The Blind Billionaire

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The accedent

It's been three months since Lisa gave birth to the triplets. Everything have been going great the boys are angels. Lisa thought it would be hard to have triplets, but they proofed her wrong. Allesandro is a loving father and helps Lisa a lot during the night he will help Lisa feed and change diapers. Lisa is grateful for a husband like him. Lilani couldn't believe that her sister had three babies in her belly and wanted to know if she stole the other two. She fell in love with them instantly. The guys mocked and to Lisa she's got problems coming when they are all grown up. She must admit she's out numbered with four Mancini men in her household. Grandpa were exited when he heard that all three are boys and promised to come and visit soon. "Maria I'm going to go to the shop to get milk and diapers for the boys. Will you be alright with them alone?" Lisa ask her. "Si, Mrs Mancini we will be alright." Maria assures her boss. "I wont be long, Mr Mancini will be here shortly." Lisa kiss her boys and went to the garage. She decides to take the Audi e tron. She calls Allesandro to let him know she's going to the shop and to hear if he needs anything but his phone goes straight to voice mail. "Hey baby, I'm just on my way to the shop let me know if you need anything. I love you." Lisa leaves a message. Lisa was almost at the shop when something hit her on her side of the car. Everything happened in slow motion.

Allesandro just got out of meeting and decides to call it a night. He really misses Lisa and the boys. He can't imagine his life without his family. He calls Antonio telling him to bring the car to the front. On his way home he notices he has a voice mail from Lisa. He listens to it and smile. He quickly daily her number. Tut... tut...tut... That's strange he thought. He calls home. "Mancini residents, how can I help you". Maria's voice come through. "Maria, can I talk Mrs Mancin"
"I'm sorry Sir but Mrs Mancini, left more than an hour ago and still didn't return I thought she was with you." Maria informs him. "Thank you, Maria. When she gets home please let me know." Allesandro calls Sophia and ask her if Lisa is with her only to hear she's not there. Worry begin to settle within him. He calls the guys and tell them that Lisa's nowhere to be found. "We are on our way. Maybe she's at the park we will find her." Jhonny calms Allesandro. "I will check the shops near your house. "Thank you. Let me know as soon as one of you find her." Allesandro ask Antonio to drive to the shop where Lisa usually goes to. "Please Lisa be okay." Allesandro whispers. They drive towards the shop and comes across an ambulance. The police stopped every car driving in that direction. Allesandro got out of the car just as Jhonny pulls up. "Excuse me officer what has happened here?" Jhonny ask the chief. "Sir, please keep your distance as a terrible accident has happened here as you can see." The chief explains.

The body was placed in a black bag ready to be taken away. Allesandro decides to go back to the car as he needs to find Lisa. Something doesn't feel right and all of a sudden he hears. "Lisa"! Allesandro turns around to be met by a scene he wasn't expecting to see. Everything stopped and he was in great pain. "O God no! No! Please wake up!" Kevin shouts. The guys have tears in their eyes while running a hand through their hair. Allesandro runs to the body. He needs to see and make sure that there's some kind of mistake.

His world stopped. Everything stopped. The one thing he had cherished has been taking away from him. He held her to him tightly and cry hard. He let everything out. He cried so hard he was shaking. "No il mio amore(my love), please wake up. Please! I love you!" Allesandro shouts. "We made plans, we have three baby boys who need you! I need you!" Allesandro was inconsolable. He held her body close to him, not wanting to let go it wasn't time to let go. He keeps on muttering please come back over and over again while he sat on the ground.

"Sir, we need to take the body away now." The paramedic says. Allesandro wasn't moving or saying a word. Jhonny and Jake came to lift him off the ground only to be pushed away. "No! Leave me the fuck alone! She's not de... dea..." It was hard for him to say the word dead. For him that word shouldn't be in his vocabulary. Ever.
In the end they succeed picking him up and let the paramedics take Lisa's body.
Kevin drives them back to the mansion while Jhonny informed the others. They were all devastated and upset.

Everyone was at Allesandro's mansion. They all are shocked about the news. Jhonny tells Allesandro that he will call Lisa's family to inform them. "Thank you"? Allesandro couldn't handle it, it all become too much for him. He went upstairs to his bedroom. Taking hold of her picture where they hold the triplets. "Why!" He shouts and slum down to the floor. Rocking himself back and forth.
"Ali? Ali?" Lilani quietly calls as she takes in the scene in front of her. "Why are you crying? Where's my sister". Allesandro couldn't answer her. How do he tell her she lost her only sister. He shakes his head. "Lilani, baby girl." Sophia calls softly. "Aunt Sophia, why are you crying? And Alli?" She touches his hair.
"Oh, sweetie come here." Lilani shook her head but Sophia takes her in her arms. "Lilani.." Sophia say but Lilani pushes away from her.

"No aunt Sophia. Where's my sister?" O God Sophia says and couldn't hold it longer and brakes down crying hard. "She... she's..dea..dead.. Gone to heaven". Sophia knew she can't keep it a secret from her. She's going to find out sooner or later.
Lilani run back to Allesandro and cry so hard. Sophia didn't want to do anything, so she walks out of the room.
"Alli... Lisa will be okay? Won't she?" She was sobbing uncontrollable. Allesandro picks her up onto his lap and let the tears fall.

Lisa you have taken everything away from me. Loving you are something I never get bored with. I just want to see you. Hold you. Hug you. Touch you. Cuddle with you. Kiss you. Love you.
Everyone is concerned about Allesandro. They know how much he loves Lisa.

In the meantime..
"Now I can have my rightful place as the real Mrs Mancini, not some low life Bitch.
Everything went perfectly as planned, and we succeeded in getting rid of her. Sebatians is such a genius." Bianca thinks. Yes she's out on bail. They don't have enough evidence to link her with Lisa's kidnapping. She laid low for a while. Watching Allesandro and his so called wife. She hired Sebatian to help her. His the best assassin in Italy. She hired him to take Lisa out, but he said he got another way to do it.

Honestly she doesn't know what went down at the scene. When the truck crashed into the Audi she only prayed that the damage was enough to kill Lisa.
Bianca call Sebastian. "What do you want?" He asks.
"I told you to make sure her brats and sister was with her." Bianca calmly say to him. "Well I got rid of your biggest problem. What more do you want?"
"Just make sure no one finds out this wasn't an accident". Bianca says.
"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing."
"Good". Bianca hangs up. "Oh I'm such a sinner. Haha". She laughs evil.
Now my dear Allesandro I will slowly make you pay for what you and your friends did to my father. You will regret the day you messed with me.
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