The Blind Billionaire

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Lisa gets sick

Lisa woke up the next day with no trace of Allesandro again. It's been a week that he spent most of his time at the office. She worries about him but don't know what to do. She gets up and went to the bathroom. Suddenly she feels dizzy and holds on to the basin. Maybe it's because i didn't eat last night, she thought. After finishing with her shower she went to her wardrobe and decides to wear a black top with her white long pants and black sandals. She let her hair loose and went down stairs. As soon as she smells the sausages a wave of nausea hits her, and she runs to the bathroom and throw up. She stands up and rinse her mouth then went back to the kitchen. "Are you feeling alright, Mrs Mancini?" Maria ask concerned. "Yes, I think I have a stomach bug or something. Can you please put some food in a container so that I can take it to Allesandro and the other two?" Lisa asks with a smile. Maria got the containers out and dish for the three men.

After breakfast Lisa went and drop Lilani at school then went to Allesandro's office. "Good day, how may I help you?" An over dressed blond ask Lisa as soon as she steps inside the building. "Good morning, I am just on my way to my husband, Mr Mancini." Lisa tells the blond. "I'm afraid I cant sent you up, Mr Mancini....."
"Mrs Mancini, are you here for Mr Mancini?" Lisa hears Antonio's voice behind her. "Good morning, Antonio, yes I came to bring breakfast for you guys." Lisa smiles at Antonio. Antonio look at the blond and says, "Next time when, Mrs Mancini ask to go to her husband I suggest you sent her up". The blond apologize to Lisa and Antonio leads her to the private elevator.

Allesandro was busy with documents when he saw Lisa in his elevator. "Good morning, I brought breakfast for you and the other two". Lisa explains her sudden visit. Allesandro gets up and walks to Lisa. He takes her in his arms and hug her then he bends down and kiss her. "Uhmmm... uhmmmm" Antonio clears his voice before his boss decides to take things further in front of him. "O, yes Antonio escorted me up". Lisa says blushing. Lisa gives Antonio his and Leonardo's food and then Allesandro's. "Thank you, Mrs Mancini." Antonio says great full to Lisa. He then went through another door and disappear. Allesandro takes Lisa's hand and leads her to the couch. "What will I do without you?" He asks her. Lisa just laughs at his comment and run to the bathroom when Allesandro opens his breakfast. She feels someone taking her hair out of the way, "Please don't stand here, this it disgusting". She tells Allesandro. He helps her up and gives her mouth wash. Lisa rinse her mouth and starts to walk but feels dizzy again. "Lisa, are you alright?" Allesandro ask concerned. "Yes, I think I have a stomach bug or something." She tells him. "Come and lay down for a bit, if you don't feel well later I'm taking you to the doctor." He says to her. Allesandro picks her up and carry her to the couch. Lisa watch Allesandro as he types on the keypad, he's sleeves rolled up, and she can see his muscles moving in his arms. "If you don't stop staring like that I will do something to you", Allesandro suddenly talks. "I wasn't staring at you," Lisa denies. "Mmmm, if you say so". ". Allesandro reply's with a smirk. It feels good to have her here in his office. He didn't see her this past few days. After a while when he looks up he sees Lisa fast asleep. He stands up and throws his sweater he kept in the office over her. He bends down and kiss her head. Jhonny and Kevin walks through the door, "Howzit man!" Kevin shouts. Allesandro shows them to be quite pointing at Lisa. "Dude, don't tell me you drained her here in your office", Kevin says while making gaging sounds. Allesandro walks over and give him a head slap. "No, idiot she wasn't feeling well so I told her to lay down."
"Whats wrong with her?" Jhonny ask. "She thinks it's a stomach bug she's been throwing up and feels dizzy". Allesandro explain. "Yeah right, stomach bug my ass I think we are in for trouble because I think a little Allesandro is cooking in the oven", Kevin mocks. "Dumb ass, she's not pregnant?" Allesandro reply unsure. "Whatever you say man.".
Jhonny just smile at his best friend. "Alright back to business. Did you find him?"
"Yes, his on his way as we speak. Looks like he has been paid to steal the money from your company". Jhonny reply. "And I can only think of one person who hold a grudge", Kevin also comments. "Mr Lombardi, speaking of the Lombardi's I haven't heard nor seen Bianca in a while. Something is up and I have a bad feeling about it.", Allesandro tells his friends.
"We can't track her location, it's as if she disappeared from the face of the earth." Jhonny informs him. Allesandro looks at Lisa and then back at the guys. "We have to find her, i don't want anything to happen to Lisa or Lilani." Allesandro says. "Jake is already on it".
"So you do care for her more than just friends?" Kevin demands. "Yes, I agree the week we went to South- Africa I realized that these feelings are more than just that of friends, so i asked her if we could give this marriage a real chance". Kevin and Jhonny looks at each other than Jhonny gives Kevin twenty euro. "What's with that.?" Allesandro ask his friends. "Well, we made a bet, Jhonny said you won't open up to your feelings because come on your a pussy when it comes to that, and me and Jake said you will soon reveal your feelings. It just shows your not that big of a pussy" Kevin smirks. "You are fucking idiots why am i still friends with you?" Allesandro ask them. "Because you can't live without your best buddies", Kevin tease. "O yeah that's right." Allesandro laught.

Jake came in inside the office. "I have him at one of my warehouses." Jake informs them. "Thank you, Jake. I will be there tonight." Allesandro informs him. "What's going on in here?" Jake ask his friends. "Well Jhonny boy owns you mate". Kevin tells him. "No way, our big pussy grew balls and admitted his true feelings for our sister?" Jake ask. Allesandro throws a stapler at Jake. "Wow man don't get violent". Jakes says putting his hands up. The boys talk about tracing Bianca and her father and what time Allesandro will be at the warehouse when Lisa wakes up.
"Heya, sleeping beauty". Kevin greets her. Lisa smiles and greets the three friends. Then went to the bathroom to wash her face and mouth. When she goes out Allesandro holds his hands out to her she went and sit in his lap. "We hear you don't feel well". Jhonny says with a smirk. Lisa looks at him confused when Allesandro tells her about this morning. "O yeah, that its just a stomach bug, nothing serious", Lisa tells them. "Yeah, a stomach bug." Kevin mocks. They chatted for a while when Lisa tells Allesandro she's heading home. "Will I see you tonight?" She asks him. "I hope so i will be home late but not to late.". Lisa gives him a peck on his mouth and was just about to stand up when he pulls her closer saying, "That's no way to greet your husband". Before she could reply Allesandro smash his lips on hers and kiss her. The guys whistle at the sight in front of them. Lisa pulls away blushing. Allesandro calls Antonio and ask him to go home with Lisa. Lisa greets the guys and leave with Antonio.

At five o clock Allesandro tells the guys to go to the warehouse. He informs Leonardo to go home and watch over Lisa and Lilani. Then the four men went down to Jhonny's SUV. They soon arrive at the warehouse and walks inside. "Mr Mancini, thank God you came, these gorillas kidnapped me." The guy tells Allesandro. "Ouch, now I am a gorilla? That really hurts!". Kevin says. "What's your name?" Allesandro ask. "Stefano Lombardi sir". The young man reply. "Your family of Bianca Lombardi?" Allesandro ask. "No sir, i don't know any Bianca in my family, sir"
Allesandro laughs at the man in front of him. "Alright, you got two choices one, the easy way or two the hard way." Allesandro tells him. The young man look at Allesandro confused but don't let anything slide. He was born into a mafia family. Nothing will brake him to expose their secrets. He's father lost every thing because of this four bastards in front of him. "O, don't look so confused, you either tell me who set you up or I will drag it out of you."
"I really don't know what you are talking about sir." The young man keeps playing innocent. " Well then it's the hard way." Allesandro takes his jacket off and rolls his sleeves up. He then walks toward Stefano and hit him with a fist then another shot comes in contact with his face. After a few blows Allesandro ask again. ""Who sent you?" Stefano just shake his head laughing. Allesandro starts to hit him again and again. Then he looks at Jake and say. "Throw him in one of the cells, no food no water until I can visit him again take away his jacket and anything to keep him warm". With that Allesandro walks outside and wash his hands. "He knows something, we must dig deeper because I am positive Bianca never had a brother. I think he's a child out of wed lock". Jhonny nods and says. "We are on it I will ask around at some of the other mafia's i usually do business with, maybe they know something.". Jake comes out and the four of them went to the SUV. "Jhonny I have some business of my own to take care off, just drop me at my club," Kevin tells him. Jhonny nods and drive to the club. Kevin greets his friends and went inside. Soon they stop in front of Allesandro's mansion. Allesandro got out and went through the gates. Just as he went inside he saw Lisa rushing to the bathroom. He quickly follows her and saw her throwing up. He then went and take her hair away saying, "Alright were going to the hospital now, i don't want to hear any excuses." Lisa nods and stands up rising her mouth. Allesandro walks with her and informs Maria and Alice he's taking Lisa to the hospital. Pierro went and get a car and soon they are on their way to the hospital. "Can I please get a doctor for my wife?" Allesandro ask one of the nurses. The older nurse take one look at Lisa and help her to a room. "I will call the doctor for you, Mr Mancini." With that she left.
A few minutes later the doctor appear. "Good evening, I'm doctor Ghiara, how can I help you?" She asks friendly. Lisa tells her about the vomiting and dizziness she's been having. "Okay, will you please urinate in this cup?" Lisa takes it and went to the bathroom. When she comes out the doctor take the cup and tells them she will be back. A few minutes went by when the doctor appears. "Well, it seems like you do have a stomach bug", she smiles. "But this stomach bug are going to cause you to vomit a lot, get cravings and putting on weight and in nine months time gives both of you restless nights." Lisa looks shocked at the doctor and Allesandro confused. "What are you saying doctor? Why can't you cure it now?" Allesandro demands. "Well, you see I can't because your wife are three weeks pregnant." Allesandro stand there shocked. Then look at a pale Lisa. "We.. We are going to be parents?" The doctor congratulate them and give them a prescription for vitamins. Lisa and Allesandro walk out of the hospital. Lisa looks at Allesandro afraid of what he's going to say. The car ride home was quiet. Lisa and Allesandro was each busy with their own thoughts.
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