The Blind Billionaire

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Who am I?

Miss? Miss can you hear me? What is your name?" A woman in white ask.

"Her name is Annabelle Jackson, like I told you." A man she's never seen before tells the nurse. Why can't I remember my name? Lisa thought.
"Are the two of you related sir?" The nurse ask again. "Yes, she's my sister." The man tells the nurse while looking at Lisa. "Okay, you almost died on us but the doctor managed to pull you trough. You have been in a coma for a week now." The nurse tells Lisa. "The doctor will be here shortly to check on you." With that the nurse leave, leaving Lisa and the man alone. "So you are my brother? Do I have any other family?" Lisa ask him. Then nods, "Yes your older brother. We have a younger sister too her name is Ariana Jackson she's twenty-three years old. My name is Sebastian Jackson, I'm thirty-five years old. Our parents died over ten years ago in an accident. I raised you and Ariana." Sebastian tells her. Lisa nods trying to remember her brother and sister. "We're do we live? What did I do for a living?"
"Well we live here in Los Angeles. All three of us live together. You are an accountant at my company and Ariana well she's the owner of a small flower shop." Once again Lisa nods. None of this sounds familiar. Just then the doctor make his appearance. "Good morning, sleeping beauty. I'm doctor King. I'm glad to see you are back with us. We almost lost you but manage to pull you through. You lost a lot of blood due to the injuries you sustained. You had swelling on your brain. A punctured lung, a few broken ribs and as you can see a broken leg." The doctor tells her. "If your brother didn't bring you in on time you would have been dead. If everything goes well you can go home tomorrow." The doctor ask questions and tells Lisa its normal to have memory lost, but she mustn't push too hard to remember. Lisa and Sebastian thank the doctor and then he leaves.

"I will come back tonight with Ariana. Would you like me to bring you anything?" Lisa shake her head. She don't know what she likes and what not. "See you tonight, rest a little." Sebastian tells her. Lisa close her eyes feeling tired and fell asleep.

"We can't lie to her Sebastian! She deserves to know the truth!" Sebastian's sister shouts at him when he told her about Lisa. "I fucking know that Ari! But did you stop for a second to think what will happen once Bianca learns she's not dead? Bianca has a lot of dangerous men out there and once she finds out Lisa's still alive she will send someone else to do the job. Kevin phoned me and told me that Bianca got out of jail and to keep a close eye on her. When I heard she's planning to take her out I made my appearance as an assassin. I couldn't let three young boys lose their mother! When the time is right I will contact Allesandro." Sebastian rants on. Ariana realize her brother is telling the truth. "Does Kevin know she's still alive?" Ariana ask him. "Yes, we came up with this idea. He needs to find everyone involve who's trying to kill his friends and the people they love." He admits. Sebastian is Kevin's right-hand man here in Los Angeles. Sebastian runs all the businesses here legal and illegal. He knows Ariana has a thing for Kevin, but he don't want his sister involve with a player who will only brake her heart. "We are going to visit her tonight. Please don't say anything about her life before now." Sebastian say rubbing his face. "I won't, but if she finds out you better pray she won't kill you." Ariana say. Sebastian nods and dismiss her. He picks uphis phone. After a few rings the person answer. "Kevin, Lisa is awake. Luckily she's got memory loss but for how long we don't know." Sebastian informs Kevin. "Thanks for letting me know. I don't think Bianca bought the story about Lisa being dead. I found out she's going to dig up the grave and have a DNA test done on the corpse. We have to find out who else is involve because she couldn't have planned all of this alone."
"When are you going to tell Allesandro the truth?" Sebastian ask. "Soon just not now. Bianca has eyes on him and if he gets in touch with Lisa she will do anything to kill her this time." Sebastian and Kevin discuss what to do when they hang up. "I really hope we know what we are doing." Sebastian thought out loud.

"Hey, Annabelle, how are you feeling?" Sebastian ask as soon as he enters the hospital room. "Fine thank you." Lisa notices the girl behind Sebastian. "You must be our younger sister?" Lisa ask her. Ariana steps forward and gasp when she sees how beautiful Lisa is. "Um.. Ye.. Yes I'm Ariana." She takes a seat next to Lisa. Lisa and Ariana talks about everything. Lisa is too afraid to ask about her life. She feels like they're not telling her something but decides not to show that she don't trust them completely. She had a dream about a handsome Italian man with the name Allesandro and that she's married to him. Lisa reminds herself that it's only a dream. "We should go. You look exhausted from all the chatting. I will come tomorrow with Sebastian to get you." Lisa hear Ariana say. "Thank you for visiting me." Lisa finally say. Ariana and Sebastian give her a kiss on her head then leave.

"Alli! Can you take me to Lisa's grave?" Lilani ask Allesandro. "I want to take fresh flowers and ask her something." Lilani explains why she wants to visit Lisa. She misses her sister so much. "Yes, get ready and meet me downstairs." Allesandro says in a sad tone. It's been two weeks since Lisa's death. Allesandro miss her every single moment of every single day. When he went down Lilani are already waiting for him. He takes her hand and leads her to the car. "I made a drawing for her. Do you think she will like it?" Allesandro look at the drawing. It's a picture of Lilani, him and the three boys and in the clouds it looks like Lisa with angel wings. "She will love it." Allesandro say with a smile. When they stop at the grave yard Allesandro notice a black SUV parked in front of it and then a guy near Lisa's grave. He takes Lilani's hand and walk inside to the grave and when the man notice Allesandro he quickly walks toward another direction. Allesandro find this strange but decides to leave it. "Hey Lisa. I really miss you. Last night the tooth fairy came to visit me. I wish you were here to see it. Your babies cry a lot. Jeez, I hope they get bigger, so they can stop crying that much. Ali is doing a great job with them, so I guess you don't have to worry about them. If you can hear me, will you tell mom and dad I say hello and I love them? Ooo before I forget. I made a drawing for you I hope you love it." Lilani bents down and whisper. "Please if you can, will you come back to Alli? His missing you like crazy. I hear him cry but he don't know it." She stands up. "I love you Lisa." Lilani turns to Allesandro. "I will be under the tree you can talk to her now." Allesandro watches as Lilani went to sit under the tree in front of him. He put his hand on the headstone. "Baby, I miss you. Its so hard for me living without you. I try my best to be the best father to our boys but I struggle they need you. They grow up fast. Alexander even smiled at me the other night when he didn't sleep. Jp and Gabriele had fever a few night ago I got so scared if it weren't for Alice I don't know what I would have done. I wish you never had to go out to the shop then you would still be here with us. Tell me how am I supposed to live without you. It feels like I die every day. I love you forever." Allesandro calls Lilani and they walk to the car. Allesandro notice the SUV still standing there. He quickly let Lilani inside the car walk around and pulls away. After coming home he went to his office and phone Jhonny. "I need your help."
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