The Blind Billionaire

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Allesandro are determined

Allesandro pace his office up and down. He thinks about what happened since he went to get Bianca out of the strip club. That day he was mad when he came to realize Bianca and her father knows about the baby he and Lisa are expecting he needed to act fast to keep his family save until he can get to Mr Lombardi. He wants to kick himself for all the pain his going to cause to keep them save and thinking of Bianca how she suddenly acts around him wants to make him vomit. She would make him breakfast and lunch and bring it to the office. He then realise that she is just acting and that he only loves Lisa, and he can't even tell her that he loves her. Now Lisa are gone with his child he needs to get her. His thoughts was interupted when his phone rings. "Good morning Mr Mancini, I found Mrs Mancini." His PI informed him. "Sent me the address please." He tells the PI. After a few minutes he got the address and phone Pierro to get the car ready. Sometime later he arrived at the small house where Lisa lives. He gets out of the car and walk to the door and knock when Lisa opens the door he noticed her eyes are bloodshot, and she got bags under her eyes. "What do you want?" Lisa asks cold. "I came to see you so we can talk." Allesandro calmly says and wants to take Lisa in his arms and tell her everything is going to alright, but he needs to be strong. "There's nothing to discuss I said what I wanted to say. Now if you can please leave."
"Yes, but we need to discuss what happens from here on." He keeps insisting. Lisa sighs and opens the door for him to come in. "Nice place you got". Allesandro makes a remark. "Its Alice's home. She offered me a place to stay. Now what do want to say?" She says in a cold voice. "I will send you the divorce papers, I will give you enough money so you don't have to work for the rest of your life and I want full custody over the child". He tells her. "Haha are you crazy? I will NEVER let my child go let alone have anything to do with Bianca." Lisa laughs at him. "You don't really have an option here it's either you give me the baby or I will fight in court for him." Allesandro tells her in a low voice.
"Why? Why do you want full custody? Why did you do what you did?" She asks him looking straight in his eyes. "I realized that I will only love one woman and there's no place for someone else in my heart. Bianca says she will love and take care of the baby as if it was her own. Don't make it harder Lisa." With every word he says his heart break seeing Lisa's hurt on her face.
"Get out and listen carefully over my dead body will I give my child up, now get out of this fucking house"!! Lisa says trough gritted teeth. Allesandro stands up and walk to the door and look back to where Lisa stands. Lisa watch him and don't brake eye contact she won't cry in front of him he will never get that satisfaction. Allesandro just nods and close the door. After Allesandro close the door. Lisa fell to the ground and cry. She can't believe he wants her to give up on her baby. She will never let them take the baby that's a promise. Lisa cry her eyes out and then stands up to take a shower.

Allesandro cant seem to get Lisa's image out of his mind. Every time he close his eyes her bloodshot eyes keeps popping up. "Baby, are you listening to what I say?" Bianca snaps her finger in front of his face. She wonders what his thinking about. "Umm, sorry I was just thinking about work what did you say?" Allesandro reply. "I said when are we going public with our relationship?"
"As soon as my divorce is over". Allesandro reply's naturally. "I can't wait for the whole world to see we are back together". Bianca says while running her fingers over his face. He wants to slap her hands away and tell her that only one woman is allowed totouch him like that, but he can't without putting Lisa in danger. "What did Lisa say when you asked for a divorce today?" Bianca suddenly ask hoping that Bitch will sign the papers. Allesandro frowns he didn't tell her about meeting Lisa today but acts quickly. "She will sign the papers", comes his short reply. "She better do it quickly I can't wait to marry you baby"
"Don't worry soon we will be happily married. Now if you will excuse me I have a meeting to attend to." He quickly tells her and leaves the office. Bianca looks at him wondering why he is so distant.
Leonardo can see something is bothering his boss, "Mr Mancini, we know each other for a long time. You can trust me what's bothering you?
Allesandro runs his hands trough his hair and starts telling Leonardo everything. "Why don't you tell Mrs Mancini the truth then, I am sure she will understand".
"I can't i won't put her live in danger, I would not survive if anything happens to her. I love her too much." Allesandro tells him. Leonardo nods he understands now why Mr Mancini did what he did. He can tell he loves Lisa a lot. He wishes there's more he can do. "I won't rest until I find Mr Lombardi." Allesandro promise.

Lisa and Lilani are in the park when she notices men watching her. She quickly takes Lilani's hand and walk as fast as she can to a nearby shop. Once inside she asks the owner to use his phone. "Jhonny, I think someone is following me".
"Where are you?" He asks. Lisa tells him, and he tells her to stay where she is he then call Kevin and Jake to inform them. "We will be there shortly I will take some men with me to be on the look out", Kevin tells them. Soon Jhonny and Jake finds Lisa and take her home. "Thank you guys, I'm sorry for bothering you." Lisa apologize. "You will never bother us Lisa. You are like a sister." Jake assures her. Lisa nods and then tells them about everything when they asked why she don't live at the mansion. "That fucking bastard!" Jhonny shouts. "We told him not to hurt you." Jake also reply.
"Phone Kevin and tell him to meet us at our usual place". Jhonny says trough gritted teeth. They drop Lisa off and tell her that they will see her later.
When they arrived at Allesandro's office Jhonny went up to him and hit him in the face "That's for breaking Lisa's heart your son of a bitch"!
"I am sorry but there are things you guys dont know I can't explaine right now." Allesandro says as he rubbing his face. "O so you have a reason for breaking her heart?" Kevin asks sarcastic. Just then Bianca walks in. "O hi guys, what are you doing here?"
"Well that is none of your business". Jhonny says coldly. Bianca looks at them sharply and then went to sit on Allesandro's lap. They watch Bianca then walk out of the office. "I can't believe his that stupid!" Kevin says. "I think we must get him alone". Jake says. "How? You saw that bitch are always with him." Kevin tells them. "I got a plan, lets go". Jhonny tells them and starts explaining. Soon they will know the truth.
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