The Blind Billionaire

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Meeting the triplets

It's been seven months since Lisa and Allesandro got married. Things have been going great between them the day after they were married Allesandro took her to Greece for two weeks when they got to know each other better. They spent many hours naked and just enjoying each other. However, they also did go sightseeing and spent lots of time at the beach or in the pool. Grandpa stayed with them until after Christmas and promised to come and visit again. Lilani is now speaking Italian like a pro. Allesandro and the guys learned Afrikaans. They struggled the beginning, but after a few months they finally nailed it. Marna and Jake exchanged numbers on the wedding and now talks every single day. He even flew down to South-Africa a few times to visit her. Jhonny and Aurora still haven't confess their feelings for each other they pretend they don't like each other to everyone's frustration. Kevin is still single saying he's not ready for commitment and enjoys his bachelor'life too much to be tied down. "Baby, are you sure your up to host this dinner". Allesandro ask his very pregnant wife. "Yes baby, besides it would be great having everyone here. It's been how long since we all had dinner together." Lisa says to him. Allesandro wraps his arms around Lisa and kiss her on the cheek. "You know I can't wait for the Triplets to be born. I wonder what the gender is." Allesandro says while rubbing her belly. "Yeah? But you were the one that said we must wait until birth." Lisa reminds him. Lisa and Allesandro has made the nursery look like something out of a storybook. This three is definitely going to be spoiled by there great grandfather, aunts and uncles. Lisa's due date is fast approaching, and they have everyone over for a grill before the babies arrives. She's been very lucky and so far has had a relatively easy pregnancy. To Allesandro, Lisa makes pregnancy looks damn sexy. Right now she's busy licking ice cream and its taking everything in him not to kick everyone out, so he can take her right now on that sofa.
He walks up to her and whisper exactly what his thinking.
"Well, I hate to brake it to you, Hulk but I don't think that's happening."
"Wow, way to shoot a man down"
Lisa turns around and wraps her arms around his neck. "That won't be happening because I've been having contractions for the last half an hour and now they are closer together. We're going to meet our babies soon".
"What? Why didn't you say anything?"
"Because I wanted to make sure they were the real thing and not Braxton hicks like two weeks ago."

They stand up and tell everyone. "You guys go. We'll clean up here and I will take Lilani to my house." Jhonny says.
"Call us when you know what's going on. We can't wait to find out the genders of the babies." Aurora hugs Lisa and so does everyone else. We go inside and grab the bags. "Are you ready?" Allesandro ask as they head out to the car. "I'm a little nervous but beyond excited to hold them in my arm."
"You'll be great and I will be there with you the entire time. You can hit me, cuss me or do whatever you think of. I will take it".
Lisa laughs. "I might just take you up on that".

"How much longer before I can push them out?" Lisa growled out as another contraction hits. "Soon, Mrs Mancini your almost delated." The nurse tells Lisa.
Just then another contraction hits, and she grabs Allesandro's hand squeezing the life out of it. Lisa hates needles that's why she decided on natural birth but now she regrets making that decision.
"Okay, Lisa it looks like your ready to push." The doctor announce to her relief.
She don't know how long she's been pushing when she finally feels pressure down there followed by the sound of her baby crying. "Okay, Lisa push when you are ready, baby number two is ready to come out." The doctor say.

Lisa was exhausted. Pushing one baby out is hard enough but three? That shit is crazy. "You were so amazing, Lisa". Allesandro looks down at her with so much adoration.
"Mr and Mrs Mancini, meet your boys." The doctor says bringing all three their boys. "They are beautiful just like their mother." Allesandro says admiring his three boys. "Have you decided on names?" The doctor ask them. Lisa nods. "Baby number one's name will be Alexander Marcello Mancini." Lisa looks at their firstborn. He also has black hair like his father and his brown eyes. They decided to name him after Allesandro's father. "Baby number two Gabriele Mason Mancini". He also has his father's black hair but his mother's blue eyes. Allesandro asked to name one son after his brother and him. "Baby number three Johannes Petrus (Jp)". He looks like Lisa brown hair and blue eyes. Lisa named him after her father and grandfather. "They are perfect". Lisa smiles looking at her three handsome sons. "Yes, just like their mother". Allesandro says.
Allesandro had gone out to give their family and friends all the details, but they had asked for a few minutes with the Triplets for themselves before they started letting visitors in.

"You want to hold them?" Lisa ask Allesandro. He shook his head. "I don't want to drop them."
"You won't, here take Alexander". She said handing him over.
He looked a little scared at first but a few minutes later it was like his instinct kicked in as he swayed from one side to another and cooed at him. This right here, getting to see the four people who mean the most to Lisa in this world is something she would never forget.
"We should probably let everyone in. The sooner they see them the sooner they can head home so that you can rest." Allesandro suggest.
"Oaky". She say taking Alexander, so he can let their family and friends in.

A few minutes later he's back with everyone in a tow and Lisa's room were packed. "Let us see the mini Mancini's." Kevin excitedly say. Lisa chuckles and Allesandro hands the boys. "They are precious." Aurora beamed.
"I know, I can't believe we made them". Lisa smiles leaning her head on Allesandro.
"Me neither." He say wrapping his arms around her kissing her on top of the head. They watch as the boys get past on by one family member to the next. Lisa feels exhausted and thankfully Allesandro notice and kick everyone out. "It's been a long day and Lisa needs to get some rest. Maybe you guys can come back sometime tomorrow." He suggested.
"I don't want to give them back." Aurora pouted. She had had Jp for the last five minutes refusing to give him back. "Come on Aurora, they had a long day." Jhonny tried getting her to hand him over. "Just a little longer". She insists.
"We're going to get going, I will see you in the morning." Sophia say kissing her cheek.
"Thanks". Lisa smiles appreciative
"You did good little one." Kevin say giving her a hug. "Congratulations man." He did the whole man shake with Allesandro.
"We are all going to go, call us when your up for visitors." Jake say giving her a hug.
"I will". Lisa hug him back.
Jhonny also hugs her before leaving with Aurora.
Now its just her and her four boys. Lisa thinks smiling.
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