The Blind Billionaire

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Lisa makes a decision


I.. I would love to go away for a few days with you." Allesandro is relieved when he hears her say those words. Sophia winks at him then say to Lisa. "Remember what I told you." Lisa nods and walks towards Allesandro. He takes her hand and leads her to the waiting jet. "Thank you for agreeing you don't know how much this means to me. You look beautiful by the way." Allesandro compliments her. "I think I know how much this means to you." Lisa tells him. The air hostess greet them kindly. Lisa notice it's a new one. "I wonder what happened to the other one." Lisa thought then she hears Allesandro answer. "I fired her just after we came back from South-African. This is Aurora. Aurora this is my wife Lisa." Lisa looks at Allesandro. "Did I just say that out loud?" Lisa thought. "Yes you did." Allesandro smiles. Lisa blush because of her stupidity. "Pleasure to finally meet you Lisa, the guys talk about you a lot." Aurora greets Lisa. "O, you know them?" Lisa ask her. "Well it's a long story but yes I know them. I'm just helping Allesandro out on this trip until he can find another girl."
"O, okay. Pleasure to meet you to." Lisa kindly say. Allesandro leads them to the seats and fasten Lisa's safety belt. "She smells so good". Allesandro thought and concentrate hard not to kiss her. He needs to take things slow with her. Lisa notice how hard Allesandro tries not to touch her. Its actually funny especially his face. Lisa tries to hold her laugh she needs to let him work for her forgiveness. Aurora comes and tell them their about to take off and soon the plane is in the air. She wonders where they are going but don't want to ask Allesandro.

Allesandro notice Lisa sleeping he picks her up and went to lay her down on the bed. "Stay with me." He hears her say. Allesandro takes his shoes off and lay down next to her. Lisa turns to him and moved into his arms falling asleep again. Allesandro smiles then close his eyes. Lisa wakes up needing to use the bathroom. "Allesandro, I need to go to the bathroom." She whisper but Allesandro keeps on sleeping. "Allesandro Mancini! Your kids are pressing on my bladder! If you don't let go of me I'm going to pee in this bed." Allesandro let her go and Lisa quickly runs to the bathroom. After she's finished she went back and finds Allesandro waiting for her. "May I take you out on a date?" He asks her. Lisa smiles, "Of course you can, but we are still in the air."
"Well, luckily for you and me I have a personal sjef on this plane." Allesandro brags then he takes Lisa's hand and lead her to the seats. "Can I get you anything, Mr Mancini?" Aurora plays along. "Can I get a bottle of your best champagne?" Allesandro ask. Aurora went to the kitchen and come back with champagne and classes. Lisa and Allesandro enjoys their dinner date. Lisa haven't laugh so much in a while. "We have a few more hours before we land. If you feel tired you can go to the bedroom." Allesandro tells her. Lisa nods but decides to sit down next to him. "Thank you for a lovely dinner. I really enjoyed it." Lisa say truthfully. "I will do anything to make you smile." He whispers then plant a kiss on her cheek. They sit and chatted for a while when Lisa yawn, "I think I'm going to rest for a while." Allesandro nods and let her go.

"Lisa, honey wake up we are about to land." She hears Allesandro say. Lisa wakes up and then follow him to fasten her seat belt. When the plane lands Allesandro and Lisa walk out of the plane. "Are we in Hawaii?"Lisa ask Allesandro. "Yes, I remember it was on the list you gave me when we went on honeymoon." Allesandro smiles. "Wow, thank you." Lisa says sincere. They walk to a waiting car and Allesandro tells the driver where to take them. It's half past two in the morning. Lisa looks out of the window and notice how beautiful everything looks even if it's dark. The car stops in front of a huge house. Allesandro open the door for her then he went to the driver and pay him. "Welcome to Hawaii." Allesandro say. Lisa smiles at him then start waking towards the house. Allesandro opens the door and watch Lisa's reaction. "This place is huge, it's got so much space." Lisa tell her thoughts out loud. "Don't tell me this is one of your properties as well."
"No, its Kevin's property. He told me I can use it for a few days." Allesandro answers her. Lisa walk further inside, the one side of the wall are all made out of glass giving her the perfect view of the ocean. The entire first floor are an open design with a dining table and what she assumes is a lounge area. She walks to the door leading to the balcony and open it. Lisa turns around and notice Allesandro watching her every move. "Let go outside for a bit?" She asks him. Allesandro walk up to her then they both went out. "This view is beautiful." Lisa say. "Not as beautiful as the sight in front of me." Lisa turns around to face Allesandro. She stands on her toes and throws her arms around his neck then pulls him closer to her. The kiss is passionate after a while they break the kiss both catching their breathes. "I just wanted to say thank you for bringing me here." Lisa tells him. She notices the disappointment in his eyes. She then takes him by the hand, "Show me the bedroom." Allesandro leads her upstairs and opens the door. Lisa watch as Allesandro walks into the bedroom and put their bags in the corner of the room. He takes something out of his back and then takes his shirt off. Lisa's mouth went dry at the sight of her husband body. As if her feet has a mind of their own she walks up to him and put her hands on his naked body tracing his six-pack with her nails. Allesandro holds her hands and whisper in her ear, "If you don't stop doing that I will take you right now." Lisa looks up at him, "Maybe that's what I want." Allesandro raise an eyebrow asking, "Are you sure that's what you want?" Lisa grabs his face and start kissing him. "You talk too much." That's all Allesandro wanted to hear.
He gently places her in the middle of the bed
His hands run up her inner tight pushing up her dress. He impatiently pulls it over her head. When she's free of the dress he sits back and stairs down at her. After what feels like forever he let out a groan. "Do you have any idea what you have been doing to me all night?" He shook his head
"Driving me insane". He leans down, kisses her down her neck making sure the only part of him touching her is his lips. "So sexy". He mummers against her skin causing more heat to bloom low in her belly. "Allesandro". She says breathlessly. "Mmmm". He moans against her skin. "Please". She gasps as his tongue twirls against her nipple. "Please what?" He sucks it into his mouth, and she arch her back gasping. He lets it go smirking." Please what?" He repeats. "I need..." He sucks on the other one. "Need what?" He continues his tortures licks. "Need you.. Need you. Now." Allesandro looks up at her and grins. "As you wish." True to his word he does everything she wishes and more. They spent the night tangled in each other. Exploring in ways they never did before.
Lisa wakes up to the demand of her bladder. Allesandro spoons her, his arms protectively around her waist. When she moves he groans and pulls her tighter against him. "Allesandro". She whispers. He rubs his head into her hair ignoring her. "Allesandro". She say again this time louder. Nothing. "Allesandro I have to pee". She say this time pertucualary louder. His body starts shaking of laughter, and he rolls of her. "Jerk". She says before running to the bathroom.
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