The Blind Billionaire

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The honeymoon part 2


The following morning Allesandro and Lisa took a shower toghter. Allesandro washes her hair and then her back he the spin her around and kiss her. Lisa throws her legs around his hips. Allesandro slides inside of her, then he picks up is pace as he slams in and out of her. "O fuck", Lisa screams. Soon they both find there release and wash them again.
"We are going on a tour this morning, we can grab breakfast at one of the local restaurants", Allesandro tells Lisa as they get dressed. Lisa turns to Allesandro and noticed he's wearing a khaki short chino with a white V-neck shirt and his vans she stares at him until she hears him say, "Like what you're seeing?"
"I wasn't staring." She denies with a blush. She must say he looks damn hot in those clothes. She decide to dress in a short denim and a white shirt with her vans and make her hair in a high pony tail. The two of them then went to the car where Liam is already waiting for them. "Good morning Mr and Mrs Mancini." He greets them with a smile. "Good morning Liam," they both greet him. "Pleas take us to Arawak Cay. Allesandro instruct. Allesandro takes Lisa's hand and interwined their fingers then place a kiss in her hand.
They soon arrive at heir destination. Allesandro leads her inside Sky juice king and a waiter comes and help them. "Welcome to Sky juice king, i will be your waiter, what can I get you?" The young waiter ask them. "Give us two sky juices without alcohol please". Allesandro ask him. The waiter nods and then leave to get the order. "Wow, this place is awesome." Lisa comments as she looks around. "Yes, i usually come here when ever I visit." Allesandro tells her. The waiter comes back with the drinks and Allesandro tells him, "Please give us two of your regular burger". The waiter writes it down and then leave the two. "So what do you have planned for today?" Lisa ask him. "Well after this we are going hiking at the primeval forest national park", Allesandro tells her. Soon their food arrive and they eat in silent. After they are done Allesandro ask for the bill. They left hand in hand and take a taxi to the park it took them an hour to get there as the driver didn't have a clue where it is. Allesandro pay for them and soon they joined other visitors waiting for the tour guide. "Good day, ladies and gentleman, my name is John, I will be your tour guide this morning." Their tour guide announce. Everyone follows him as he shows them the different plants and animals. They walked some more when John showed them the sinkholes witch was interesting for Lisa. After hours of exploring the tour ends and Allesandro calls Liam to come and fetch them. While they wait for Liam, Allesandro takes Lisa to the local gift shop. There they buy some souvenirs and went outside. Liam waved at the pair and watch them walking to him. Liam help to put the bags in the car and start driving. Lisa fell asleep against Allesandro's shoulder. When they reach the Villa, Allesandro gently wakes Lisa. "Lisa, we are back at the Villa." He tells her. Lisa wakes up and then climb out of the car. Once they are inside Olivia informs them lunch is ready. They sit down and enjoy the lunch Olivia made. After lunch Lisa ask Allesandro if he wants to go down to the beach with her. He nods and they went to get their swimsuits.

Lisa took off her swimming gown and Allesandro almost choked. "Dammit, luckily I have a private beach otherwise I would have wrapped you up because other guys would have watched you", Allesandro says as he scans Lisa's body. She's wearing a black bikini and it shows off her big breast. Allesandro feels him self getting hard at the sight of Lisa. Lisa takes his hand and took of his shirt. Her breath hitched at the sight of his naked body. His six-pack on display and that V line. She drags him to the water and they start swimming. Allesandro picks her up and then throws her into the water as Lisa resurface she looks at Allesandro "You're going to pay for doing that.

They went down for dinner and eat in silents. "So what do you want to do after dinner?" Lisa ask. "Mmmmm, I can think of a lot of things the two of us can do together." Allesandro winks at her. Lisa rolls her eyes and says, "Get your head out of the gutter Mr, how about we have a movie night and relax?" She suggests. Allesandro agrees. They finish their food and went to the living room. Lisa decides to choose a movie and put an action movie on for them. After the movie Lisa looks at Allesandro. "How about we play twenty questions"? Lisa ask. Allesandro laughs and ask her, "How old are you again?"
"Hey, watch it", Lisa laughs. "Alright I will start, your favorite color?" Allesandro ask. "Black, and yours?"
"Also, favorite song?"
"Savage love Jason Derulo, and yours?"
"Thinking out loud after last night" he replies with a wink. Lisa thinks about last night and smiles. Allesandro pulls her to him and kiss her. "We are not done yet, Mr." Lisa scolds trying to break free but Allesandro just holds her tight. He starts to nibble her earlobe and whisper, "Are you sure we are not done?" Lisa gives up and turns to Allesandro lowering her lips to his. The kiss gets hot and steamy. Allesandro picks her up in one move and Lisa throws her legs around his waist. On their way to the room Allesandro kiss and sucks her neck, earning a moan from Lisa. As he reaches the door Lisa opens it and Allesandro went in kicking it shut. He lay her down on the bed and start taking off her clothes. That night they made passionate love.

The next few days goes by quickly. Lisa and Allesandro enjoyed every minute together. They got to know each other better. She comes to know his worst fear and what he loves the most. He may come as a heartless man but deep inside he really got a soft heart. She realized how much she falls for him every single day.
Allesandro still can't put his feelings in perspective. He knows she makes him smile, and she knows how to have fun. Even though life gave her a few hard kicks she still manages to stand up and take life fully on. He admires her for taking her sister under her wings after their parents death. She is a strong woman of that he is sure. Every time she comes near him his heart skips a beat and his hands get all sweaty. But still that cant be love.

The last day of their honeymoon it rains heavy. Allesandro and Lisa decided to stay inside and watch movies. Then Lisa decides to have some fun. She tacked Allesandro and says, "tack your it", and start to run Allesandro chased her and soon catches her inside of the laundry room. He walks up to her slowly like she is his prey. "What am I going to do with you?" He asks pretending to think. "Ummm, you can move so that I can go?"
He shakes his head, and grabs her he then lifts her up, so she sits on the washing machine. "Mmmmm, I like this position your in."
He starts kissing her neck and take her shirt off next to follow are her bra. He takes one breast in his mouth and starts sucking on it. Lisa throws her head back and a moan escape her lips. He then takes her pants and panties off then he starts to play with her clit. "Allesandro", Lisa moans as she digs her nails into his shoulder. "Right there, O my God", Lisa screams as Allesandro licks her clit and insert a finger increasing his pace. "Please, Allesandro, fuck me", Lisa begs him. Allesandro got up and drop his pants he then lines his manhood at her interance and slams in to her. "O fuck baby, you feel so good", Allesandro tells her as he slams in and out of her. Lisa's body shakes violently as she undo around him and soon Allesandro empty himself deep inside of Lisa. They panted as they stand head-to-head looking at each other. Allesandro open the door and they went out. Lisa went to take a shower and ask Allesandro if he wants to join her.
After dinner they went and sit on the deck watching the ocean. "I could stay here forever", Lisa says as she stares at the ocean. "We can always come back, this is my Villa after all", Allesandro tells her. Lisa looks up at Allesandro and smiles at him before saying, "Thank you for bringing me here, I have really enjoyed it".
Allesandro look down at her and tells her "Your welcome, this is the best vacation I had in a very long time". They sit there for a while until it starts to rain heavy.
Lisa went to the kitchen to make some hot chocolate for them.

After a while they went up. Lisa went to the bathroom and did her night routine then went to bed. Allesandro also went and do his business and then joins Lisa. She moves closer to him and lay on his chest. Soon she fell asleep in his arms. Allesandro kiss her head and then falls asleep thinking about this week they spent togheter.

The next morning Lisa went down to make them some breakfast. After she is finished she takes the tray upstairs. "Good morning, Mr Mancini. I hope you slept well", Lisa teased him. "I can get used to this you know", he says as he sits up. Allesandro feeds Lisa and then Lisa does the same. After breakfast, they went and take a shower. Lisa starts packing their bags. She can't believe this week went by so fast. She really enjoyed the honeymoon and don't regret giving herself fully to Allesandro. As soon as she's done Allesandro comes to help her take the bags. Lisa looks at the room one more time than follow Allesandro.
"Thank you for everything, Olivia. Take care of yourself." Lisa says as she hugs Olivia. "It was a pleasure, take care of yourself and Allesandro. We will see you again." Olivia says as she hugs Lisa. Allesandro takes their bags to the waiting car. Soon they are on their way to the jet.

As they stepped inside the same air hostess greets them. Still ignoring Lisa and flirting with Allesandro. This is going to be one long flight Lisa thinks. They take their seats and lifts off. Lisa feels sad that this week went by so fast. At least she and Allesandro are at good terms she thinks.
Lisa went to lay down and soon Allesandro joins. The two off them went at it again until they fall asleep.
Lisa wakes up when Allesandro tells her they will land shortly. As she went to her seat the air hostess gives her a dirty look. Lisa rolls her eyes.

Back at the mansion Lilani run up to them. "Lisa, Alli your back". She screams exited. Lisa bends down and picks her up. "Hello Lil.", she greets her and then kiss her on the head. Allesandro takes her and kiss her head saying, "It looks like you have grown since the last time I saw you". Everyone who hears it looks at him shocked. "The operation was successful". Allesandro informs them. They all went up to him and congratulate him. Maria stands their with tears in her eyes. She is very glad to hear that her boss have his eyesight back.
After they went inside Lisa gives everyone a present they got them. "Alli, you will remember about the father and daughter day?" Lilani ask him. "Yes, i didn't forget about it." He tells her. Lilani smiles at Allesandro and hugs him. They all want to know how the Bahamas was. Allesandro and Lisa tells them mostly what they did. Lisa watches Allesandro out of the corner of her eyes as he tells them about their hiking and fishing trips. Allesandro looks at Lisa everytime he tells them about the honeymoon. Lisa realise his thinking about all the times they made love and blush. The others notice Lisa blush but before Kevin can say anything Lisa excused herself and went to unpack their backs.

That night she went to sleep alone after Allesandro informs her he will be up late taking care of some business. She can't help but to worry that he will become distant towards her again. That night she fell asleep with a heavy heart.

"Mr Lombardi lost all of his companies", Jhonny tells Allesandro. "Good, but I think this is not the last we heard about him, he will take revenge", Allesandro tells them. "Yes, you know that family is money hungry.", Kevin also says. "We will just need to keep a close eye on him", Jake also comments. "So tell us, did you at least enjoy yourself and learned to open up to Lisa?" Kevin ask him. "Yes, i already told you what we did and for the first time in forever i really enjoyed it.", Allelsandro answer truthfully. The guys look at each other with a knowing look on their faces. "Did you get to sort out your feelings for Lisa?" Jake ask. "No, there's nothing to sort out. We will never be more than just friends.", Allesandro tells them. Jhonny just shake his head in disapproval and tell the guys his going. Soon the others also leave. Allesandro stays up and starts doing some important paper work..
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