Mr Lombardi began to panic when he realizes he lost most of his assets. It can't be Allesandro, he thinks because one of his informants told him Allesandro still have bandages on his eyes. He needs to find out who is behind this and make them pay.

Antonio and Leonardo both helped with the Mancini bussiness. Most of the important business they left for Allesandro. They went to one meeting after the other and told investors that Mr Mancini is still in hospital and will soon resume his work. Allesandro is very grateful for his loyal employees that he decides to give them a salary rise as soon as he gets out of the hospital.

The night before the bandages are to be taken of, Allesandro can't control his excitement. That would be the best day of his life if he can see again. He can't wait to see Lisa with his own eyes. This has become an obsession with him this past few days. Antonio and Leonardo did there best to describe her to him, but he just couldn't get an image of her. Allesandro cant fell asleep that night, then one of the nurses came and give him a sleeping pill. After drinking the pill he fell asleep immediately and over slept the next morning when one of the nurses came to wake him up for breakfast. "Your sleeping pills surely knocks a guy out cold", he told the nurse. "I think it's a sin to over sleep on such an important day, Mr Mancini", the nurse tease. "But doctor will be glad to hear you got a good nights sleep."
"And why would he be glad?" Allesandro wants to know. "It's not good to be tense and a good night's rest usually makes you feel calm and relaxed the next day ", the nurse explains. "Now that you explained all of this to me maybe you can tell me how late this bandages will come of." Allesandro wants to know. On one side he feels exited for the bandages to come of, so he can know if the operation was a success, but on the other side he feels nervous because what if the operation weren't a success. Then he hears the nurse say, "The doctor mentioned just after breakfast, Mr Mancini. That's why I came in to wake you up so that you will be ready for when the doctor comes."
Allesandro is tensed while eating breakfast. He realizes how people feel when they wait for there sentence, because there will be a sentence over him soon. If this operation he whole heartily hoped on, are a failure, he might as well be dead. Life will never be the same if he can't see again. He can't think it will be worth it to have a wife and kids if he can't even see what they look like. "Well I have to say you look depressed this morning" the doctor greets Allesandro. "I am sorry if I look depressed this morning, maybe a little tense but not depressed", he answers with a small smile. "I assume you will take the bandages off, doctor?"
"As soon as the nurse switched the lights off and close the blinds. We can't risk your eyes with so much light just yet. You will still need to wear your sunglasses for a while longer." The doctor explains. "You seem positive that I will see again, doctor", Allesandro says. "I have a lot of confidence with my work, Mr Mancini. Especially if the patient is as healthy as you." The doctor says with a laughs. "But we will soon find out if it was a success, just don't be depressed or tense if you can't see immediately it takes a few seconds." They wait for a while longer. Then the nurse tells them the room is ready. Allesandro feels how the bandages are taken off his eyes, then he hears the doctor say. "You can switch the lights off, miss."
The last bandage are removed, then Allesandro slowly open his eyes, but everything is still dark around him. He was just about to tell the doctor that the operation failed when he hears the doctor say. "You can switch the lights on". He hears how the nurse switch the lights on and the doctors voice, "The light is on the opposite of you against the wall. Just watch in front of you, don't worry it takes a while".
"Thank you doctor," Allesandro smiles in the dark. "I can see a faint light on the wall".
"You are right, Mr Allesandro, the light is faint. Your eyes can't be exposed to sharp light just now, that's why we will put the bandages back on." The doctor says. "When will the bandages be taken off?" Allesandro ask exited. To his disappointment he hears the doctor say, "In one week, Mr Mancini. You must be here in the hospital for at least a week to be taken care of, after that you will have to wear a special set off glasses for a while". Allesandro looks so disappointed that the nurse say
"You look very disappointed, but the treatment you will get for the next week are important for your eyes"
"I realize that," Allesandro says calmly. "My wife don't know about this operation, i want to surprise her".
"I didn't know you are married, Mr Mancini." The doctor smiles, glad that the operation was a success. "Yes, for almost five months now, doctor". Allesandro smiles. "Well I think it's going to be a huge moment in both of your lives when you tell her the good news", the doctor says then turns to the nurse, "You can open the blinds now, miss."

Antonio and Leonardo are happy that Mr Mancini's operation was a success. But Allesandro ask them not to tell anyone until he tells Lisa. "I think Lisa should be the first one to know", he explains to the pair. "I will leave the day I come out of the hospital, then I will get to see her myself and see if she is really as beautiful as you say she is."
"I think your in for a surprise, Mr Mancini," Antonio says with a smile. "No offense, but I saw a lot of your girlfriends and none of them are as beautiful as Mrs Mancini. You can ask Leonardo, he will confirm it."
"O, I believe that she is the most beautiful girl for you," Allesandro smiles, "The question is, will she be beautiful for me as well? Everyone taste are different, Antonio. She maybe ugly for me."
"No, Mr Mancini", Antonio defends. "Leonardo and I have work for you a long time, and we never saw you with an ugly girl....."
Allesandro's laugh put a stop to Antonio's conversation. "Its true," Allesandro says as soon his laughter ends. "The three of us comes a long way, Antonio. You should know my taste in women by now."
Antonio feels relieve that he phoned Jhonny about the photos, otherwise Allesandro would have surely killed Lisa and Kevin by now. He knows Lisa will never do such a thing and Kevin as well, but he knows Allesandro very well to know he will have someones head. As soon as he's well he will tell Allesandro the truth. He just hopes that Jhonny found out who sent those pictures.

The days go by very slow for Allesandro. He can't wait for the day he can be discharge and go back to Lisa. He thinks of all the small things Lisa usually did for him, her beautiful voice when ever she reads to him, her small soft hands in his when they went for a walk, her laughter. All of these memories makes his heart feel warm and beat fast.
Finally, the day has arrived that he can leave the hospital. He thanked the doctor and the nurses friendly for their service. Then he greets them and leave.
Even though he still needs to wear the sun glasses, it feels good that he can leave on his own and no one needs to guide him. He will remember this day always.

Back at the mansion Lisa went with Sophia to the shops. Lilani was at school when Sophia ask Lisa to go with her. They spent almost five hours shopping. Sophia went into every store and bought a lot of baby stuff. Bu the last store Lisa tells Sophia that she's tired and hungry. Sophia laugh, "Just this one then we can grab lunch." Lisa agrees and walk in to the store with Sophia. After spending half an hour there they went to a restaurant and ordered some burgers. "Mmmm, this is delicious." Lisa moans as she takes another bite. "I have to agree on that. I don't usually eat burgers but today I crave." Lisa laughs at Sophia's face. She really has become a great friend. They ask for the bill then got up and leave after paying.

Allesandro arrived back at the mansion and was greeted by his best friends and Maria. "Well its good to see you again, Mancini", Jhonny says as he gives him a hug then the other two follows. "We ask Sophia to take Lisa to the shops, she will be here soon."
"Thank you guys", Allesandro reply's. Everybody greets Allesandro and welcomed him home. They asked if the operation was a success but Allesandro didn't say a word. Then Allesandro hears the voice he has been missing for so long, he turns around and wait for Lisa to enter the living room. Sophia leads Lisa there and tells her to go and sit down while Maria get them something to drink. As soon as Lisa enters she looks at Allesandro and smile. When Allesandro saw Lisa his breath got hitched. He has never seen a more beautiful women than his wife. He notices how she smiles when she looks at him, she really got the most beautiful smile he has ever seen. He watches her as she come closer to him. "Allesandro, wow your back", Lisa says as she stands in front of her handsome husband. "Hello Lisa", Allesandro says in a husky voice near her ear. This sent shivers down her spine and Allesandro smirks when he feels her shiver. "I have missed you." He admits to Lisa. "I have missed you too".
"Alright you two get a room because we can feel the sexual tension between you guys", Jake interups them. Lisa blush at Jakes comment and Allesandro notice it. They all chatted a while. Every time Allesandro would steal glances at Lisa. He can't wait to tell her the operation was a success. "If you have time, we have something to discuss", Jhonny tells Allesandro. Allesandro nods and then says, "We can go to my office and chat". The four guys got up and Jake helps Allesandro to his office.
"So what is so important that you want to see me in private?" Allesandro ask them. He noticed how the three men in front of him look at each other and became concerned. "Well, we have received photos a week ago. You see the photo's indicate that Lisa and Kevin are having an affair...."
"Is it true Kevin? Allesandro interrupt Jhonny. He glances at Kevin and Kevin reply, "You know me for years, I would never do anything like that to you". Allesandro watches him carefully. It looks like Kevin is telling the truth. "Well, did you find out who sent these photos?" He asked them. "Yes, it appears to be Mr Lombardi's handy work. You can tell its fake." Comes Jake's reply. "I am already working on bringing him down as we speak". Jhonny tells him. "I am glad to hear you got everything under control. I want you to end him for good. He just messed with the wrong guy. I am taking Lisa away for a week to the Bahamas for our honeymoon. If one of you can stay here and watch over Lilani for me."
"When are you leaving?" Kevin ask. "Tomorrow afternoon. I already informed my pilot to get the jet ready"
"Alright i will stay here while you go on your honeymoon, but first tell us was the operation a success?" Jake ask Allesandro. "I will tell my wife first, and as soon as we get back I will let you guys know", a smirking Allesandro tells his best friends. He must hold his laugh because their faces as priceless. "What! You're not going to tell us, your best buddies first", Kevin demand. "No, because I think that's my wife's privilege to know first."
"Alright we understand, now lets get back to Lisa I think Lilani has also arrived." Jhonny tells them. All four stands up and went to the back yard where they here Lilani giggles. "Alli your back!" He hears Lilani and watch her running to him. He must admit she does look like him. He bent down and hug her. "Hello, princess. How are you?" He asks her. "I'm good, we all missed you, especially my sister she was like an angry dinosaur while you were away." Lilani whisper in his ears." Allesandro laughs. "O yeah, really?" He asks her. Lilani nods and then run off to where Alice are. Allesandro watch Lisa as she talks to Sophia and Gabriele. He's glad his brother and Sophia get along with Lisa. He must admit, everyone was right about Lisa's beauty. He has never seen such a beautiful woman in his life before, he is lucky to have a woman like her. Suddenly everyone turns to the door when they hear the most annoying voice, "Allesandro, baby I heard you are back", Bianca says as she walks towards Allesandro. He cants believe he ever loved her. He watches Lisa when Bianca kiss him and then hugs him. Lisa seems like she wants to murder Bianca. "What are you doing here Bianca?" He demands in a cold voice. "I have missed you", she replies while biting her lips. "Yeah the only thing you missed about him is his money", Kevin shouts out. Bianca looks sharply at Kevin and then it hits her. Allesandro must not know about the photo's yet because she can see Lisa and the brat is still here... "I will ask you once, please leave my house you are not welcome here anymore and stop calling me baby", Allesandro says deadly. Bianca looks at him and was shocked at what she just hears. She thought he would have forgotten about what happened before he left but it seems like she was wrong. "O, baby we both know you don't mean it." She continues. Allesandro watch as Lisa got up and went inside. He pushed Bianca away and ask Jhonny to take him to Lisa and order Antonio to throw Bianca out and to let the gate know to never let her inside again.

Allesandro pushed the bedroom door open and see Lisa on the bed. It looks like she's been crying. "Here you are", he suddenly talks. Lisa looks up and see Allesandro in the doorway. "Yeah, i don't think I can stand much of Bianca for to long", she smiles sadly and Allesandro notice it. "Well she's gone now. I have something for you. Look in your bedside table.", he tells Lisa. Lisa looks confused but did as she was told. She opens the draw and she sees a pamphlet of the Bahamas then look at Allesandro again. "What is this?" She asks. "Well, seeing we didn't have a honeymoon I was thinking on taking you there. That was one of the places you mentioned when we talked." Allesandro reply. Lisa's eye got huge, and then she got up and run to him hugging him. "Thank you so much, when are we leaving?"
"Tomorrow afternoon. Jake will be staying here to watch Lilani." He informs her. Lisa smiles widely.
After some time they went down. "Alright guys. I would like to announce something. Lisa and I will leave for our honeymoon tomorrow afternoon." Allesandro tells them. Everyone seems happy about Allesandro's announcement.

Lisa and Sophia went to pack for Lisa. "Wow, I cant believe we are going on a honeymoon", Lisa whispers. "Yeah, me neither but at least he is willing to try", Sophia says. They were busy for a while when Lilani comes in and tells them dinners ready. At dinner Allesandro can't seem to take his eyes of Lisa. He swears he will take her right here, right now if it weren't for everyone sitting with them. It's going to be one hell of a night for him...

Later that night Lisa and Allesandro excused them self and went to bed. Allesandro held Lisa and soon fell asleep with Lisa in his arms. Lisa soon fell asleep with a smile on her face, she can't wait for tomorrow....
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