The Blind Billionaire

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Allesandro tells the truth

After work Allesandro tells Bianca to meet him at the penthouse and walks to his private elevator. He thinks about Lisa and their child how his going to miss out on every doctors' appointment he knows this is his own fault, but he don't have another option he wishes he could be with them, but he has to protect his family until he can find Mr Lombardi. He don't notice someone follow him the next moment every thing is dark, and he gets shoved into a van. "We got him boss". Allesandro hears a guy say. He struggles to untie himself he need to get out of here what if they go after Lisa? After sometime they stop, and he hears the door open then someone takes him out of the van. "Well, well look who came to visit us". He hears a familiar voice. Suddenly the bag is taken of his head, and he sees all three of his best friends standing in front of him. "You know there are other ways to get to me?" He asks them. "Yes, but that bitch is always with you so we decided to kidnap you." Jake tells him. "Why did you do this? Bianca is waiting for me and if i don't show up on time she's going to get suspicious." He tells them. "Well then lets cut to the chase and tell us what's going on?" Jhonny demands. "A few weeks a ago I received photos of Lisa and proof that she is pregnant, they threatened me if i don't do as they say they will kill them. I know Lombardi is behind this but to prove it and to find him I have to get close to Bianca." Allesandro explains. "And you couldn't come to one of us because?" Kevin mocks. "My office and house are full of listening devices that's why i couldn't talk to you guys and I think they are watching my every move."
"Can't you just tell Lisa? She's in a shocking state she don't eat and sleep. It's not good for the baby. She deserves to know the truth"! Jake shouts. "I fucking know, I know I saw her I saw the hurt in her eyes but if I go back they will hurt her and i don't think I can live without her knowing I could have prevented something to happen to her don't you see how hard this is for me?" Allesandro sights. Jhonny look at him and can see the hurt in his friends eyes he knows Allesandro is telling the truth. "What can we do to help?" Jhonny ask. "Well I need to trace the emails I received and I need more body guards to watch Lisa, I cant seem to find the location of the email server so I need to get Bianca on my side to get her to tell me where her father is."
"On it sent every thing to me and make sure you delete all traces." Jake tells Allesandro. Allesandro nods
"Can I go now? Before Bianca sent someone to track me?"
"Yes, after you promise to sort out everything with Lisa". Jhonny reply.
"I promise I will go to her soon and explain everything. Please just watch over her." Jhonny nods his head and promise to look after Lisa and to protect her. One of the guys take Allesandro back to his car. "Alright we need to track Lombardi down before he can harm Lisa and the baby we just need to focus get every man you have and sent them to the places Lombardi could be. We have to find him quick before its to late." Jhonny tells the other two. Kevin and Jake nods then went to Jhonny's home to start tracing Lombardi. Jhonny went to see Lisa and Lilani. Once he got there he sees that the door is open he quickly gets his gun and walk towards the open the door, he gently opens the door and went inside quietly. The whole house are in a mess it looks like someone was putting up a fight. He went from room to room then find Alice unconscious on the floor he run up to her and check for pulse. He then takes out his phone and dials Kevin s number
"You guys should get here asap Lisa and Lilani are gone and Alice needs a doctor I'm taking her I want you to check for any leads".
"How the hell did this happen? We are on our way are Alice alright?" Kevin ask. "She has been shot I'm on my way to the hospital I will let you know as soon as i now what's going on". Jhonny says ending the call and driving to the hospital. "Someone please help this lady have been shot!" He shouts as soon as he steps into the hospital. A nurse comes running to him and help Alice on the bed soon a doctor comes and push Alice to the emergency room. The nurse came and took Alice's details and Jhonny tries to fill in everything he knows about her. After the paper work is done Jhonny takes his phone and dials Allesandro's number but it goes to voice mail. "Fuck Mancini, where are you"? Jhonny wonders. A few hours later the doctor appears.
"The family of Mrs Bruno?" The doctor asks. "I am her son is she going to be alright?" Jhonny ask concerned. "We managed to get the bullet out. She is very lucky because a few centimeters further and it would have penetrated her heart. She is in intensive care you can visit her as soon as she is awake." The doctor informs him. "Thank you doctor". Jhonny shakes the doctors hand and then ask the nurse at the station to phone him once Alice wakes up. Then he quickly walks out to his car and start driving towards Alice's home. "How is Alice? Is she going to be alright?" Kevin ask as soon as Jhonny steps inside the house. "Yes, she's going to be fine. I ask some of my men to keep guard i don't want anyone to harm her if they find out she's not dead. Did you find anything?"
"No, we are still looking. Did you inform Mancini?" Jake ask. Jhonny shakes his head replying, "It goes straight to voicemail." Soon every one start to look for clues. After midnight, they hear a knock on the front door and Jhonny walks up to the door and open it hiding his gun. "Jhonny, what are you doing here?" Allesandro ask confused. "Well if your phone wasn't off you would have known that Alice is in the hospital fighting for her life and there's no trace of Lisa and Lilani". Jhonny says angry
"My phone wasn't off, I have it here with me. Wait you just said Lisa are missing"? Allesandro ask shocked. "Yes come in we are just trying to figure out where and who took them".
Allesandro went inside and saw the mess. He prays that Lisa and Lilani are okay where ever they are. He feels so stupid why didn't they just leave them alone?

Meanwhile, Lisa and Lilani are tied up in some dark room. Lisa wakes up with some liquid running down her face. She tries to remember what happened then she hears Lilani cry. Lisa looks around in the dark room to find her sister but with no luck. "Well, well look who decides to wake up". Lisa hears the familiar voice and fear starts to build up. She knows how dangerous this guy is. She can only hope and pray that someone will find them on time...
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