The Blind Billionaire

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The talk

The next morning Lisa wake up feeling someone's hand around her. She carefully moves and look over her shoulder and see Allesandro sleeping next to her. Lisa close her eyes and recalls everything what happened the day before. She holds on to her stomach and remember the doctor telling her that she lost the baby. She quickly shakes Allesandro. "Wake up, you need to get me to the hospital please". Allesandro open his eyes, "What happened? Are you okay?". He asks Lisa now fully awake and move closer to her to look for any signs of injuries. "No, the doctor told me last night that I lost the baby, I want to get checked by my doctor to know for sure. Please just take me." Lisa begs him and then get out of the bed walking to the bathroom. Allesandro don't have a clue what's going on but decides to get up to take Lisa to the hospital. Lisa take a shower, and realizes she doesn't have any clothes whatsoever. She puts the towel around her body and went back to the bedroom. "There's some clean clothes for you, I will be quick then we can go to the hospital." Allesandro informs her. Lisa just nods and walk past him to the clothes. She turns around and found him still staring at her. "What?" She asks him when she notices him staring at her. "I...I.. Its nothing." Allesandro reply embraced that he got caught for checking her body out. Lisa turns around and start to get dressed and Allesandro take it as his cue to get ready.
Lisa waits for Allesandro to finish and decide to check on Lilani. She walks out of the room and notice Jake and Kevin. "Hi guys, how is Jhonny doing?" Lisa ask concerned. "His going to be alright, his still sleeping the doctor say he will wake up soon." Kevin tells her. "I'm glad to hear that his doing alright. I will forever be grateful for what he did." Lisa says with tears in her eyes. Things could have turned out bad now that she thinks about it. If it weren't for Jhonny, Allesandro could have been dead. Kevin notice Lisa's tears and went up to her and hug her. "Hey, his a strong man. Don't cry he wouldn't want you to feel guilty." Lisa nods she knows Jhonny wouldn't want her to be sad, but she still feels guilty of what happened to him. "I'm sorry to hear about the baby. Shouldn't you be in bed resting?" Jake says softly. "No, I need to go to the hospital. I asked Allesandro to take me. I'm just waiting for him. Do you know where Lilani is?" She asks them. "Yes, we were just there. She's still sleeping peacefully. Maybe you can check up on her when you get back from the hospital." Jake suggest. Lisa nods and was just about to say something when Allesandro makes his appearance. "I'm ready when you are. Hey guys, any news yet?" Allesandro says behind Lisa. "Yes, the doctor says he will be alright. He's still sleeping." Kevin informs Allesandro. "That's great news. I will visit him once we are back." Kevin and Jake nods then went inside Johnny's room. Lisa turns around facing Allesandro. She missed him so much, but she just can't forget what he has done to her. She heard what he said last night. She really wants to believe him, but she finds it difficult. Lisa walks past him and went down the stairs. Allesandro sigh and then follow her. They went to the car and Allesandro starts driving towards the hospital. Once they arrive at the hospital Lisa went inside with Allesandro following her. "Mrs Mancini, please follow me, Dr Johnson is waiting for you." Lisa look confuse she didn't phone her doctor. "I called Dr Johnson and told her what happened." Allesandro explains. Lisa looks up at him stunt. She can't believe she didn't hear him talk in the phone. Lisa and Allesandro follow the nurse to the room where the doctor is waiting for them. "Good morning Mr and Mrs Mancini. Will you please lay down on the bed for me?" The doctor greets them. Lisa and Allesandro greet the doctor and then Lisa went and lay down. "Okay let's see." The doctor puts the gel on Lisa's stomach and start with the check up. Suddenly Lisa hears the heart beat. "You see here? There is one, now lets check and see if we can find the others." The doctor tells them. Soon they hear another heart beat. "Looks like all three babies are going to be alright." Allesandro looks at the doctor then at Lisa. "Did you just say three?" He asks not sure if he heard correctly. "Yes, Mrs Mancini found out the last time she was here. I suggest you rest as much as you can and no more stress. You were under a lot of stress and its not good for you or the babies. The chance that you can lose one or all of them are great. So I need you to stop stressing and rest otherwise I'm going to put you on bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy." The doctor tells Lisa. Lisa look at the doctor, she can't believe that she can lose her babies if she doesn't take care of herself. Lisa wipes the gel of and pull her shirt off. Allesandro helps her up, and then they thank the doctor and went out. "Do you need anything from the store?" Allesandro ask Lisa. "No, I think I just want to go home and lay down for a bit." Lisa reply. "Okay, I will take you home. Can we talk as soon as possible?" Allesandro ask her. "Yes, we need to talk about everything, maybe we can stop at the park where we first met?" Lisa suggests. Allesandro nods then drives towards the park.

At the park Allesandro gets out and walk to Lisa's side and opens the door for her. "Thank you." They walk silently to an open bench. "Okay, what do you want to talk about?" Lisa ask. "First I want to explain why I did what I did to you. I received photos of you where you were, what you did. They threatened that if I don't leave you that I will receive body parts of you. I tried to protect you but instead I got you kidnapped." Allesandro explains. "I know why you did it, but I still feel hurt that you didn't trust me enough to talk about it. I thought we were going to be honest to each other, but you decided to keep secrets from me and you started seeing Bianca again. Do you realize how that made me feel? I love you Allesandro, I really do, but I need time to think about everything. You have hurt me more than anyone has ever hurt me. You were and still are my first love. Can I ask you something?"
"Yes, anything."
"Did you... you know... sleep with Bianca?" Lisa ask regretting the question. "I... I didn't sleep with her I promise, I did kiss her to make it look real." Allesandro reply ashamed now that he say it out loud. Lisa looks at Allesandro trying to fight the tears that threatens to come out. She clear her throat and says, "Can you please take me home now, I feel tired." Allesandro nods and stands up. He knows he just messed things up, but he needed to tell her the truth.
Back at the mansion Lisa went up to her room and starts crying. She knows why he did it but it still hurts thinking that he kissed Bianca. She cries herself to sleep thinking about Allesandro and Bianca together.
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