The Blind Billionaire

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Still missing

Lisa woke up all sore and when she looks down she saw blood. She instantly holds on to her stomach hoping that nothing has happened to her children. The door opens and one of the guards opens the door and walk toward her. "Get up the boss wants to see you". The guard tells her. Lisa looks up and then tries to stand up but her body is sore all over the guard helps her up and put his arms around her to help her walk. "Don't worry I will let Mr Mancini know where you are just be strong for a few more hours." He whispers into her ear. Lisa looks up at him she can't believe what she is hearing someone is willing to help her. She just hopes Allesandro will be in time to save her and Lilani she doesn't know how much longer she can be strong for both her and her sister. Lisa notice they stop and the guard knock on the close door. "Come in". She hears Mr Lombardi's voice. The guard opens the door and push Lisa gently inside. "Well look at you. You have to get yourself cleaned up I have someone who are interested in buying you." Lisa hear Mr Lombardi say. "And your sister leaves tonight". With that Mr Lombardi show the guard to take Lisa away. Lisa is in a daze and can't focus on what's happening she need to get her sister out of this place before tonight. "Dont worry I told you everything is going to be okay nobody is going to take your sister I promise you." The guard tells Lisa. "Why? Why would you help us?" Lisa ask him. "Because I have a daughter who's also here and tonight I'm taking her i already informed the right people to help me". The guard continue explaining. "How long have your daughter been here?" Lisa finds herself asking. "I have been searching for her for the past six months and every time I get close they would move the girls that's when I decided to come and work for Lombardi because I know his one of the biggest human trafficking organizations in Italy. As soon as I got the job I tried to find my daughter and it was not until two weeks ago that I found out where she was and then one day Lombardi bought her and now I need to get her out of here and you guys." Lisa hear him say but before she could reply they stopped in front of the room she's being held in. "Don't worry about anything". The guard tells Lisa and then open the door for her before closing it again leaving Lisa alone once again. Lisa went to the wall and lay down on the cold floor. Soon she fell asleep exhausted.

"Mr Mancini, there's someone on the phone asking to speak to you urgently". Leonardo tells Allesandro. Allesandro picks up the phone and start talking to the person on the other side. "Mr Mancini, I know where your wife and her sister are." Allesandro hear the man say. "I want you to meet me at Jhonny's warehouse in an hour you don't have much time to lose if you ever want to see them again". The man tells Allesandro then put the phone down. Allesandro gets up and walk towards the door. "Antonio we have to go to Jhonny's warehouse its urgent." Allesandro tells Antonio. Antonio nods and follow his boss wondering what's the urgency.
Allesandro soon arrives at the warehouse and see all three his friends. He gets out and walks towards them. "Did he phone you guys as well?" Allesandro ask them. "Yes, he told us to meet here in an hour and that he knows where Lisa and her sister are." Kevin tells him. They stand there waiting for the mysterious man when they saw a man walking towards the warehouse. Johnny holds on to his gun at the back at his pants. "Thank you all for coming. My name is Chris Anderson, I know where your wife and her sister are being held." The man tells them. "And how do you know this?". Allesandro ask in a cold voice. "Because I work for Lombardi and are one of the guards watching both of them". Chris tell Allesandro. "What do you want out of this information you gave us?" Jhonny ask him. "I want your help to save my daughter who are also being held there I will go with you of course." Chris explains. Chris tells them everything about how he met Lisa and tells them what Lombardi is planning to do tonight. "We have to move fast before eleven otherwise the little girl will be sold and you will never see her again". Chris says with urgency. Allesandro and the other three starts making plans and inform Chris to meet them back at the warehouse tonight at Seven O clock. Chris shake there hands and then disappear. "Do you think we can trust him?" Jake ask his friend. "He seems sincere and it looks like his telling the truth. We need to inform our guys to be ready for tonight." Kevin tells them. Everyone starts to get ready for tonight and soon everything is in place. "Hold on Lisa I'm going to get you please be safe." Allesandro says out loud. Then walk towards his car. Allesandro informs Antonio and Leonardo to get ready. He asks Pierro to take him to the Hospital. On his arrival he asks the nurse where Alice is. The nurse showed him Alice's room then leave. "Hey, Alice. I'm sorry that this happened to you. I thought if I leave Lisa the people won't hurt her, but I was wrong. They took her and shot you." Allesandro talk to her. "O my dear, I'm not mad at you." Allesandro hear Alice talking. Looking shocked at the old woman. "Don't look so surprised, I'm way too young to die. Besides I still have to help raise the babies." Alice tells him. "Now go and bring them back." Alice says. "O, and make sure you sort this out with Lisa. She's a lovely girl". Allesandro nods and walk out of the hospital. Tonight they will get Lisa and Lilani.
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