The Blind Billionaire

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Still in South Africa

Grandpa is back at the farm and it seems like his getting better with each passing day. Allesandro and grandpa Johan seems to be getting along very well. Allesandro and the old man talks about Allesandro's business and the old man tells him about his farming. Allesandro really enjoys this visit and grandpa.

A week has past since they arrive here in South-Afica. Each day Allesandro sees a new site of Lisa. One night he asks Lisa if he can talk to her. "I... um.. I was thinking... if you are willing then maybe.... we could give our marriage...a...a real chance?" He asks her nervously. Lisa smiles brightly and jump into his arms. "Of course I would give it a try." Allesandro look into her eyes and then bent down capturing her lips. "You just made me the happiest man alive." He says and spin her around in his arms. Lisa never felt this happy in her whole life. Finally, she gets to belong to someone. They went for a walk outside and Lisa looks up at the sky. "I wish my parents was here to meet you.", She tells him. Allesandro holds her close and says. "Both of our parent are watching us from above, and I think your parents would have been proud of the women you are today." Lisa looks at him and stand on her tones and kiss Allesandro tenderly. Suddenly they feel water drops and both look up when it starts to rain. Allesandro grabs Lisa's hand, and they run towards the house.
They quietly walk to their room to get dry clothes and then went to take a shower. Lisa washes Allesandro's back and then hand him the sponge. Allesandro starts washing her back then wisper in her ears, "If your family weren't here I would have taken you right here." Lisa turns to him and says, "So, they can't see us", biting her lips. That's all Allesandro wanted to hear when he smash his lips on hers, the kiss are urgent, demanding. Allesandro cups Lisa's bud, and she throws her legs around him. Allesandro thrust inside her picking up his pace in and out. Lisa muffle her screams and dig her nails in his back soon both of them come undone. "Now, baby we must finish before someone finds us." Allesandro tells her.
They wash again then climb out and get dressed. Lisa went to the kitchen to make them some hot chocolate. Just as Allesandro comes in lightning strikes and Lisa runs into his arms. "I didn't know your afraid of lightning", he teases her. "She's more afraid of lightning than she ever was of a hiding". Her aunt speaks as she comes in the kitchen. Allesandro laughs and Lisa hits his chest. "I think this is a few days rain." Amalia tells them as she looks out of the window. Eugene also joins them, "grandpa are fast asleep, he really seems to have taken a liking in you, Allesandro." Eugene says. "Ahh, yes we all have. You are a very well manner young man and I think my sister-in-law and brother would have been proud to call you their son-in-law. Lisa honey, his a keeper." Amalia says winking at Lisa. "Thank you, aunt Amalia. I really appreciate it. But its me who is the lucky one, she's a strong woman, kind, caring and a good personality." Allesandro tells them while looking at Lisa. Lisa's aunt and uncle says goodnight and leave the two love birds.
They soon went to bed them self. Lisa falling asleep in his arms and sleep soon over take him.

They were busy having breakfast when Allesandro's phone ring. "Excuse me", he says then went out to answer. After a few minutes he returns. "Is everything alright?" Lisa ask concerned. "I am afraid not, it was my personal assistant, there seems to be a problem at work that urgently needs my attention."
"Alright, I will start packing then we can leave as soon as we are finished." Lisa informs.

Grandpa are really sad when he hears they have to leave so soon. "I understand son, please come and visit soon and take care of my two grand kids", he says sadly. . "I promise I will take good care of them, and you can always come and visit us in Italie." Allesandro tells grandpa. "That sounds like a great plan. I will let you know."
"Good bey grandpa. Take care of yourself. I love you." Lisa tells him.

After they greet everyone Lisa's uncle takes them to the airport. "Thank you uncle, let me know how it goes with grandpa. Thank you for everything." Lisa hugs her uncle then take Lilani's hand and wait for Allesandro. Allesandro and Eugene greets each other and then Eugene drives away. The three of them went inside the plane and take their seats. Lisa looks up and notice Allesandro typing on his laptop. She then decides to draw with Lilani and help her with her Italian lessons. After a few hours Allesandro ask the hostess to bring lunch for them, "Is there anything I can do to help?" Lisa aks him. "No, you and Lilani can take some rest if you want to, I will wake you up when we are landing."
After eating his lunch Allesandro starts typing again and Lisa and Lilani went on with the Italian lessons, soon Lilani fell asleep and Lisa caries her to the bedroom and lay down for a bit herself.
Lisa wakes Lilani when they are about ti land and take her to her seat then fasten her belt.

As soon as they step out Lisa notice Antonio, Pierro and Leonardo. "Hey, guys" she greets them and give each a hug. "Welcome back Mrs Mancini". Lisa looks at them and shake her head when are they going to learn to call her Lisa. She feels like an old woman every time they call her Mrs. "Pierro will drop you at home as soon as he drops me at the office," Allesandro informs Lisa. Lisa nods and stare out of the window. "You didn't eat anything yet, Antonio please make sure he eats dinner tonight".
"Yes, Mrs Mancini," comes his reply.
Allesandro kiss Lisa as soon as they stop at his office then they get out.

Pierro arrives at the mansion and help Lisa take their bags inside. Alice walks up to them and help Lisa with a sleeping Lilani. "She must take a bath then come to eat please, Alice it was a long flight." Lisa informs the older women. Then went to the kitchen to prepare food for them. Lilani comes down with Alice and take a seat. Lisa gives her plate and tells Alice she can dish for her if she wants to eat. Alice's decline and says she's going to bed. Lisa nods and wishes her a good night. After they are done eating, Lisa takes Lilani to her bed. "Good night, Lil. Sweet dreams and remember I love you."
"I love you too Lisa". A tired Lilani says to her sister. Lisa kiss her head and then went to take a shower herself. After she showered Lisa decides to watch some movies. After two movies she looks at the time and notice its past midnight. She turns the t.v off and went to sleep thinking about her husband.

"I want to know who hacked into my company and stole a million euro from me!!" Allesandro shouts at his accountant. "If i don't have a report in my desk by tomorrow you are all fired, now get out of my fucking sight"! Everybody scrambled out of the door afraid of what will happen if they stay any longer. Allesandro and his team worked the whole night through to sort the mess out. "Did anyone find a loophole?" He asks his team. No one dare look up. Until a young man stands up and ask to talk to Allesandro in private.

"I think I know who took the money". The young man begin to speak. "There was this guy who worked here a long time and i over heard him talking to someone over the phone saying he will have the money soon he's just waiting for the right time."
"When was this?"
"About a week ago Mr Mancini, i didn't think much of it, but when I came in this morning and heard what's going on I came to you directly." Allesandronods to Antonio to get the security cameras. "What's your name?"
"Niccolino Marrino, Mr Mancini".
"Thank you Niccolino, what are you doing here in the company?" Allesandro ask the young man. "I am the post boy, Mr Mancini". Allesandro nods and says. "Thank you for coming forward. I will deal with this further, I will let you know as soon as we catch the guy."
With that the young man stands up and walks out. Antonio comes in with the CCTV footage. They start playing the tape after some time they caught the culprit on the camera. "Get that son of a bitch in my office now". Allesandro's angry voice boomed trough the office.
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