The Blind Billionaire

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The suprise

Allesandro went back to the mansion and went to Lilani's room. "Hey princess. How are you feeling?"
"Good thank you. Where were you?" Lilani ask him. "I quickly went to aunt Sophia to ask them something." Allesandro tells her. "O okay, Lisa is sleeping if you want to know. Is she alright?"
"Thank you. Yes she's alright now. Why do you ask?" Allesandro ask confused. "Well she's crying a lot."Lilani says. "Don't worry I think she's just glad to be back." He assures Lilani. Lilani nods then ask, "When are we going back home? And when is Nona coming?"
"Soon little one very soon, Nona will be back one of these days I promise." Allesandro say. Allesandro spend a few more minutes with her. Then went to Lisa's. When he opens the door he finds the bed empty. Just as he was about to leave the bathroom door opens and Lisa walks out with a towel around her. Lisa watch Allesandro and see the lust in his eyes. "I'm sorry I should have knocked." Allesandro say embarrassed that he shamelessly checked her out. Just as he turns around Lisa walks up to him and hug him. "Thank you for saving us." She says to him. Allesandro turns around facing her. "I will never let anything happen to you or our babies and to Lilani. I will protect you as long as I live. I love you so much. I'm not just saying it because you want to hear it, I'm saying it because I mean it." Lisa looks up to him and see that his sincere. She stands on her toes and bring her lips to his kissing him. "I know." Lisa say and walk to the bed to get her clothes. "I just need time you have hurt me when you said you kissed her." Allesandro nods saying, "I understand. I won't push you to forgive me." Lisa hears the sadness in his voice. She wants to tell him she forgive him, but she's still hurt. She loves this man with her whole heart. "Sophia and Gabriele are coming over this evening." Allesandro informs her. "O, I have missed them."
"Yes, she's mad that I did'nt tell them about anything. She had her baby the day you went missing." Allesandro tells her. "Wow, I can't wait to meet her but isn't it too early for the baby?." Lisa says exited. "I don't know? You will have to ask her, but please don't over stress yourself." Allesandro pleads. "I won't, I promise." Allesandro nods then leaves Lisa alone in the room. Lisa are left with her own thoughts. Why can't she just forgive him? He did it to protect them she thought. She decides to take rest for a while before Sophia comes.

That evening Sophia and Gabriele arrive. Allesandro went up to call Lisa and tell her they are here. Lisa quickly dressed and then went down stairs. When Sophia sees Lisa she walks up to her and hug her. "O honey, I'm so sorry for what happened to you and congratulations I heard your expecting three Mancini's." Sophia winks. Lisa laughs and reply, "Thank you. Yes its still unbelievable I can't believe there's three human beings growing inside me."
"Yeah, me neither. O hell, hopefully they will be like you and not the father. Heaven help us because then we will have four Allesandro's to handle." Sophia laughs. "Hey! I hear you. I'm not that bad." Allesandro defends himself. "Sure you are an angel sent from hell." Kevin also mock. Allesandro gives him a finger. "Dinner is ready. We can go to the dinning room." Jake tells everyone. They all went to sit down and start to eat. The guys are busy chatting about men stuff while Sophia and Lisa talks. "I want you to come with me tomorrow night." Sophia ask Lisa. "Alright, where are we going?"
"I was thinking maybe grab dinner? So dress nicely." Sophia says kindly. Lisa nods and then continue eating. After dinner Lisa and Sophia take the plates and start doing dishes. "Where's the baby?" Lisa ask. "In the bedroom sleeping. Do you want to meet her?" Sophia ask. "I would love to." Lisa and Sophia walks to the bedroom where the baby is sleeping. "O my, she's beautiful. What's her name?" Lisa asks softly. "Luna Aria Mancini." Sophia smiles. "We named her after her grandmother's."
"That's a beautiful name. May I hold her?"
Sophia nods and gives Luna to Lisa. Lisa holds the baby girl against her chest. "She looks just like Gabriele." Lisa notice. "Yes, that she does." Sophia says happy. "She's so small. Aren't she born to early?" Lisa ask. "Turns out our doctor made a mistake about how far along I was." Sophia shrug. "Oo, well at least she's healthy." Lisa holds the baby when Allesandro walks in. The sight in front of him makes his heart melt. "You look good with the baby in your arm". Allesandro compliments. Lisa looks up at him and gives him a small smile. "Any ways, we want to let you know, Jhonny just woke up." Allesandro tells them. "That's fantastic news. We will be there in a bit." Sophia say. Allesandro nods then leave. "I assume you are mad at him?" Sophia ask carefully. Lisa sights, "I don't know, I mean he told me he did it to protect us, but the thought of him kissing her makes me mad." Lisa admit. "I know honey, but take it from his point of view, he received all these threats. He didn't know what to do. He was trying to protect you. Look I don't talk good about what he did, but I have never seen him in love like this before. He truly loves you." Sophia say. Lisa looks at Sophia and realizes she's over reacting. Maybe she should give him another chance. "Thank you, Sophia." Sophia smiles then they walk to Jhonny's room.
"Hey Jhonny. I'm so glad that you are alright." Lisa says as soon as she walks into his room. "Don't worry, I won't leave you this soon." Jhonny jokes. Lisa walks up to him and hugs him with Sophia next to her. "Congratulations on your baby girl". Jhonny says to Sophia. "Thank you. Gabriele will need a shot gun when she's bigger." Sophia laughs. "O, and I hear your bringing three Mancini's into this world. God help us that they don't have there fathers personality." Jhonny says. Allesandro throws him a finger and everyone laughs."Why is everyone saying that?" Allesandro ask. They laugh at Allesandro. "You do realize how you was as a child and now?" Kevin ask with amusement in his voice. They all spent a few hours with Jhonny when Gabriele tells Sophia they should go. They bid everyone good night then went home. Lisa went to Lilani's room and found her fast asleep. "Goodnight baby girl." Lisa say and kiss her on the head. She covers her with a blanket then walk out. On her way to her room she sees Allesandro about to go into another room. "You can stay with me if you want to." Lisa offers. Allesandro looks at her and nods then walk with her to her room. Lisa went to the bathroom and change into pajamas and do her business. When she walks out she sees Allesandro laying down on the bed. She walks to her side and slips in. "Good night, Allesandro." Lisa say. "Good night, Lisa." Lisa turns and soon fell asleep feeling someone pulling her closer.

The next day Allesandro and Sophia plan the surprise for Lisa. "Everything is going to work out well. We will take care of Lilani and Alice, stop worrying." Sophia tells her brother-in-law. "How can you be so sure? Lisa won't forgive me easily and I don't blame her." Allesandro reply. Sophia shake her head. "I just know. That woman loves you.." Allesandro just shakes his head. "You better get ready. It's almost time to go and get Lisa. Don't mess this up or I will have your balls." Sophia threatens him. Allesandro laughs and then went to get ready praying everything works out well.
In the meantime Lisa is busy getting ready for her dinner date with Sophia. She haven't seen Allesandro the whole day after breakfast. He told her he has important meetings and will probably be late. She must admit she really misses him. She decides to wear a long red dress with a low cut at the breast and a high slit that shows her leg. She let her hair loose and apply light makeup. After she's done Lilani comes in to tell her Sophia has arrived. Lisa quickly takes her purse then walks out. "Wow, you look gorgeous." Sophia compliments her. Lisa smiles and the two walks out. Sophia tells her driver to where she wants to go. Soon they are on their way. "We are almost there. I want you to put on this mask and please don't peak." Sophia tells Lisa. Lisa takes the mask and put it on wondering what she's up to. "We are here. Give your hand and I will lead you." Lisa does as she is told and follow Sophia. "Now you can take it off." Lisa hear Sophia say. As soon as she takes it off she notices that they are standing in front of Allesandro's private jet. "What's going on?" Lisa asks unsure. Sophia smile and nods towards something. Lisa turns around and see Allesandro walking up to her. "Lisa, baby. I want to ask if you will go away with me for a few days". Allesandro ask Lisa hopefully. Lisa looks at him. She don't know what to say. "I... I.....
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