The Blind Billionaire

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Lisa and Lilani are kidnapped

Lisa looks up at Mr Lombardi "What the hell do you want and where is my sister?" She demands to know. Mr Lombardi begins to laugh. "You stupid little girl you should have listened to me the first time, and as for your little brat of a sister she is fine.... for now." He tells Lisa and walk closer to her. "Now, as for you, tsk tsk tsk what should i do with a pregnant woman? You will be no good as a sex slave", he taunts and continue, "But we can keep you here until you deliver or maybe we should just get rid of the little bastard inside of you?" Mr Lombardi laughs evil. "Don't you dare touch me or my child, Allesandro and I are getting a divorce!" Lisa shouts at him trying not to show her fear. Mr Lombardi slaps her hard across the face. "Show some respect BITCH! Or I will teach you!" Mr Lombardi seethe through gritted teeth. "You know Allesandro can fool my daughter, but he can't fool me". With that Mr Lombardi walks out. Lisa tastes the metal of blood in her mouth then spit the blood out. After a few seconds the door opens again, and she saw her sister being thrown inside. "Mr Lombardi says you must enjoy your last few days with each other because soon the little one will have a new house." The guard laughs. "Lilani? Are you okay?" Lisa ask concerned. "Yes, I'm fine my arms just hurt from the cuffs they put on me." Lilani cries. She walks up to Lisa and hugs her. "Do you think Alli will find us?" She asks hopeful. "I know they will find us, don't worry." Lisa assures her hoping and praying that Allesandro will find them before its too late.
Lilani lay down with her head on Lisa's lap. "Are you okay? And the baby?"
"Yes, we are both perfectly fine." Lilani nods then close her eyes and soon she is fast asleep with Lisa watching over her.

"Did you find anything yet?" Allesandro ask Jhonny. "We are working on it relax we will find them. Make yourself useful and start looking for something to help us". Johnny tells his friend. Allesandro decides to go to Lisa's room and start searching there. He then notices a box that has his name written on it and opens it. Inside he found the sonar picture of today and stares at it then it hits him and tears starts to fall down his face. "I promise I will find you and bring you back home". He says out loud. Then continue searching soon he finds letters Lisa received. He opens them and start reading it. Allesandro takes the letters and run to Jhonny. "I think Bianca and her father are in this together." He tells them and hand Jhonny the letters. Jhonny start to read each letter and says
"You have to get Bianca to talk because if we don't find them soon we will never see them again." Allesandro knows what he means and walk away swearing underneath his breath. He jumps in his car and heads to the loft. As soon as he stops he runs inside and press the code in on the elevator. Soon the door opens and he went inside quietly. "You have to get rid of them before Allesandro finds out we are behind this." He hears Bianca's voice. He walks up to her and stand behind her without her noticing, "I don't care sell both of them next time you call me daddy there better be good news." Bianca ends the call and as she turns around she walks into Allesandro. "O, baby your home." She says nervous. "Cut the crap Bianca, I know what you and your old man did. Now you're going to tell me exactly what I want to know." Allesandro says in a dangerous voice. "I don't know what your talking about baby." Bianca keeps pretending. "Cut you're fucking bullshit! I want to know where Lisa and Lilani are"! Allesandro tells her and walks closer to Bianca. She takes a step back with every step Allesandro gives until her back hits the wall before she could react Allesandro's hand comes around her neck, and he starts to squeeze. "I fucking know what you're playing at and I know you and your father have them I'm going to ask one more time, WHERE IS MY FUCKING FAMILY!" Allesandro says mad. He let go of her and Bianca drops to the floor. She starts laughing hysterical. "You... you really.... think you....will find time?" She laughs. "I will find her even if it means that I will have blood on my hands but find them I will!"
"Why? Why the hell do you love her? She can't offer you anything. She's weak, poor and ugly!" Bianca shouts angry because Allesandro loves Lisa and not her. "You think I'm stupid? I know you were only pretending to love me and guess what? I asked my father to sort out my problem! Why can't you love me?"
Allesandro looks at the women in front of him and tells her. "One she was never after my money, two she stood by my side even though I was blind three she may be ugly in your eyes but to me she's more beautiful than any other women walking this earth. She doesn't need fancy clothes or makeup to make her look good! She's kind and have a pure heart! She's all the things you lack of!" Allesandro says truthful. Allesandro picks her up and carry her to a room then he throws her inside and lock the door. "Antonio I need you to watch over Bianca for me". Allesandro instruct Antonio. Just as he ends the call his phone rings again this time it's his brother. "Allesandro you need to come quick! Sophia went into labor!" He hears Gabriele shouts over the phone. "On my way". Allesandro tells him and hung up. He quickly informs Jhonny and the rest about Sophia's situation and Bianca. Then leaves as soon as Antonio arrives.

At the hospital Allesandro ask one of the nurses where his brother and sister-in-law are and made his way to the waiting room. After some time he saw Gabriele with a huge smile on his face. "It's a girl, come Sophia is waiting for you and Kevin will be here soon". Gabriel informs him. Allesandeo congratulate his brother and follow him to Sophia. As soon as he went inside he went and kiss Sophia to congratulate her and pick the baby up. "What's her name?"
"Luna Aria Mancini". Gabriel informs him. Allesandro looks at his brother and hugs him. "Sophia decided to give mothers name to her that way mom will always be remembered." Gabriele explains. "Thank you". Allesandro says and soon they all watch over Luna and talks about everything. Allesandro decides not to tell anything about what's happening. Soon he excuse himself and went out. He dials Jhonny and tells him his on his way. As he goes out Kevin arrives at the hospital. "Don't tell them anything about Lisa please." Allesandro ask. Kevin nods and then run into the hospital leaving Allesandro alone. Allesandro went to his car and start driving to Jhonny.

"Wake up Bitch". Lisa hears someone say. "Here's your lunch the boss will be here soon." Then the guy leaves. Lisa wakes Lilani gently and shows her the food. "Eat you need it". Lisa tells her sister. "What about you?". Lilani ask her. "Don't worry I will be fine as long as you eat that's all that's matter." Lilani takes the plate and starts to eat offering Lisa some food. After they eat the door opens and Mr Lombardi steps inside. "Take the little girl to the room next door and leave me alone." Lilani looks at Lisa afraid to leave her alone. Lisa nods at her sister and Lilani leaves lookingat Lisa sadly. "Now, Allesandro found out that we took you, tsk tsk tsk." Lombardi says and walks closer to Lisa. "Now you're going to be a good girl and tell him exactly what I tell you to say or your sister will never live to see another day." Lisa looks at Mr Lombardi with fear in her eyes. "I will do it but please don't hurt my sister" she begs. Mr Lombardi shows something to someone then the lights went on. "Be a good girl and tell Allesandro to stop searching for you." Lisa nods and sits up straight. She then sees the camera showing at her and starts talking.

"Mr Mancini, there's a live feed of Mrs Mancini." Leonardo informs him. Allesandro and the other turns to the screen and Allesandro watch Lisa. "Hey Allesandro. Please... Please stop searching for us...... You have Bianca now just be happy with...her... Please..."
Allesandro watch as Lisa cries, and he knows someone is with her. As he stares at the screen he sees someone pushing Lisa and then the screen went blank. "We have to trace that". Johnny informs Jake. "Already on it."

"You Bitch you weren't supposed to cry!" Mr Lombardi shouts and hit Lisa. Lisa covers her stomach to protect her children. Soon she fell unconscious from the blows....
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