The Blind Billionaire

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The big news

Allesandro opens the door and walks straight to his office and pour a drink for him. Lisa sights as she gets out and walk to their room she takes her pajamas and went to the sower. Lisa fell to the ground crying. "Why would he behave like that?" She thought. She feels so alone. No one to talk to. She wishes her mother was still here then she can give her advice on how to handle this situation. Lisa let her self cry then stands up wash her and went to bed. Allesandro was just about to pour his third shot of whiskey when Antonio took the glass. "Mr Mancini I know it's not my place but what's got you so upset that you are drinking."
Allesandro laughs, "Can you believe I'm going to be a father?"
"And why is that such a bad thing, Mr Mancini? I can see that Lisa means something to you, I can see the love you got for her every time she's around you." Antonio tells him. "I am afraid Antonio, someones out to hurt us, what if i cant protect Lisa or my unborn child?"
"Mr Mancini, so far you have done a good job protecting Lisa. You have friends that not only loves you but loves Lisa as if she's their sister. They will help you protect them, my advice go to her and explain everything to her tell her your fears, she's in your room crying."
Allesandro looks at Antonio and say, "Thank you, Antonio, what would I have done without someone as loyal as you?"
Allesandro run out of his office to their room. As soon as he opens the door he hears Lisa crying. He went to her side and kneel. "Lisa, I am so sorry for acting like a dickhead, I am excited about our baby its just that I am scared i didn't know how to react." Lisa lift her head and look at Allesandro. "I am afraid to Allesandro, this is all new for me as well. I just want the father of my child and the man i lo..." Lisa realize what she was about to say and shut her mouth hoping Allesandro didn't hear anything. "The man you what?" O shit he heard. Lisa sits up straight and looks away when talking, "The man I love". Allesandro looks at her shocked did she just admit her feelings for him? "You don't have to say it back, i just.. i ... you... need to know....." Lisa was cut short when Allesandro's lips smashed against hers. This kiss was different from all the others, its like he's trying to tell her the same thing through this kiss. "Thank you, Lisa, thank you for giving me the most precious gift I could ever ask for." Lisa smiles and take his face in her hands, "Thank you too for giving me a child."
Allesandro tells her he's going to shower quickly. As soon as Allesandro comes back to bed Lisa was just about to fall asleep. Allesandro kiss her goodnight then went down to her belly, "Hello, little one this is your father. I already love you so much and will do anything to protect you and your beautiful mother." He then kisses her belly and lay down holding her.

Lisa wakes up with arms around her waist, she carefully tries to get out but Allesandro keeps holding tighter. "Allesandro, I need to pee", Lisa shakes him. "Mm, not now Allesandro mumbles. "Allesandro!" Lisa shouts. Allesandro shot up and land on his butt on the ground. Lisa can't help but to burst out laughing. "O, you think it funny?" Allesandro ask as he stands up and crawl on to the bed. Lisa stands up and make a run for the bathroom with Allesandro hot on her trail. "Wait i really have to pee"! She shouts as she reaches the toilette. Allesandro turns around and walks out of the bathroom. Lisa finish her business then wash her hands and walks out as soon as she's out of the bathroom Allesandro catch her and take her to the bed. He then sits on her and starts to tickle her. "Sto...stop please" Lisa pleads between laughs. "Say please your handsome, caring most adorable man on earth".
"Please Allesandro", she says between laughs. "No, that's not it". Allesandro says and continues his attack. "Okay, okay, please your handsome, caring most adorable man on earth please stop". Lisa tells him. Allesandro let go of her and helps her up. "Lets go and take a shower." He says as he walks to the bathroom. Lisa joins him and they shower together.

Everyone was waiting for them at the table when they walk in. "About time", Lilani says to them. "Sorry we are late", Lisa appologise. They sit down and everyone starts eating. After they are finished Allesandro tells them he got something to tell them, "Well as you know last night i took Lisa to the hospital.... Well it turns out we are going to be parents". Maria and the others got up and congratulate both Allesandro and Lisa. "I am way too young to be an aunt you guys! Pleas take the baby back where you got it". Lilani tells them. All eyes are on Lilani, and they try not to laugh. Lisa went to sit by her side and say, "we can't give the baby back Lil. The baby is going to grow in my belly" Lisa explains and put her hands on her belly. Lilani's eyes went wide and says to Allesandro, "O no Alli, Lisa swallowed your baby". Lisa can't hold it any longer and start laughing. "This is not a joke, Lisa why did you swallow the baby." Lilani demands. Lisa takes Lilani's hand and put it on her belly. "I didn't swallow the baby, Lilani".
"Then how did the baby got there?"
"Well you see, Jesus saw that Allesandro and i love each other, so one night when we were sleeping he came and put a tiny seed in my belly, now that seed needs to grow until the baby are big enough to come to us." Lilani looks at everyone around her then at Lisa's belly. "Alright, but how are the baby going to get out?" Lisa smiles and think of an acceptable answer. "Well, when the baby is ready, Alli will take me to the hospital were the doctors will help me take the baby out."
Lilani still looks at Lisa's belly and says, "O okay, then the baby don't need to go back. When are we going to get him out?"
"Well its still a few more months, but we will get to see the baby every month when we go to the doctor." Lisa explain. "Can I go with you?" Lilani ask. Lisa nods and hugs Lilani. Lilani then got up and went to get her back. "Phew, i don't know how you did it but you did great explaining things to her." Allesandro says. "Yeah, I thought I was going to faint, shit i never knew it would be this hard." Lisa admits. AllesandroAllesandro kiss Lisa and says, "I will make an appointment with a doctor today, take care of yourself." Allesandro tells her. "I will do so, enjoy your day and don't stress too much, I love you." Allesandro looks at her and replies, "Ditto". And then walks out of the door.

Allesandro went to the warehouse when he gets there the others are already waiting for him. "About time, Mancini, did wifey kept you busy all night?" Kevin ask wiggling his eyes. Allesandro shake his head and reply "No, but last night I took her to the hospital and got the biggest shock of my life."
"What's wrong with her?"
"Is she alright?"
"Where are she now?" All three ask at the same time. "Relax guys, she's fine and at home, and we are expecting." He finally tells his friends. "Ooo, wow man congratulations". Jhonny says and gives him a hug. "Yeah man, congratulations" Kevin and Jake says and also gives him a hug. "We must find the Lombardi's quickly i don't want to put Lisa and my unborn child's life in danger."
"We got you man, don't worry we all will protect them," Kevin assures him. Allesandro thanked his friends and went inside.

Allesandro walked up to stefano and say, "Are you going to tell me what i want to know?" Stefano just look at Allesandro and the spit in his face. Allesandro hit him with his fist and turn to Jhonny, "His all yours, do what ever it takes to make him talk, then cut off a finger and sent it to his father". Stefano looks at Jhonny and realize who his dealing with, he keeps calm and don't show any fear.
Allesandro went outside and phoned a doctor to make an appointment for Lisa. After the call ends he hears how Stefano screams inside. He don't do this kind of torture, that's why his thankful for Jhonny and the others they know how to get a guy to talk. After a few more hours Jhonny comes out and tells Allesandro "Stefano said that his father are planing to take you down, then his going to go after Lisa and by the time his finished with her no man will ever want her again. He says Lisa is the reason why you won't take Bianca back."
Allesandro shake his head and ask Jhonny if he told him where to find Mr Lombardi, "No, he don't know where his father is, he only phoned him from a burned phone with instructions."
"Shit, I have to do something other wise Lisa's life will be in danger."
"Don't worry we will figure something out", Jhonny assures him.

Lisa went up to her room and take a nap. She feels sick after vomiting the whole morning. She fell asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow.
Allesandro arrive home after he went to the warehouse. "Where's Lisa, Maria?"
"She went to lay down, Mr Mancini". She tells him. Allesandro went to the room and find Lisa sleeping peacefully. He takes a blanket and throws it over her and went to lay down next to her. He informed Leonardo that he will take the rest of the day off. He pulls her close to him and then falls asleep knowing they are still safe with him.
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