The Blind Billionaire

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Leaving for South Africa

Lisa was having breakfast the next morning when Antonio came to her and told her she had a phone call. Lisa frowned and walked to the phone and answer, "Lisa Mancini, Hello,"
"Lisa," she hears her aunt talking on the other end. "I called you to let you know that Grandpa had a stroke last night. His condition is very serious." Her aunt explains. "Thank you very much for letting me know. I will return to South Africa as soon as possible." Lisa informs her aunt. After that she hung up the phone, she turned around with tears in her eyes. Allesandro walks up to Lisa and see she's crying. "Lisa, what's wrong?" he asked concerned. "I just received a call from South Africa. My grandfather had a stroke last night. I will have to go to South Africa immediately." She told him. "I'm sorry to hear that, my little one," Allesandro said sympathetically. "I will arrange for us to leave for South Africa within the next two hours ....."
"I appreciate your thoughtfulness, Allesandro, but it's really not necessary that you have to go along and leave everything here just like that," she objects. "I can go alone ...."
"I'm not willing to let you go alone, Lisa, and do not worry about my business. I have a good team that knows what they are doing." Allesandro tells her. "All right, thank you Allesandro." Lisa says in a sad voice. "I'm going to pack our bags and get Lilani ready as well."
With that, she walks up the stairs and start packing for her and Allesandro. When she has finished with their suitcases, she walks to Lilani's room and packs her suitcase. "Lilani, let's get you ready. We're almost leaving to go to Grandpa." she explains to Lilani. Alice helps Lisa get Lilani ready for their journey.

Two hours later, the three of them are on their way to South Africa in Allesandro's private plane. Lisa notices that the air hostess from the previous time is still there but is too upset to bother with the girl's bad behavior. The flight is long and boring. Lilani went to make herself comfortable on the bed and is now resting. Lisa falls asleep in her seat, Allesandro sees it and puts her head on his shoulders. Ten o'clock in the evening they land at the airport. Lisa takes Lilani's hand and walks to the waiting vehicle. Allesandro completes all the formalities and follows Lisa and Lilani. Lisa looks up when she hears her name and saw her uncle walking up to them. Lisa greets her uncle and introduces Allesandro to him. "Allesandro this is my uncle Ettiene, uncle this is my husband Allesandro. The two men shake hands. For Allesandro's sake Lisa and her uncle speak English because Allesandro does not understand a word of Afrikaans. "Are grandpa better yet?" Lisa ask anxiously as they drive away from the airport. Allesandro thanked the taxi they were supposed to take to the farm and paid for it after Lisa's uncle arrived.
Allesandro sits in front with uncle Ettiene and Lisa and Lilani sits in the back.

"Well, at least he recognizes us and even had a faint smile when we told him about your arrival," Ettiene said. "It's good to hear," Lisa reply. It was almost after eleven when they stopped in front of the farm house. Lilani, fell asleep on Lisa's lap. Allesandro climbs out and opens the back door to take Lilani out. Lisa and her uncle also get out of the car and get their bags. Lisa's aunt opens the door when she notices her husband and Lisa. "Lisa, my child welcome back", her aunt greets her kindly. "Hello Aunt Amalia, thank you very much for allowing us to stay here for a few days." Lisa greets her aunt. Amalia notices the handsome big man behind Lisa with Lilani in his arms. "You are surely Lisa's husband. Come in, I'll take you to the room where Lilani sleeps." she greets Allesandro kindly and winks at Lisa. Allesandro follows Amalia to the bedroom and lays Lilani gently on the bed. He turns and gently closed the door behind him. He walks to where he hears Lisa's voice. "Allesandro, this is my aunt Amalia, auntie this is Allesandro my husband." Lisa introduces them. "O my soul, you are an attractive man." The aunt greets him with a hug. Lisa smiles at her aunts remark and blushes.
"Why didn't you tell us you married a Greek God, Lisa?" Lisa just laughs at her aunts silliness. "Can I make you something to drink? Coffee or will Allesandro enjoy a drink with Uncle Ettiene?". Amalia ask. "I'll have coffee, thank you, aunt," Lisa reply and then continue as she looks at Allesandro, "Allesandro will take a brandy with uncle Ettiene."
They walk into the kitchen and Lisa quickly helps her aunt to get everyone's drink. They sat and talked for a while when Lisa announces that she's going to bed. "Good night, uncle aunt." she wishes the older people good night. "Thank you very much for the refreshment, I will go to bed too. Good night, uncle aunt." Allesandro tells them. Lisa takes him to the room where she always slept in whenever she came to visit here on the farm. "The bathroom is across the room if you want to take a shower or bath," Lisa tells Allesandro. "Thank you very much I will hurry then you can go too", he tells her.
While Allesandro is in the bathroom, Lisa quickly gets the bed ready for them and packs their clothes neatly in the closet. Not long after she's done, Allesandro comes in and says she can go now. Lisa takes off her clothes and walks to bathroom. Allesandro stand at the window staring into the quiet night. It looks so peaceful here on the farm. He's so deep in thought that he don't hear Lisa coming in. "I'm going to turn off the big light, as soon as you go to bed you can just turn off the bedside lamp." he hears Lisa say. "It's alright, I'm going to bed myself."

The next morning Lisa wakes up before dawn and went down to prepare breakfast. "Good morning, aunt", she greets Amalia when she went into the kitchen. "Good morning honey," Amalia greets back. Lisa helps with breakfast and then sets the table. "So, tell me how did you meet him?" Her aunt wants to know. Lisa laughs at her aunts curiosity and tell a short version, "Well, we met at a park and Lilani started talking to him. For me it was love at first sight and after two weeks he asks me to marry him and well, six months later here we are still going strong."
"O, Lisa your parents would have loved him. He seems like a gentleman. But what's with the dark glasses?"
"Well, he was left blind after an accident, and a few weeks ago he went for surgery it was a sucsess, but he still needs to wear them for a few weeks." Lisa explain. Just then Allesandro walks in the kitchen hand in hand with Lilani. "Auntie A!" Lilani shouts and run to her aunt. Amalia picks her up and kiss her all over her face. "Look how big you have got!" She says while tickeling Lilani. "Yes I can't stay small forever", Lilani says rolling her eyes. "Where's uncle?" She asks. "He will be here just now, he went out to fix one of the fences.", Amalia told them. Lisa hands Allesandro's coffee for him.

After breakfast, they went to the Toyota Hilux her uncle said they could take and make their way to the hospital. Lisa asks the nurse for her grand fathers room and went there when she tells Lisa. Lisa opens the door and see her grandfather laying on the bed. "O grandpa", Lisa walks up to him and kiss him. Although her grandpa can't talk yet Lisa introduce Allesandro to him. After a while she tells grandpa Johan they will visit the afternoon again. Lisa takes Allesandro's hand and leads him to a small restaurant once they are outside. "Hello, what can I get you?" A waitress comes up to them. "Give me a chocolate milkshake please", Lisa ask, "I will have the vinelia milkshake", Allesandro tells the waiter. "It's a small town your family lives in",
"Yes, grandpa lived here his whole life. Dullstroom is a small town but everyone here stands together." She tells him. The waiter brings their milkshake and they order burgers. "So, your grandpa and uncle and aunt lives in the same house?"
"Yes, after grandma past away six years ago my mother and her brother decided that one of them must life with grandpa. So my uncle said he would go and life with him."
"Where's your cousins?"
"O, I think they will be here by tonight." Lisa and Allesandro talks a while longer then went back to grandpa. Lisa showed him some photos of their wedding day and tells grandpa everything about Lilani. After some time Lisa and Allesandro greets grandpa and went back to the farm.

On their arrival Lisa notice her cousins car. "Lisa, is that really you?" She hears Marna shouts. Lisa waves to Marna and notice a young man next to her. Allesandro takes Lisa's hand and walks towards them. "Honey, this is my cousin, Marna, and Marna this is my husband Allesandro." Lisa introduce them. Marna looks at the man in front of her. "Nice to meet you, hurt my cousin, and they will never find your body", Marna greets Allesandro. "Lisa, this is my boyfriend Ruan." After everyone was introduce they went inside. "We are going to have a "braai" (BBQ) Amalia informs them. I am already busy with the bread and potato salad".
"Can I help with anything?" Lisa offers. "No dear, but you can get us some beer?" Lisa grins and went to the fridge getting a beer for them. Allesandro take his and went with Eugene to the lapa where he starts the fire.

"Helllooo everyone", Lisa hears her nephew. "Jp! How are you?" She asks hugging him. She introduce Jp to Allesandro
"So you're staying in Italy for good?" Jp ask. "Yes, Allesandro has his business there and besides you guys can always visit us, and we you". Lisa tells him. "So any girlfriend yet?"
"No, I'm to busy with my studies to think about girls", Jp answers. Jp and Marna are brother and sister. Marna is twenty-seven years old and Jp is twenty years old. Both also has dark hair and brown eyes just like their mother. Jp is studying to be a laywer and Marna is a doctor. Aunt Amalia brings the meat and soon they start to enjoy the BBQ.
After they eat everyone went to the hospital to visit grandpa. The doctors tell Amalia and Eugene that grandpa will be discharge tomorrow morning. Grandpa seems happy to hear he can go home and don't have to stay here any longer.
They talked to grandpa for a few more hours until the nurse ask them to leave.

On the farm everyone got ready for bed. Allesandro can't help but to keep staring at his beautiful wife. Why can't they just be a normal husband and wife. Why does he get jealous when ever he catches some man ogling his wife. Maybe he should just give this marriage a real chance. With that thought he turns to Lisa and holds her against his chest.
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