The Blind Billionaire

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Meeting Allesandro Mancini

“Who is crying so sadly, Antonio?” The man with the sunglasses asked his bodyguard. Antonio listens observant for a moment, then looks around and sees the brunette girl crying as if she her heart was breaking, sitting on the bench behind them. “It's a girl, Mr Mancini,” Antonio says to his employer. “She's sitting on the bench behind us. I've noticed her here in the park once or twice before, she's always been here with a little girl, and she always looked very happy. I wonder what happened that made her so sad today? “

“It must definitely be a break up,” Allesandro said. “If it's a break up, Mr Mancini, the man must indeed be stupid if he thinks he's going to get a prettier girl than this beautiful girl,” Antonio tells him. “One does not see such a rare beauty every day.” There is a brief moment of silence, then Allesandro says with an irritation in his voice, “Describe the wonderful women to me, Antonio. This is the first time you talk so passionate about a girl's appearance.”
“She's small, at least 5.6 if I can guess, slim with dark brown hair, Mr. Mancini,” Antonio begins his description of Lisa.

“Her hair is long, curly and almost a dark chocolate color. I have not seen her eyes up close yet, but she looks almost like Laura Torrisi, but more beautiful than her “.
“I followed your description, Antonio, and I must say the women does not sound like a train wreck. Now you can just go and check what her eyes look like.

“I bet you they are blue,” It comes innocent from Allesandro. Antonio looks at his employer thinking the young man has lost his mind. But the thirty years he has been in the Mancini's service have taught him to expect anything from the young man. “But, Mr Mancini, I can not tell the lady I'm just coming to see what color your eyes are.”
“No, of course not, Antonio”, Allesandro corrected him half impatiently. “But you can go and ask her why she's crying, and ask if there is anything you can do to help her”!
“All right, then I'll go and ask if there's anything i can do for the girl, Mr Mancini,” Antonoi said with a smirk. “I do hope she doesn't think I am some pervert”.

“Your heroine will be very ungrateful if she thinks of you like that,” Allesandro remarked as his bodyguard got up and walked to the crying girl.

Lisa is so caught up in her own grief that she does not notice when Antonio comes to sit next to her on the bench. She sobbed softly and sadly, but then suddenly heard a male voice next to her asking, “Ti senti male, Signora?” (Do you feel sick)
She shakes her pretty brunette head, wipes away her tears and says with sadness in her voice, “I'm sorry but I do not understand your language, sir, and I do not speak to strange men either.
Please go and leave me alone. “

“Excuse me, I do not want to be rude, Signorina,” Antonio says in a mixture of English and Italian, “but my employer, Mr Mancini, said I should come and ask why you are crying. You see, my employer is blind, so he sent me to ask if there was anything we could do for you. My name is Antonio Bianchi, and I am Mr Mancini's bodyguard. “
Lisa first looks at the middle-aged man suspiciously. It is clear that there are concern in his eyes, and it gives her the courage to discuss her sister's condition with him. “When will your sister have surgery?” Antonio asked with sympathy. Lisa shook her head slowly and the tears began to roll down her cheeks again. “We do not have money to pay for the operation Sir,” she said with sadness in her voice. “I have already considered selling my deceased mother's jewelry, but it will not be enough to cover the cost of the operation.”

“You are indeed in a difficult position, Signorina,” Antonio says. “Yes, you do indeed have reason to feel sad. You have not told me what your name is?.”
“I'm Lisa Saunders, we stay in the Palazzo Veneziano, Mr Bianchi,” she said softly. “Of course you also wonder why I have to carry all the responsibility for my sister's illness. You see our parents died in a car accident a year ago. My sister can not process their death, she wants to know if they are coming home, this holiday was planned that she could get away from everything that made her thinking about them. “ Lisa searches for a tissue in her handbag, and says after a few seconds, “I'm sorry I bored you with my problems, Mr. Bianchi. Your employer is definitely getting impatient because you were away for a long time. I appreciate his interest, and please thank him on behalf of me. “

Antonio suddenly realizes that Lisa wants to be alone with her problems, he quickly stands up from the bench and greets her politely.

“Well, I have to say you were away for a long time, Antonio,” Allesandro greeted him cold when he sits down next to him on the bench again.
“Is it possible that you could not tear yourself away from the attractive lady? I hear she is no longer crying!”

“Her name is Lisa Saunders, Mr. Mancini. She is indescribably beautiful and slim,” Antonio calmly says. “You were right, her eyes are blue-sapphire blue and almost glassy, I say. She and her little sister are from South Africa, and arrived here four days ago on holiday. However, they were only in Rome for two days when a terrible tragedy hit them ... “
Antonio tells his employer about the car accident in which Lisa's parents died, and that this holiday was meant to cheer Lilani up. Then he briefly tells Allesandro about the tragedy they had two days ago, and that Lisa cannot cover the operating costs.

“So, it's not a break up then,” Allesandro said heartless. “I wonder if it's not just a lie she told you to get money out of you, Antonio. Life has taught me that a woman will do anything for money and the things money can buy.” “I do not believe this is a lie, Mr Mancini,” Antonio dares to defy his employer. “At first she did not want to have anything to do with me. She made it clear that she does not talk to strangers and that I should please leave her alone. No, she does not look like the kind of girl who will make up lies, to get money from a man. Her sadness and concern are also completely genuine. “ “It's true, one can always find out at the hotel and hospital if she's telling the truth,” Allesandro admits.

“Did the lady tell you who the specialist is who needs to perform the operation?” Antonio shakes his head embarrassed and says apologetically.

“I can go and ask her, Mr Mancini.”
“No, wait, I think it's better if you introduce me to the lady, so I can talk to her myself, Antonio,” Allesandro suggests. “You may be much older than me, but I think I know women much better than you. They are all alike, equally selfish.” Allesandro stood up carefully from the bench and continued calmly, “Come, take me to the lady and leave us alone.”

Lisa no longer sobs, tears are just silently rolling down her cheeks as Antonio and Allesandro appear in front of her. “I would like to introduce my employer, Allesandro Mancini, signorina Saunders,” she heard Antonio say. She acknowledges the introduction, Antonio helps Allesandro to sit next to her on the bench. “I will not go far, if you need me, Mr Mancini,” Antonio reassured the blind man, and then sat down on a bench a few feet away from them. “Antonio my bodyguard, told me about the tragedy of you and your sister, Signorina, “

Allesandro began talking to her in English.” I'm glad to hear you're not crying anymore, because you see, you are not the only person who has ever experienced a tragedy, Signorina. I recently lost my eyesight in a car accident. That's not all I lost either, “ he adds bitterly.” When my fiancé heard that I was blind, she left me for a man who is not blind - a man who can take her to the cinema, operas and other entertainment places. But to return to your problem, who is the surgeon who will do the operation? “

“Doctor Esposito would have performed the operation, Mr Mancini.” she says softly with a shaky voice, while the tears roll slowly down her cheeks again, “but there will be no operation. It would be better if i except it and not keep hoping for a miracle that will never happen ... “ Sadness overwhelms her, and she starts sobbing softly again. “What is the miracle you were hoping for, Signorina?”

She heard Allesandro's voice after a few seconds between her sobs. She wipes away her tears and says in an unsteady voice, “There is no specific miracle. I was just hoping that I would find the money somewhere to pay for the operation. But there is no one in South Africa who I can call for help. “
“Don't you have a fiancé or family who can assist you, Signora?” Allesandro ask without much interest. “There is no wealthy family I know of, nor do I have a fiancé,” she says in a sad voice.
“I was too busy completing my studies all these years to become a lawyer, that I did not have time to think of a relationship. Last year I had to stop my studies to look after my sister full time after the death of our parents' and started working as a receptionist at a dentist, even then my life was too full and busy to pay attention to men. I have no one but my sister. “

There is a short silence, then she hears Allesandro, with his beautiful, deep voice say, “I was just thinking of a solution that could benefit both of us, Signorina . That is, if you are willing to make Italy your new home. You see, I've had several nurses in my service since I became blind, but they are usually so annoying and clingy that I get rid of them faster than my secretary can hire them. “In any case, tell me what are your sister's name, what are the name of the hospital where she's at the moment, and what are the name of the doctor treating her?”

Lisa provides all these details and secretly wonders what the solution is. After all, he knows she's a receptionist, so he can not employ her as a nurse. Lisa were still thinking about what Allesandro said, when she heard him say again, “I'll contact you this afternoon, Signora. So don't worry about the operation anymore.” He slowly, carefully got up from the bench, and continued a little arrogantly, “Would you please be so kind as to wave my bodyguard closer?”

“I'll call him for you, Mr Mancini, he's not far from us,” Lisa said, continuing hesitantly, “I do not know what the solution is that you have in mind for both of us, Mr Mancini, but I would like to thank you for your kindness... “

“Please never tell my employees that I'm kind, Signora. They will surely think you are mentally disturbed, “Allesandro interrupted her with a stern voice.
Lisa looks at him confused and says, “I ... uh... do not understand what you mean.”
“I would say it's very clear or are you just stupid,” she heard him say again. “Since I lost my eyesight, I've never been a friendly person. It's also not out of kindness that I have listened to your problems. I was convinced that you were lying to get money from some stupid fool, and I was determined to expose you.”
“Oh, I see,” Lisa said shocked “I'm sorry that I mistaken your gesture for kindness, Mr Mancini.” She then calls Antonio closer with a light hand gesture, sees him quickly walking toward them and turns to Allesandro.

“Goodbye then, Mr Mancin, and just remember that, you make the life unpleasant for yourself by being so suspicious and bitter.”
Still, furious about Allesandro's revelation, Lisa quickly walks away from the two men, before they can greet her. She is determined never to think of the tall, dark, handsome man again.
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