The Blind Billionaire

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Lisa finds out

It's been three weeks since they went to the doctors. Allesandro was hardly at home. Lisa decided to visit Allesandro and take some food for him. "Maria, I'm going to Mr Mancini, will you please get me a basket?" Lisa ask Maria. Lisa wants to surprise Allesandro with a picnick, so she decided to put in all his favorite food. Soon Lisa was ready to leave for the office. Lisa stops at Mancini enterprise and get the basket from the back. Lisa went in and the girl at reception greets her friendly, "Good morning, Mrs Mancini, how are you today? You can go straight up."
"Great thanks you," Lisa greets back and then went to the elevator. She can't wait to see Allesandro it's been three weeks since she last saw him. He came home when she's sleeping and sometimes not at all. The elevator door open and Lisa step out and walk to Allesandro's office. She was just about to open the door when she heard giggling. "Is that Bianca's voice?" She thought. Once she open the door her heartbreak into a million pieces at the scene in front of her. She slowly close the door and turns around bumping into someone. "Mrs Mancini, are you alright?" Leonardo ask when he saw tears running down her cheeks. Lisa looks up to the older man and nod walking away. How could she be so stupid! She knew he would never love her, but she still hoped that something changed the day she gave herself to him. "Stupid fool!" Lisa shouts once she was alone in the elevator. She quickly wipes her tears. "Don't cry Lisa, you got it". She tells herself before the door opens again. She went outside and walk to her car. She drives off to a nearby park and went to take a seat on one of the benches, thinking about all the wonderful times she and Allesandro had. How could he do this to her? They are expecting a child together for God sake! She let herself cry as the memories flash in her mind.

Leonardo wonders what upset Mrs Mancini and open the office door. "Uhhm, sorry to bother you Mr Mancini but your meeting starts in five minutes". Leonardo interrupts the two people in front of him sucking each others faces. No wonder Mrs Mancini had tears in her eyes. He can't believe that Mr Mancini, would stoop this low, he really thought that Mr and Mrs Mancini were in love but looks like he misjudged him.
"Thank you, Leonardo, I will be there shortly please let everyone in and give them the papers." Allesandro dismissed. Leonardo nods then close the door.
"Be ready for lunch I'm taking you out". Allesandro tells Bianca once Leonardo left. "Where are we going?" Bianca wants to know exited. "Somewhere special, now I have to go before this meeting starts." He kisses Bianca's cheecks. He needs to tell Lisa that he wants a divorce and that they will figure something out with the child. He just hopes everyone understands why his doing this. With that thought he enters the meeting room.

Lisa went home and start to pack her and Lilani's suitcases. Allesandro can't keep her here and have Bianca as well. As she starts packing Maria and Alice walks in. "Mrs Mancini, what are you doing?" Maria ask. "Well Maria, Mr Allesandro got his first love back so I think its time for me to leave." Lisa reply's sadly. "What are you talking about Mrs Mancini?" Alice also ask concerned for the young girl who became like a daughter to her. "Allesandro and Bianca are back together. I saw them in his office when I went to surprise him, little did I know the surprise was on me", Lisa laughs bitterly. "I'm coming with you Miss Mancini". Alice tells her. Maria is shocked that Allesandro would do such a thing. Right now she's so mad at her boss that he can cook dinner for himself.
Maria and Alice helps Lisa pack the bags and then take it down stairs. "I will be right back". Lisa tells them. Then she went upstairs to Allesandro's room. She takes her ring off and put it on the letter she wrote to him. With tears slowly rolling down her cheeks she takes one last look at their room and then close the door. "Mrs Mancini, let me take you and your sister where you want to go." Antonio offers. "Thank you, Antonio, Alice said we are welcome to stay at her old house so if you will take us there.Lisa tells Antonio. "Maria, thank you for everything you have done for me. Please take care of yourself and Mr Mancini." Lisa tells Maria as she hugs her. "No, thank you, Mrs Mancini. Thank you for sticking by Mr Mancini's side when he was blind. Take care of yourself. I will come and visit you soon." Maria promise Lisa. "Maria from now on you can call me Lisa." Maria smiles at Lisa then she turns to Lilani. "Take care of your sister and be a good girl".
"I promise". Lilani says to Maria. The little girl are confused she don't know what's going on, but she can see that her sister is sad, wondering where Allesandro are. Then get into the car with Lisa and Alice to their new home.
Lisa looks back at the mansion and watch it until it disappear. Tears silently rolling down her cheeks.

Allesandro told Bianca that he needs to go home tonight and talk to Lisa. As soon as he arrives home everything is quiet. He opens the door and starts calling for Lisa and Lilani. "That's strange" he thought. He then went to his room and as soon as he turns the light on he found the room empty. Then his eyes fell on something on his side off the bed. He went and pick up Lisa's wedding ring with the letter. He open the letter and start to read.
Dear Allesandro.
By the time you read this letter I will be long gone. Please don't look for me I will get in touch with you as soon as I feel ready to face you. You must be wondering what I'm talking about. You see I went to surprise you at the office seeing that I saw you three weeks ago. You even forgot about our second visit to the doctor. I went alone and in your drawer you will find the picture of our baby but to come back to the point when I went to surprise you i instead got a surprise. I saw you and Bianca together sucking each others faces, that's when I realized why you weren't home for the past three weeks. I really hope that things between you and Bianca work out this time. I knew deep down that you will never love another women. I truly hope that you will be happy that's why I want a divorce because you were never really happy in this fake marriage. Thank you for everything you have done for Lilani and me for that I will always be great full. Thank you for showing me what it feels like to be a woman. I will never forget the times we shared together. I will be in contact with you once I feel strong enough to face you.

Love you always
Allesandro can't believe what his reading. "How dare she leave him!" He shouts. Lisa you can run but you can not hide I will find you where ever you are. He makes a promise. He dials Antonio and ask him if he knows about Lisa's whereabouts. Antonio tells him that he have no idea where Lisa finds herself but when he saw her this afternoon it looked like she's been crying. Allesandro thanked him and the dailed a PI's number to track Lisa down.
Lisa soon I will find you. He thinks to himself...
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