The Blind Billionaire

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Sophia finds out

Allesandro decides to check up on Jhonny. He just hopes that Lisa will find it in her heart to forgive him. "What happened to Lisa? I heard her crying?" Kevin ask Allesandro as soon as he went in to Jhonny's room. "Its something that I did." Allesandro says with a sight. "What did you do and how did it went at the hospital?"
"Well good news is we didn't lose the baby's and bad news Lisa needs to rest and stop stressing otherwise she will lose them. As for what I did, Lisa asked if I slept with Bianca an...." before he could finish his sentence Jake interupt. "Don't tell me you slept with her, now wonder Lisa is crying"! Jake shouts. "I didn't sleep with her, I only kissed her." Allesandro defends himself. "Still, you cheated on your wife. God dammit Mancini, we told you to stay away from Bianca."
"I know, I really messed up big time." Allesandro says defeated. "Wait you mentioned baby's?" Kevin change the subject. Allesandro nods and mess with his hair. "Yes, it turns out we are expecting triplets."
"Wait! Triplets! As in three of you are going to be here soon?" Kevin says shocked. "Wow, man congrats. Who would've guest that you would be the first one to be a father. But in all seriousness you have to set things right with Lisa." Jake says to Allesandro. "I'm planning on setting things right but I'm going to need Sophia's help."
"O, shit she's going to kill us for keeping this away from her." Kevin tells them. "Yeah, you think? I will go to them after lunch." Allesandro says. Allesandro walks to Jhonny's bed. "Hey, you better wake up soon. I have some amazing news to tell you. I want to slap the shit out of you first for what you did." Allesandro jokes. The three friends stay there for a while then the maid calls them for lunch. "I'm going to check up on Lisa first you guys go ahead." Kevin and Jake nods and went down stairs. Allesandro walks to the bedroom and opens the door finding the bed empty. He decides to go to Lilani's room maybe she's there.

Lisa sits on Lilani's bed and reads a story to her as she reads the door opens and Allesandro walks in. "Hey, lunch is ready if you want to come down." Allesandro explains. "Thank you we will be down in a minute." Lisa replies without looking up. "Alli where have you been?" Lilani ask him. Lisa looks at her sister weird because she doesn't want to face Allesandro let alone talk to him now. "I'm sorry, piccolo. I was busy this morning. I will be here tonight then I will read to you." Allesandro tells the little girl. "Promise?"
"I promise". Allesandro says holding out his Pinky. Lilani giggles and holds her pinky out as well. "Alright, let's go down for lunch." Lisa interupt the two. Lilani gets out of bed and walk up to Allesandro taking his hand then starts walking out of the door. Lisa looks at the two of them. They really get along very well she just wishes things were different. She watches Allesandro as he walks down the stairs. She has really missed him, his touche, his kisses and mostly his presence. She wonders if she will ever be able to forgive him for what he did. She knows he was only trying to protect them, but he should've trusted her. As she walks in to the dining room she notices Kevin and Jake already eating. Lisa just laughs at the scene in front of her. She swears these guys are still little boys always hungry. "Hey Lisa. Congratulations. Allesandro told us you guys are expecting triplets." Kevin congratulate her. "Thank you, yeah I still can't believe it." Lisa smiles rubbing her small belly. "I think your going to go mad if they are anything like there father." Jake says chuckling. Allesandro throws him an evil eye then Jake and Kevin starts laughing at their friend. Lisa takes a seat away from Allesandro, he notices it but keeps a straight face. He doesn't want to push her away any further than she already is. Lunch went down quietly. Kevin and Jake notice the tension on table and decides to take Lilani. "Do you want to go to the park and grab some ice cream?" Jake ask her. Lilani looks at Lisa for approval. Lisa nods then says, "Yes, you can go but don't eat too many sweets."
"Promise I won't." Lilani says holding her hand on her chest. Kevin, Jake and Lilani stands up and walk out. "I'm going to Sophia's, if you need anything just call me." Allesandro informs her. "I will but for now I'm good, thank you." Lisa answers politely. Allesandro stands up and starts walking out but then turns towards Lisa. "For what its worth, I really am sorry." He says then walks out. Lisa hears the front door shut then she went to her room..

"Good to see you again, brother." Gabriele greets Allesandro. "How are you guys doing?" Allesandro ask him. "Tired, the one who says babys are easy to raise clearly don't know what they are talking about."
"That hard, huh?" Allesandro laughts. "I want to talk to you and Sophia if you guys don't mind." Gabriele can see something is bothering his brother and then calls for Sophia. As soon as Sophia joins them Allesandro tells them everything that happened. "You fucking idiot! Where is that Bitch now? Sophia exclaims. "Bianca was arrested last night". Allesandro tells her. "I'm going to kill you, you had a beautiful wife. Why would you do that to her?"
"I told you I was trying to protect them, besides the babies are doing well."
"Wait babies? As in more than one?" Gabriele ask. "Yes, we are expecting Triplets."
"O fuck. Hopefully they are like their mother and not their father." Gabriele tease Allesandro. "What do you want me to do?" Sophia ask him straight. Allesandro explains what he wants to do to Sophia and Gabriele. "This is going to cost you, but luckily for you I love Lisa."
Allesandro and Sophia starts working on the plan. "Thank you guys, i really appreciate it." Allesandro thanks them. Allesandro spent some more time with them when he tells them he will see them.
"You know for a man who owns half of this country, your brother sure is dumb." Sophia tells Gabriele.
Gabriele just laughs. "Come on we have some planing to do." Sophia tells her husband. Soon they are busy arranging everything. "Let's just hope this is going to turn out good."
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