The Blind Billionaire

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The honeymoon


The next day Lisa got up and realize Allesandro already left. She quickly went to take a shower and dressed in a skinny jean and a blue crop top with her white vans and put her hair in a high ponytail. She then went to the dining room and see everyone already seated. "Good morning sleeping beauty", Kevin greets her. Allesandro watch her carefully and smirks when he finds her checking him out. "Good morning everyone, sorry I'm late", Lisa says and walks over and take a seat next to Allesandro. "Finally now I can fill my stomach", Kevin wines. Lisa rolls her eyes at Kevin and says. "You know you should really go on a diet because I can see your stomach getting big," Lisa smiles sweetly. "Hey! A Ferrari must have a garage", Kevin says while pointing to his manhood. Lisa takes a piece of bacon and throws it to Kevin and say, "Your such a pig".
"Alright enough now before a food war breaks loose." Allesandro talks. After that they enjoy the breakfast in silent.

Around noon Lisa and Allesandro stands next to the car ready to leave. "Enjoy every second of it. Hopefully I will be an aunt after this honeymoon" Sophia tells her and wink. Lisa's face became red, and she looks down to her feet. Allesandro notice it and smile. They hug everyone goodbye and then Lilani. "Take care Lisa, I will miss you."
"I will miss you too, be a good girl for Nona. "Lisa tells her. Lilani hugs Allesandro and then went to stand next to Alice.

They arrive at Allesandro's private jet. Lisa helps Allesandro out of the car and leads him inside the jet. She was in awe when she saw the inside of the jet. "Good day, Mr Mancini, let me take you to your seat, we are taking off any minute now." The blond air hostess tells Allesandro and completely ignore Lisa. "No, my wife here will help me, get our bags and take it to the room", Allesandro informs her in a cold voice. Lisa takes his arm again and leads him to one of the seats, the air hostess gives her a dirty look but Lisa just smiles sweetly.

Lisa watch Allesandro. He looks good in a blue jean and black V- neck shirt. It shows his muscles under the shirt and the jean shows his nice tight ass. As she studies him she bites her lips. She's not aware that Allesandro watches her every move. "Dammit if she continues to bite her lips like that he will surely take her to the room and fuck her until tomorrow" Allesandro though. "Mr Mancini, would you like something to eat and drink?" The annoying air hostess ask him. "Yes, please bring a coke and a sandwich for me and for my wife what ever she wants", Allesandro answers. "I will have the same as him, thank you", Lisa looks up and smile at the hostess. The hostess rolls her eyes at Lisa before walking away. "If you want to sleep there's a bedroom, I will take you there", Allesandro offers. "Wow, that's nice thank you will let you know if I want to sleep.", she informs him. The hostess came back with the order and put Allesandro's food in front of him and then as she was about to give Lisa hers the hostess drop the coke on Lisa's lap. "O my, I am so sorry. It just slipped out of my hands", she acts innocent. "Is everything alright?", Allesandro ask acting like he couldn't see what she did but in the inside he was boiling with anger. "Yes, she just accidentally dropped the coke on me", Lisa tells him. The air hostess looks at Lisa smirking. Lisa saw it and just roll her eyes at the hostess. "If you will excuse me i just need to change", Lisa tells him. "Help me up, so I can show you to the bedroom", Allesandro instruct. "Don't worry Mr Mancini, sit and enjoy your food I will show her", the hostess say sweetly. "No, I will eat once my wife has changed," He replies. The air hostess just looks at him with anger. Lisa got up and help Allesandro. He leads her to where the room is and tells her to change he will wait outside. After Lisa changed she and Allesandro walks back and eat they're food in silent.
The hostess comes again and take the plates. "Can I get you anything else, Mr Mancini?"
"No thank you, my wife and I are going to lay down for a bit. I will ask James to wake us up over the intercom." He dismissed a pissed off hostess. Allesandro stands up and hold his hands for Lisa. They went to the bed as soon as Lisa fell on the bed she turns to Allesandro and notice he already turned to her. He scooped her closer, and she fell asleep in his arms.

Lisa wakes up when someone shakes her gently. "Lisa, wake up we are about to land", Allesandro says softly. Lisa rubs her eyes and sits up. Allesandro stands and hold his hand out for her she takes it and leads them to their seats. She helps Allesandro fasten his belt and then hers. Soon she feels the jet landing.
They got out of the jet and walk to the waiting car. "Good evening, Mr and Mrs Mancini.", Allesandro's driver greets them. "Good evening, Liam. Lisa this it my driver and butler Liam, Liam this is my wife Lisa.", Allesandro introduce them. Lisa shake his hands and smile friendly at the older man. "Come on lets get you to your Villa, Mr Mancini.", Liam says as he puts their backs in the back of the car.

Soon they enter a big gate and Lisa looks trough the window. "Wow, this is beautiful," she says in as they drive up to the villa. The garden are bigger then the ones back home. There's a few small fountains and one big one in the middle of the drive in. Lisa gets out as soon as the car stops. She looks at the beautiful white mansion in front of her. There're two sets of steps that leads to the huge handcrafted wooden door. Allesandro watch in amusement how Lisa's jaw dropped when she saw his Villa. "This is beautiful, Allesandro. It feels like i just stepped in some sort of fairy tale.", she compliments. "Thank you, this Villa has been in our family for generations", Allesandro tells her. She takes his hands and follows Liam to the door. When the door opens Lisa was struck at the site in front of her. The front portal is white and black the tiles are black and there's antique couches against the wall. "Mr Mancini welcome back", a short round, grey hair women appears. "You must be Mrs Mancini", she says and hug Lisa. Lisa hugs her back before saying, "I am Lisa, nice to meet you".
"Olivia Johnson, pleasure to finally meet you, Mrs Mancini. I hope you will enjoy your stay here. Mr Mancini everything is ready just like you asked.", Olivia tells Allesandro. "Thank you, Olivia." He tells her and then ask Liam to take their backs to the room. Allesandro takes Lisa's hand and says. "Lets go freshen up, I got a surprise for you." Lisa follows Liam to the room. She thanked him for the bags and then close the door. "You can get ready here, meet me downstairs in half an hour, there's a dress on the bed I want you to wear.", Allesandro speaks. "Thank you", Lisa tells him while looking at him. Allesandro nods and then went out of the room. Lisa quickly let her eyes scan the room. There's a huge king-size bed with black and grey covers, to the left it looks like a walk in closet, to the right she assumes must be the bathroom. She walks to the sliding door and open it. The view that greets here is breath taking. She can see the beach from her window. She looks at her watch and quickly close the door then went to the bathroom. She takes a quick shower and then put a towel around her. Lisa went back to the room and got her underwear out of her back. She decides to wear her black lace underwear and takes the dress Allesandro asked her to put on. Lisa quickly dressed in it and looks at herself in the mirror, the dress reaches just above her knees, it's got a low cut at the bust and are strapless. She takes out her black pumps and put it on. Then she wears a simple heart shape necklace. She applies light make up and decides to leave her hair down. Once she is finished she looks at herself one more time and then went down. As soon as she reaches the stairs Allesandro is already waiting for her in an Armanisuite with his hair neatly to the back. He looks good in black, Lisa thinks. Allesandro looks up and almost choke on his saliva when he saw how gorgeous Lisa looks. Allesandro takes her hand and ask her to put a blind fold over her eyes. She looks at Allesandro weirdly. "Don't worry, I will not let us fall. I already know my way to where I want to take you. Just trust me", He assures her. Lisa smiles and says, "I trust you". She takes the blind fold and put it on then linked her arms with Allesandro's. He then leads them outside. After a few seconds he whisper in her ear. "You can take it off now." Lisa takes it off and looks at the beach. There in the middle of the white sandy beach, is a table set for two, with rose pedals in the form of a heart. She looks up at Allesandro and whisper. "Its beautiful"
"Not as beautiful as my wife", comes his reply. Lisa frowns but quickly cover it up. Allesandro leads them to the table and holds a chair for her. Soon a waitress come and bring their drinks and starter. "To us", Allesandro says as he holds his champagne glass out to Lisa. Lisa clinched her class to his and reply's, "to us". They eat there starter, and then she hears Ed Sheerans song Thinking out loud playing. Allesandro got up and hold his hands for her. "May I have this dance?" Lisa takes his hands, and they start dancing to the music. "You look beautiful tonight", Allesandro whispers. She looks up at him and ask, "And if I may ask, how do you know how I look? I'm not even dressed that fancy".
"O trust me this black dress suites you perfectly, it shows off your tight small ass". He tells her. Lisa looks at him confused. "How do you know the dress shows my ass?" She asks. Allesandro smiles down at her and see her frown. "Don't frown like that, cara mia (my beloved)" he tells her. " do know I was frowning?" She asks again. Allesandro pulls her close to him then he whispers in her ears, " "because I can see you perfectly clear". Lisa looks up at him shocked. "What, how, when?" She stutters. "The past few weeks that I was in Miami, I went for an operation. I got my eyesight back. And wanted to tell you first." Lisa looks at him with tears in her eyes then she throws her arms around his neck saying, "O, Allesandro I am so happy for you".
"Thank you, cara mia, I waited long for this day. I still need to wear the sunglasses for a few weeks." He tells her. "So yesterday and this whole day you just acted like you were still blind?"
"Yes, I planned to tell you in a special way."
"O, thank you Allesandro." Lisa says as she plants a kiss full on his mouth. Realizing what she did she looks down. Allesandro lifts her chin and then bends down and kiss her passionately. "Lets eat before the food gets cold." Allesandro tells her. They eat and chatted for a while and danced one last time.
Allesandro then takes her hand and leads her back to the Villa. Once they reached their bedroom Allesandro opens the door and let Lisa go in first just as she past him, he pulls her back and shove her against the closed door.
He's lips connects with Lisa's, and she run her hands through his hair he grabs both sides of her tights, picking her up and throwing her on the bed. He meets her over her body. Not wasting any time, his soft dark hair brushes her jawline as he kisses her neck, sucking harshly.

"Allesandro". Lisa moans
"Yes, baby?" He whispers husky. Her hands find the bottom of his white shirt and pull it up as his fingers gently traces their way under her dress to her bra, teasing. She gasps as his thumb flicks over her nipple, and he smirks driving her wild. His full lips take total control over her mind.

Lisa's never been touched like this before. He rips her dress open and takes of her lace bra exposing her breast.

"O fuck". He says under his breath and Lisa bites her lips blushing. "You're so fucking cute when you blush, Lisa".

His words drive Lisa wild in the best way possible. His voice and filthy words, she can hardly handle.
His hands lower down to her belly button, then lower.... and lower.
Lisa gasp and close her eyes as his fingertips rubs her clit softly.

"O my God", She sighs.
"You're so wet for me", he says and without permission his finger slides inside her. His hands are so large.

"Allesandro", Lisa's eyebrows knit together and her voice full of lust.
"Fuck, you're making me hard." He breathes. He starts going down and slide his tongue inside her. Lisa arched her back as his tongue licked her. "Allesandro", Lisa moans as she grabs his hair. "O fuck baby, you taste so good", he sits up and start playing with her clit. "Allesandro", she moans.
"That's right baby, come for me", he tells her. Lisa feels as her stomach tighten and her legs begin to shake. "O God Allesandro", she screams out of pleasure. Allesandro lick her clean then starts to take of his pants.

"Please Allesandro", Lisa pleads.
"Are you sure?" He asks. Lisa nods and pulls him to her kissing him.
He takes her panties of and spread her legs. "I will be gentle, it's going to hurt at first just tell me when I must stop", he tells her. Lisa nods, and she feels how he start pushing in her slowly and gently. As he goes deeper tears roll of her cheek. Allesandro wipes it and kiss her once his inside he lay still for Lisa to adjust. "Are you alright?", he asks. "Yes", comes her small answer as her hips began moving on their own.

Allesandro starts pounding in and out of her. "O fuck baby you feel so good", he says as he begins to pick up his pace. "Allesandro".
"That's right baby scream my name".
"O fuck Allesandro", Lisa screams as her stomach begin to tighten again her legs shake violently as an orgasm over took her. Allesandro finds his releases himself soon after falling on to Lisa.

"You are beautiful Lisa", he says then kiss her head.
"I am going to run a hot bath for you with some salt, it will help for the pain and sore you're having". He stands up and went to the bathroom. A few minutes later he returns and then bent down and pick Lisa up, carrying her to the bath tub. He carefully puts her in and then starts washing her. "You can get in with me", she offers. She moves up and Allesandro slides in at her back she let her head fall back onto his chest.
After a while they wash each other than get out. Allesandro walks out of the bathroom with just his towel. Lisa enters the room and finds Allesandro changing the sheets. She looks at the red stain and blush. "O don't blush baby, it was the best night of my life", he tells her with a smirk. Lisa smiles at him and quickly help him to change the sheets. Soon they got in to bed.
That night Allesandro and Lisa made love until the morning hours.
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