The Blind Billionaire

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Few days after her funeral everything seemed lifeless for him. The house felt empty without Lisa's presence. Allesandro could smell her everywhere and still can. In the kitchen and in their bedroom. The pillows, covers everything smell of Lisa.
After that day he saw the SUV outside the graveyard he phoned Jhonny to tell him but Jhonny just told him it's his imagination that he's seeing things. Maybe he's right he need to focus on the children instead of making assumptions about who visits the graveyard.

Allesandro sit in his office looking outside from where he can see Rome. What is life if you lost the one person who made life worth living?

"Mr Mancini?" He slowly turns around and look at Leonardo. He has been more quieter than ever its starting to worry the people close to him. Allesandro have been walking around the house and office like a ghost.
"Yes?" Allesandro reply.
"It's been three months Sir, and we are worried about you. You must..."
"Yes, it's been three months since she's gone. I'm a body without a soul. I can't do this anymore Leonardo." Allesandro tells him truthfully. "Sir, if I may suggest why don't you go and see a counselor?"

"I'm fine Leonardo, tell me what's on the schedule today?" He suddenly changes the subject. He don't want to go to a counselor just to hear he must let go of Lisa. "Well you have a meeting with Mr Samuel at 2pm today and Mr Kevin wants to meet with you as soon as you are free."
"Thank you, Leonardo." He nods his head and walk out. Allesandro was busy typing on his computer when there's a knock on the door. "Mr Mancini, I'm sorry to interrupt you but, Mr Samuel is on the phone. He wants to talk to you. He says it's urgent." Allesandro nods and pick the phone up.

"Mr Samuel?" Allesandro say. "Mr Mancini. There has been a problem here at the company. I thought we can reschedule the meeting?"
"Just give my assistant Leonardo the details." Allesandro told him. "Alright. Are you okay? You sound tired." Mr Samuel tells him.
I am good. No worries." Allesandro say. He's starting to get annoyed with everyone asking him the same question over and over again.
"Ok if you say so. Remember my daughter? I can introduce the two of you. See you at the meeting." Samuel say. Allesandro ends the call without saying goodbye.
The nerve of that man. Nobody will ever replace Lisa. He won't let it happen. Lisa maybe gone but he don't want someone else. Nobody can replace her. Nobody can erase the memories of her.

5 O'clock come by quick without Allesandro realizing it. Allesandro close everything and head out. "Leonardo you guys can go I'm going to meet Kevin." Allesandro informs him. His drive to the bar where he's meeting Kevin was quiet.
"I love you Allesandro." She say.
I love you too. I can't wait to meet the babies." Allesandro say rubbing her swollen belly.

"I'm getting fat by the day." Lisa complains while watching herself in the mirror.
"No you look pregnant and sexy." Allesandro assures her and holds her from behind.

"You don't think I'm fat?"
"Nope, you look sexy. I think pregnancy looks damn hot on you." Allesandro tells her.
"I love you."
"I love you too". Lisa say turning around and kiss him.

Allesandro had tears in his eyes. He can't stop thinking about Lisa. Fuck! Kevin will start to get worried if he sees him crying. He gets out of the car and walk into bar where Kevin is waiting for him. "How are you man? Can I get you something to drink?" Kevin greets him. "Doing great, yeah the usual." Allesandro say. Kevin calls the waiter and order. "Okay what is it you want to see me so urgent about?"
"Straight to the point. Well first I want to know if you heard or seen Bianca in the last three months?" Kevin ask seriously. Allesandro frowns, "No nothing. Why?"
Kevin looks his friend in the eyes. "Lisa is dead but not dead. If you know what I mean." Kevin drops the bomb shell. "What do you mean she's dead but not dead?" He asks shocked. "Well it's a very long story. Short version. Lisa is not dead, she's got memory loss but is doing just fine...."
"What the hell are you talking about Kevin. I have held her in my arms the day of the accident. I was there when they buried her." Allesandro angrily say. "Yeah, um.... about that. I was getting to the point when you interrupted. The girl you held and buried is not Lisa. She's a John Doe. I found a body of a woman at the mortuary and got help to make her look exactly like Lisa." Kevin say letting it all sink in. "Why? Why are you telling me all of this? Why now?" Allesandro demands smashing his fist onto the table. Kevin sight. "I found out Bianca wants Lisa dead. She hired an assassin to take her out. Well the "assassin" is one of my most trusted man." Kevin tells Allesandro everything watching his friends face go pale. "So you're telling me for three months you knew she's alive but decided to keep it to yourself?"
"I needed to find Bianca. She's still out there somewhere. I think she knows Lisa is still alive." Allesandro shake his head. "I can't believe what you're telling me. Why didn't you come to us and asked for help?" Allesandro demands. His angry and hurt that his best friend knew all a long and kept quiet. "As I told you Bianca is determined to take revenge on all of us starting with you. She wanted to kill Lisa and the boys." Allesandro listen as his friend explains everything. "Bianca will pay for what she did. Where is Lisa?"
"She's save in Los Angeles that's all you have to know for now." Kevin assure his friend. "I want to see her." Allesandro ask. "No, not yet at least not until we find Bianca and who ever it is She's working with. "Call the other two we need there help." Kevin nods and call the others. "They will be here soon." Kevin informs Allesandro.

He can't believe the love of his life is still alive. After three months of suffering his prayers have been answered. He will make Bianca and who ever works with her pay that's a promise
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