The Blind Billionaire

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Lilani's day at school

The next few days Allesandro kept himself busy. He goes to his head office early and comes back late. One night he came home early just as the others went down for dinner. "Alli! Your home." Liliani shouts and went to give him a hug. "Hello, princess." Allesandro says as he picks her up. "You remember about the father and daughters day tomorrow?" The little girl ask him. "Yes, that's why I'm home early tonight I will never forget it".
Lisa watch them as the two talk she really missed him these past week. She notices he didn't shave in a while he looks good with the small beard that's appearing on his face. She wonders why he ignores her just after the week they spent togheter. Maybe he just got a lot of work to be done. Allesandro walks in with Lilani in his arms. "Hello, Lisa. How was your day?" He asks her calmly. "Hey, was fine thank you, and yours?"
"Same old, same old." He takes his seat and Maria brings the food. They start to eat but Allesandro never says a word during the dinner its Lilani and Alice who mostly talked. After everyone ate Lisa takes the dishes to the kitchen while Allesandro and Lilani went to the lounge and play for a bit.

The next morning when Allesandro wakes up he found the bed empty. He wonders where Lisa is. Just then the bedroom door opens and Lilani makes her appearance. "Good morning, sleepy head," she smiles at him. "Are you going to get up? We have to get ready for our day at school."
"Yes, I was just about to get ready give me twenty minutes then I will be down." Lilani nods and then run off to find her sister. Lilani found Lisa at the back door watching in the distance. She wonders why her sister looks so sad. "Hey, Lisa. What are you doing out here?" Lilani ask concerned. "O hey, Lil. I was just taking some fresh air. Come lets go and set the table. Do you have everything for today?" She asks her little sister. "Yes, Alli will be down any minute now then everything will be ready." Lisa nods her head and take Lilani's hand and walk to the dining room. She thinks she must phone Sophia today and ask her to meet her somewhere with that thought she starts setting the table. Allesandro walks in just as the table are finished he looks around and find Lisa walking this way with the food. He takes a seat and starts to speak, "You were up early this morning, Lisa." Lisa looks at him confused but answers, "Yes, i couldn't sleep so I decided to make breakfast." Allesandro just nods and starts putting pancakes in his plate. After breakfast Lisa tells Lilani to brush her teeth and get her bag. Lisa notice Allesandro is wearing a denim with his black Adidas t shirt and white vans. Lilani comes down and tells Allesandro that she's ready. Lisa kiss Lilani good bey and watches the two of them walk away. Allesandro didn't even greet her she thought sadly. She went and phoned Sophia. After a few rings Sophia picks up. "Lisa, hey girl how are you?"
"I'm good, thank you. I want to know if maybe we can meet somewhere?" She asks her sister-in- law. "Yes, how about we go to our usual place? Meet me there in an hour?"
"Sounds great, see you there". Lisa ends the call and went to get ready.
She takes a shower and then decides to wear a skinny jean with a spaghetti strap black shirt and her black pumps. She takes her hair in a high pony tail, and decides not to wear any make up and went down stairs. "Maria, I'm going out for a bit if Lilani and Allesandro gets back before I do." She informs her. "Yes, Mrs Mancini, enjoy your outing." Mariasmiles at the attractive young lady in front of her. She has notice the sadness in her eyes. She wishes she can slap Allesandro till next year for treating the poor girl like that. Lisa went to the garage and decides to take the Mercedes Benz c class. Soon she's on her way to meet with Sophia.

At Lilani's school every teacher is drooling over the handsome man with Lilani. "He can't surely be her father, can he?" One of the teachers ask. "No way, did you see what her mother looks like?" Another one tells them."" Yes, no wonder he left her, maybe one of us should show him how a real woman is." They start laughing. Lilani and Allesandro sits down in one of the chairs waiting for the event to begin. "O, I see little miss got herself a father", one of the children mocks. "No way, he will leave her just like her real parents did", Allesandro hears another kid say. "Lilani, no one can love you why are you making a fool out of yourself. A guy like that won't be an ugly girl like yours father," the kids start laughing at Lilani. Lilani's hearts break because of the mean things they are saying to her. She looks up at Allesandro with tears in her eyes. Allesandro notice the tears and picks her up on to his lap and hugs her. "Don't you dare listen to them, you are a beautiful girl. Lisa and I love you as if you are our own. Do you hear me, princess?" He asks her while wiping away her tears. Lilani nods at him but her heart still hurts. Soon one of the teachers announce that the day will start. Each father and daughter are going to bake cup cakes and then decorate it.
Everyone went to a station and soon the bell rings for them to start. Allesandro and Lilani are having so much fun baking that both of them are full of flour when they are finished. The principal watches the two and notice how close they are. As soon as the bell rings again everyone stopped what they were doing. Three judges one of which is the principal walks from station to station, then they went to the next event. Lilani enjoys herself so much because even though Alli's not her real father, he still manages to spent time with her. She looks up to the sky and then say out loud, "Thank you mommy, daddy for sending an angel like my Alli. My heart was sad because all the other kids got parents and i don't they all say I am ugly and that no one will love me because I am an orphan", she cries, "But then I realized you guys sent him to us." She smiles through her tears. Allesandro and some other parents heard what she say and some wipes away tears. Allesandro went to Lilani and take her by the shoulder. She turns around and smiles up at him.

"So you're telling me he's been ignoring you ever since you got back from honeymoon?" Sophia ask. "Yes, maybe it's not out of spite maybe he just had a lot of work to do." Lisa tells her. "O, no don't you dare defend his actions. That idiot took your v card and now he wants to pretend like nothing happened", Sophia says angry. "Don't stress, its not good for baby", Lisa tells her while pointing at her growing belly. Sophia agrees and promise not to get upset. "So what are you going to do now?"
"I really don't know, and I'm sure as hell not going to run after him." Lisa says. "You go girl, maybe give him some of his own medicine?" She suggests. Lisa nods and says she will think about it. They chatted for a while then Sophia tells Lisa she has to go home before Gabriele sent a search party for her. They hug each other and then leave.

Lisa just pulled the car in the garage when Allesandro and Lilani stop. "Lisa, this was the best day ever". Lilani excitedly shouts out while running. "I am glad you enjoyed your special day."
Lisa looks up and start laughing when she sees Allesandro cover in flour. "O, you're laughing at me?" He ask her. "Well, did you see how you look? O my word, haha haha" Lisa continues. The next moment Allesandro walks up to her and throw her over his shoulder. "Hey, put me down you baboon!" Lisa shouts while hitting his back. "No, I think I'm going to teach you a lesson for laughing at me." He tells her and slap her ass. The next moment he let go of her and Lisa fell in the pool. As she gets up she looks pist. "Will you please help me out?" She asks him sweetly. Allesandro looks at her and shake his head no. He then turns around and high-five Lilani but didn't see Lisa coming his way. Lisa runs and tackles him into the pool. Allesandro comes up and looks at Lisa. "How the hell did you do that?" He asks shocked that a small woman just tackled him into a pool. "Don't underestimate me darling". She winks and swim to the side. Lilani who watches everything was laughing her head off.

Lisa and Allesandro went to get them self cleaned. "Dammit, that water is cold" Lisa says with her teeth clapping against each other. "Yes, its almost winter", comes Allesandro's reply. Lilani knocks on their door and went inside when she hears them say come in. "So tell me, how was your day?" Lisa ask her sister. "Oooo, it was fun. We baked cup cakes, we build a doll house, we painted and guess what?"
"You left it at school?"
"No, dummy. Alli and I won the first prize silly, and Alli told my teacher that Antonio will fetch it". She rambles. "Wow, I am proud of you, Lil." Lisa says as she hugs her sister. She turns to Allesandro and mouth "thank you". Allesandro nods and then bent down and tell Lilani. "How about we order pizza for tonight to celebrate our victory?"
"Yes, thank you, Alli". Lilani turns and run out of the room to tell Alice. Lisa laugh shaking her head.

Allesandro orders the pizza while Lisa makes some coffee for them. Its getting colder at nights she thought. As they wait for the pizza Allesandro excuse himself and went to his office. An hour later the pizza arrive and Lisa went to call Allesandro. As they sit down Allesandro tells them he got some important news for them. "Lilani, as off today I am your legal guardian as well." Lilani start crying and run to him. "You mean I get to call you daddy?" She ask. "Yes princess you can if that's what you want." Lilani starts crying and says, "Ar...are...are su..sure you wan.want me?"
Allesandro wipes her tears, "I am hundred and ten percent sure I want you as my daughter". He assures her. Lisa and the others are in tears as Allesandro and Lilani hugs each other. "Can I take your surname now?"
Allesandro looks at Lisa. Lisa nods in approval, she can't take Lilani's happiness away. Her parent would not have allowed it. They would want to see their little girl happy. "Yes, we can arrange that."

In the meantime. "That fucking bastard took everything I own away from me. I will make sure he will pay for this. He just messed with the wrong fucking man." Mr Lombardi shouts to some of his men. "I will not rest until I get my revenge"
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