The Blind Billionaire

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The rescue

Lisa wakes up when the door opens, and she noticed the guard she talked to walking up to her. "Allesandro are coming in ten minutes be ready". The guard says. He looks at Lisa and notice how weak she is, and then he notices the blood. He bends down and pick her up. "I'm going to put you in this corner that if somebody wants to get you they won't find you I will tell your husband where you are". He talks softly and put her down gently. Lisa nods weak she doesn't have any energy left in her body. She just wishes Allesandro will hurry and rescue her sister she doesn't think her body is strong enough to escape. Lisa close her eyes praying her sister will be fine.

"Are everyone ready? You all know what to do. Get Lilani and Lisa out safe and quickly." Jhonny tell his guys. "We are going in five the driver is ready. Let us know when you find them". He continues. Allesandro is getting impatient he wants to go in and get his wife, but he knows how risky this rescue mission is and don't want Lisa or Lilani to get hurt. "Are you ready? Go, go!" Allesandro hear Jhonny command. They sneak up to the building where Lisa and Lilani are and take out the guards at the door. Jhonny opens the door and clear the way. Soon they are inside searching for Lisa and Lilani. "Kevin you and Jake go and find Lilani, while Allesandro and I will search for Lisa." Jhonny tells the over the ear piece. Jhonny and Allesandro went up the stairs and start searching each room for Lisa. In every room they find a few young girls and Allesandro shows one of their men to take the women out. In the meantime Kevin and Jake discover where Lilani and other children are being held and talk to the frightened girls. "Girls don't worry, we are here to help you get home, now we don't have much time you need to listen carefully. You see the guy over there follow him quietly please don't make a sound." Kevin tells them. The girls nod and start to line up ready to follow Jake and the others. Lilani notice Kevin and Jake and run up to them. "I missed you guys." She whispers to them. "We missed you to now you have to follow us that we can get out of here." Jake tells Lilani. Lilani follows Kevin and Jake as they went down they saw some guards walking up Kevin shows Jake and the guys to go into a room. They quickly went into the nearest room while Kevin attacks the guards quietly so that nobody can hear they are there. He quickly drags the bodies into another room then close the door and went to get the others.

Allesandro and Jhonny went into the room and finds Lisa all curlled up in the corner. Allesandro runs up to her and saw that she is weak and bleeding he quickly takes of his jacket and put it around her then picks her up. "We have to move now before someone notices us." Jhonny says to Allesandro. Allesandro nods then walks towards the door he looks outside and saw that the coast is clear and starts walking down stairs with Jhonny following. Just as they reached the last step they hear Mr Lombardi speak. "Well, well isn't this lovely look who decided to come and play hero." Allesandro freeze and look up to Mr Lombardi who is holding a gun and pointing it at them. "You know you should have just taken my daughter back but no you had to go and fall in love with this girl. You and your friends ruined me. Now what am I going to do with you?" Mr Lombardi ask Allesandro. "Leave Lisa and her sister out of this, this is between me and Bianca. You should have never interfered in the first place." Allesandro says through gritted teeth. "You know that's where you are wrong because you hurt my little girl the day you married Lisa. Bianca loved you and you were to blind to see it, blinded by that women's beauty." Mr Lombardi says and points the gun at Lisa. Allesandro turns around so that if he pulls the trigger he won't hit Lisa. "I give you five seconds to choose either Bianca or Lisa. If you choose Lisa I will take her away from you that's a promise. I hope you choose wisely.". Allesandro turns his head and look at Lombardi before saying. "I will never leave my wife for a brat like your daughter." Lombardi smirks at Allesandro and says. "Well looks like you will see each other on the other side then." Lisa who hears every word looks up at Allesandro and say. "Allesandro please don't do this, go and be happy. I will never forgive myself if something happens to you because of me." Allesandro looks down at his beautiful wife saying. "I will never leave you again I thought I could protect you if I leave you. I love you Lisa."
"Aww isn't this cute, confessing your love how sweet but to late." Mr Lombardi says just as he pulls the trigger Jhonny pushes Allesandro out of the way. Allesandro holds on to Lisa as he feels himself falling and uses is body to protect Lisa soon another gun shot went off.

Kevin and Jake made it out of the place safely with all the children. "I'm going back for Lisa and the others''. Jake tells Kevin. "Be careful". Jake nods and runs back to the house just as he wants to enter he hears a gun shot he quickly went inside and saw Jhonny pushing Allesandro away, and then he noticed Lombardi on the top of the stairs. Just as Lombardi was about to pull the trigger again Jake aims at Lombardi and shoots him in the head. He quickly runs towards Jhonny and notice he had been shot in the back. He takes out his phone and daily Kevin. "Get the cars ready Jhonny have been shot he needs a doctor asap his loosing a lot of n blood." Jake hangs up and starts to put pressure on the wound. Allesandro gets up then helps Lisa up they walk towards Jhonny and saw what happened. After a few minutes Kevin arrives with some men and the start helping Jhonny to one of the cars. "Take him to my place the doctor are already waiting there." Kevin informs them. Allesandro picks Lisa up and walks towards the cars he noticed that she's loosing a lot of blood and tells the driver to drive faster to the house. "Lisa, baby open your eyes please." He begs her. Lisa hears Allesandro voice but struggles to open her eyes. Allesandro dials his doctor and tell him to meet him at Kevin's place and that he must hurry.

As soon as they arrive Allesandro takes Lisa inside and rush with her to a room. "Mr Mancini let me take it from here I will inform you as soon as I'm done with my examination on Mrs Mancini." The doctor tells him. Allesandro went outside and decided to go to hear how Jhonny is doing. When he went to Kevin and Jake they tell him Jhonny is still with the doctors that they are still busy with him. "Where's Lilani?". Allesandro ask. "She is fine she's sleeping in one of the guest rooms." Kevin assures him. The three of them waits for news on Jhonny and Lisa.
After some time the doctor walk towards Allesandro. "Mr Mancini, I'm sorry but it looks like Mrs Mancini lost the baby." The doctor informs Allesandro. Allesandro are too shocked to register what the doctor said. He walked past the doctor and went to Lisa's room and take a seat next to her. He takes her hand in his. "I am so sorry for everything I have done these past few weeks, sorry for not trusting you enough. I thought I was protecting you but ended up hurting you more than anyone had ever done. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I love you so much." Allesandro says with tears running down his cheeks.
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