The Blind Billionaire

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The sonar

It's been a week since they found out Lisa is pregnant. Sophia was over the moon when she heard the news and immediately went to their house. Allesandro and Gabriele just look at the two women like they have gone crazy.
Allesandro and the others work hard to track down Mr Lombardi and Bianca but with no success so far. He just hopes they will drop their revenge and leave them in peace. Today they are finally going to see their baby. Lisa are exited and can't stop smiling. Winter is almost here its getting colder every day. Lisa decides to wear a knitted white long sleeve pullover sweater and a blue jean with her black a white Nike trainers. She put her hair in a high pony tail and apply lip gloss. Allesandro was already waiting for her when she came down the stairs.
"Are you ready? He asks looking nervous. "Yes, and you?" Lisa smiles. She can't wait to see their baby. Allesandro just nods then leads her to the car.
Allesandro and Lisa sits in the waiting room for the doctor. "Mrs Mancini?" The doctor asks. Lisa and Allesandro stand up and walk to the doctor. "Please follow me", she leads them to a room and say, "My name is Claire Johnson, please lay down on the bed and lift your shirt". Lisa went to the bed and lift her shirt. Allesandro sits next to her holding her hand. "Alright, this is going to be cold". Dr Claire warns. She put gel on Lisa's stomach and take the stick moving it over Lisa's stomach. "There you go, you see that tiny dot? That's your baby your four weeks along, let move it here, so we can listen to the heartbeat". Dr clair tells the two. Soon they hear the heart beat. Lisa looks up at Allesandro and sees him staring at the screen with tears running down his cheeks. Allesandro looks down at Lisa and smiles. "We are going to be parents, thank you, you made me the happiest man alive." He tells her and then bent down and kiss her. The doctor clear her throat and says, "I will print you the photos you can get it at the front desk, do you need a prescription for vitamin's?"
"Thank you Dr, no i already got one but thanks anyway." Lisa reply. Allesandro helps Lisa clean up, and then they walk to the front desk for the photo's. "We will see you at your next appointment Mrs Mancini. Enjoy your day." The lady at the desk greets them. They went outside and walked to the car. Allesandro can't keep the smile of his face and keep looking at the photo's. "I think it's a boy", he says to Lisa. "I think so to, a little Allesandro running around here", Lisa tells him smiling.

Lisa decides to phone her grandfather to tell him the news. "Hello, oupa. Hoe gaan dit daar? Ek het wonderlike nuus om met oupa hulle te deel". (Hello, grandpa. How are things going there? I have some wonderful news to tell you.) Lisa says exited. "Hello my kind. Gaan goed dankie. Laat ek raai... Ek gaan n oupa grootjie word?" (Hello my child. Going well thank you. Let me guess ... I'm going to be a great grandpa?) Her grandpa laughs over the phone. They chatted for a while then Lisa says good bey. "How did grandpa take the news?" Allesandro ask nervously. "He's super exited he says congratulations and hopes to see us soon." Lisa tells Allesandro. "Maybe we can let them come over Christmas? Its still two months away, if you want?"
"That would be great, thank you so much Allesandro". Lisa smiles and hugs him.
Lisa went up stairs to lay down for afor a bit.

Lunch time Maria went up to give Lisa some food. The poor girl struggle to keep food down Maria thought sympathetic. "Thank you, Maria, i really appreciate it".
"It's a pleasure Mrs Mancini, I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter I couldn't hold anything in, but toast and black coffee did the trick." Maria tells her then went out. Lisa eats her toast and then went to take a shower. After that she cleaned the room and went down stairs.
Allesndro was busy at the office when Jhonny came in his office. "You know there's a thing called knocking." Allesandro tells Jhonny without looking up. "Yeah, yeah but by this time you know we don't have manners." Jhonny reply with a wave of his hands. "What are you doing here?"
"Owww, can't I come and visit my best friend?"
Allesandro just shake his head and close the laptop. "Well?"
"Well, i just came to inform you Bianca and her father ain't together, it seems like daddy dearest left Bianca to deal with all his shit and left without a trace."
"That bastard, where's Bianca now?" Allesandro ask. Jhonny frown while saying, "Why do you care where that Bitch is?"
"For fuck sakes Jhonny just tell me!"
Jhonny look at his friend and shake his head. "She's working as a stripper at one of the strip clubs down town." Jhonny tells him. "Thank you that wasn't so hard was it?" Allesandro says as he picks his phone up and call Pierro to get the car ready. "Don't tell me you're going to that bitch?"
"Its none of your business! I can't leave her there she wont survive that kind of live". Allesandro tells him.
"Well then don't come running to me when everything back fires, you got a lovely wife and a child on the way, why would you want to risk that for her? Unless you still love her!" Jhonny now angry shouts at Allesandro. Allesandro just look at him then get his stuff and walk. "You fucking bastard you still love her!" Jhonny shouts to Allesandro.

Allesandro went to Club 509 where Bianca works. He enters the club and went to the bar ordering a whiskey on the rocks. Then he scans the club for Bianca suddenly his eyes fell on her where she's busy striping. He went up stage and take her to a private room. "Allesandro! What... what are you doing here?" Bianca ask pretending to be shocked. "What the hell are you going stripping for strange men?" He demands angry. "Daddy left me with all his debts I need to pay them back". Bianca start crying. "I'm taking you home. Where do you live?" Allesandro ask. "I don't have a home, i live in one of these rooms here." She says in a sad voice.
"Like hell you do, come on". Allesandro takes her hand and leads her out of the club. "Where are you taking me?" She asks him. "To my old penthouse". He replies and then ask Pierro to drive there. Pierro looks at his boss with disappointment but do as his told. Once they reach the penthouse Allesandro tells Pierro to go home. Pierro wants to argue but Allesandro give him one look then he drives away.
Allesandro leads Bianca up to the penthouse and turn to her, "Go and take a shower I will order food for us." Bianca nods and went to Allesandro's old room and take a shower. She smiles knowing her plan worked out perfectly.

Back at the mansion Lisa wonders where Allesandro are. She tried to call him but it went straight to voice mail. After dinner, she went to Lilani and read her a book. After she fell asleep Lisa decides to make some tea for her and went to sit on the porch. She tried calling him again but his phone are still off. She wonders where he is this time of the night. Maybe an important meeting came up? But Leonardo and Antonio are here. She sits outside till past eleven then decides to go and take a shower. After she showered she went to bed wondering about Allesandro.
Antonio and Leonardo aren't happy with their bosses behaviour. Why would he still go after Bianca when he has a wife at home waiting for him.

The next morning Lisa wakes up only to find that Allesandro's spot is empty, and then she realise he never came home last night. She went to the bathroom and do her business then went down to the kitchen. She prepares breakfast and then set the table. Soon every one joins.
After dinner Antonio and Leonardo leave for work and looks at Lisa with pity.
Allesandro wakes up and quickly got ready for work then leave a note for Bianca. He can't believe her father just left her with everything. Allesandro was fuming. That son of a bitch.
At the office things went smoothly then Allesandro hear Leonardo announce that Bianca are here. As soon as Bianca steps in his office he can't help but stare at how beautiful she looks, but she's not as beautiful as Lisa.
"Allesandro, you asked me to come and see you?"
"Yes, i want you to work for me I will help you to pay off all your fathers dept."
"I... I cant expect you to do this." Bianca tells him shyly. "I want to. You can work as my secretary. You can stay at the penthouse". Allesandro tells her. "Thank you so much, Allesandro. I don't know what to say." Bianca says to him. "Hello Mancini....., what the hell is she doing here?" Kevin ask when he saw Bianca. "She's working for me. Bianca you can come in tomorrow at nine sharp." Allesandro says. Bianca stands up and smirks at Kevin and Jake when she walks past them.
"What the hell do you mean she's working for you? Does Lisa know?" Jake demands. "She don't have anyone left she was a stripper trying to pay off her fathers dept, and why must I tell Lisa? This is my business." Allesandro tells them. "Wow, just fucking wow. You know i thought you loved Lisa after all she is expecting your child and you guys seemed to be closer." Kevin says. "Kevin I do not need any ones approval or advice. What I do or don't is none of anybodies business." Allesandro says in a cold tone. "Well I hope for your sake Lisa understand because if it where me I would have taken your balls ou!" Jake tells him then turn around and leave. "When ever you come back to your senses please contact me until then i don't want to be a part of you and Bianca's life." Kevin says as he walks out.
Allesandro watch as his friends left. They don't understand that he can't leave Bianca. He knows there's something off. Why did she suddenly appear after so many weeks? He just hopes Lisa will understand. Allesandro thoughtas he starts to work.
"Did it work?"
"Yes daddy, he fell for it hook and sinker". Bianca laughs.
"Stupid man, one of these days you will marry him, and then we will have all of his money. Just don't fuck things up."
"I won't daddy, besides I'm already working on seducing him." Bianca smiles evilly. "That's my girl. Will talk to you soon." Mr Lombardi tells his daughter and put the phone down.
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