The Blind Billionaire

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Lisa comes out of the bathroom and notice that Allesandro's place is empty. She decides to go down and start making breakfast. When she went down the stairs she smells pancakes. She tipped toe to the kitchen and find Allesandro shirtless busy making food. She starts to drool at the sight of her sexy husband. What she will do to him right now to touch his abs, kiss him all over and then to make sweet love to him right here in the kitchen. "Take a picture it last longer." Allesandro brought her out of her dirty thoughts. "I wasn't staring at you." Lisa plays it off. "That's not what the drool from your mouth shows." Lisa wipes her mouth and finds him laughing at her. "Wasn't staring my ass." Allesandro laughs. Lisa throws him a dirty look but her husband only smirks at her. "So what are we planing for today?" Lisa change the subject before she embarrass herself more. "I was thinking maybe we could go down to the beach and take some surfing lessons if you want?" Lisa smiles and nods. She always wanted to learn how to surf. Allesandro starts dishing for them and Lisa cant wait to dig in. With every bite she takes Lisa moans. "I can make you moan louder if you don't stop." Allesandro say with lust in his eyes. Lisa stops eating and gives him a toothy smile. "O you think so, Mr Mancini?" She asks him. "Don't push me, Mrs Mancini because I will take you and spank you." Lisa's eyes went wide somehow hearing him say that turns her on. "Dammit this hormones." She thought. "I doubt that, these pancakes feeds me and the babies, when you have me moaning I get pregnant." Lisa gives a sassy reply. "O really? I didn't here you complain last night when you begged me to fuck you." Allesandro shots back. Lisa feels her face heat up remembering last night. "So, we probably should get ready of we want to take surfing lessons." Lisa say without looking at her husband. Allesandro only smiles at his wife's shyness. "Yes, how about we shower together to save water?" He wiggles his eyebrows. Lisa shakes her head standing up she walks towards the stairs, "See you in the shower." She says over her shoulder then starts running up. She hears a groan and then footsteps behind her. Suddenly her feet are lift off the ground. "You baboon put me down." Lisa shouts. She gasps as she feels a sting on her butt. "Did, did you just spank me?" She asks shocked. "You can say that's for being smart an ass." He shrugs it off.

Lisa and Allesandro walk hand in hand down to the beach. "Good morning, Mr Mancini. Are you and your wife ready to surf?" A well-built, dark hair man ask Allesandro. "Good morning, Alex yes we are ready but please remember that this is my wife's first time, and she's expecting." Alex looks over to Lisa and smiles. "You don't have to worry about a thing, she's in good hands." Alex assures him. Alex teaches Lisa the basics well not in water but on the beach. Lisa feels stupid but do as she's told. Soon they went into the water. Allesandro watch as Alex learn Lisa to surf and gets jealous when he saw his hands on his wife. "I think I will take it from here, thank you, Alex." Allesandro dismissed him. Alex nods then turns to Lisa. "Good luck and congratulations with the baby." Lisa nods and thanks him then she turns to Allesandro with her hands on her heaps. "What was that all about"? She asks him. Allesandro shrugs, "I didn't like the way he was touching my wife." Lisa rolls her eyes, "He didn't do it on purpose he's trying to teach me to surf."
"Still i don't like another man touching what's mine." Lisa just shakes her head. She can't believe he's that jealous. "Besides I can teach you."
"O, really? You know how to surf?" Lisa questions him. "Jupp, come I will show you if you don't believe me." Lisa watch as Allesandro takes his board and swim further in. She watches as a big wave comes up and Allesandro gets ready. "Wow, I never thought he can surf." Lisa says out loud. That morning Allesandro teaches Lisa to surf. After some time surfing Lisa's stomach growls. "Looks like somebody's hungry. Come on lets go and feed you guys." Lisa and Allesandro walks to a restaurant not far from the beach. They enjoy lunch and then Lisa says she feels tired. "Lets get you to bed. You're actually supposed to be resting." Allesandro say and then picks her up. "I can walk you know?"
"I know, but I like to carry you." Come his reply. Lisa snuggles into his chest and fall asleep.

When Lisa wakes up she finds a note on her bed stand. "Already run a bath for you. On the chair is a dress I want you to wear. When you are finished go to the kitchen." She reads the note. Lisa stands up and went to bathroom. True to his word she finds the tub full of candles and rose pedals. Lisa take her clothes off and relax in the bath. When her hands and fingers become prune she climes out and take the towel. Walking back to the bedroom she takes a look at the dress and decides on what lingerie to wear. Then she does her makeup and her and lastly she gets dressed. The dress is a strapless white dress that reaches her knees. She wears her silver high heels. She walks down to the kitchen and finds another note with a rose. "Now that your dressed go to the back yard and follow the trail." She reads the note out loud. "What are you up to Mancini?" She wonders out loud. She walks to the back door and sees the rose pedals and lights making a path she follows it and then sees a sign, "I was such a fool." She reads then continues, "I wish I never let you go I promise to make it up to you every day for the rest of our lives." Lisa smiles then continues, "I have so many reasons why I love you. Number one your kind heart." Lisa now wonders what his up to. A few steps further she reads, "Number 2. You always put others first." Then another one. "You always see the good side in every situation." Lisa continues walking and reads all the reasons why he loves her then she reaches the end and sees a small tent in the middle of a heart shape made out of rose pedals. Lisa walks towards the tent but don't see Allesandro. "Lisa, there's so many reasons why I love you and to name each and every one is going to take me a lifetime. I know I messed up the day I left you. I should've trusted you, but I was afraid. You have taught me to be blind doesn't define who you are. You stood by my side even when I was rude to you." Lisa hear Allesandro say and look around. "You never gave up on me, that night on our honeymoon you gave me your most precious gift that night and when we came back I treated you poor. I want you to know that, that night was the best night of my entire life. I have done so many wrongs that I will need a lifetime to show you how much I regret everything I have done to you." Lisa search for him then she sees him walking toward her with a huge bouquet of red roses and people start bringing more roses. "I can only hope that you will give me a chance to show you how much I love you, how much I regret everything. Between all of these roses are a fake one. I will love you till the last one dies." Lisa watches as they bring thousands of roses to her. Allesandro walks up to her where she's surrounded by roses. "Lisa," Allesandro says then goes down on one knee. "Will you please marry me again?" Lisa looks down at Allesandro with tears in her eyes. She really loves him. He's showing how much he regrets what he has done. But will she be able to trust him again.
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