The Blind Billionaire

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Finding Lisa

Jhonny and Jake soon arrive at bar. "Hey guys, what's so urgent?" Jake ask his eyebrows raised. Allesandro show them to sit down. "Can we get you something to drink first?" Kevin asks nervous because he knows they will have his head. Allesandro watch as Kevin gets nervous. He realize his trying to buy some time before dropping the bomb. A waiter bring more drinks and as soon as she leaves Jhonny ask, "Okay will one of you tell us what's going on? Kevin looks like his going to faint any second now."
Kevin laughs nervously. "Well then short version is.. um.. Lisa... She's still alive." Jhonny and Jake exchanged looks and then look at Kevin as if he just grew two heads. "What are you talking about?" Jake ask breaking the silence. "I found out Bianca wanted to hire an assassin to take Lisa and the boys out, so I asked one of my guys to pretend to be an assassin. We got a body out of the mortuary and made the body look like Lisa. The day of the accident Lisa was in the car but as soon as the ambulance came we switched Lisa with the body. She's still alive but have memory lost. She don't know who she is..."
"Wait, you're telling us this whole time you knew Lisa wasn't dead but decided to keep this quiet?" A pissed off Jhonny ask. "Yeah, look I know I didn't have the right but if I didn't act fast Lisa and the boys would've been dead by now..."
"What the fuck man! You saw how your best friend suffered for the past few months and still you kept quite!" Jake continues. "Fuck! Don't you know how hard this was on me also? Don't you realise that if I didn't do what I did Allesandro would've not only lost his wife but his children as well?" Kevin shouts. Allesandro watch as his friends continue to argue. "Enough! Look I know what Kevin did wasn't right but at the time I think he made the right decision. We have to find out who's working with Bianca and take them out! I want Lisa back but I can't until Bianca and whom ever works with her are caught!" Everyone looks at Allesandro. "His right. What do we have to do?" Jake ask Kevin. "The last address I have of Bianca is at one of her father's old warehouses. I have guys on the look out there." Kevin starts showing him all the evidence they have about Bianca. "The question is who's working with her. I can't seem to find out that information." Kevin concludes. "We have to find out soon because Bianca knows it's not Lisa's body that we buried she's on the hunt for her."

"Leave that to me. I have a few guys who own me some favors. I will put it out there that I want to find her and who ever it is as soon as possible." Jhonny informs them. "We will have to move your family to a safe house until we caught them." Jake says to Allesandro. "Fine I will do it but not until I get to see Lisa." Allesandro demands. Kevin sights, "Look I know you miss her, but we can't take that risk not yet."
"Then I'm not going anywhere I will send everyone else but I'm staying." Allesandro says firmly. Kevin shakes his head disappointed. "Fine, let's just get your family to safety first then I will organize that they bring Lisa to the safe house." Kevin agrees. Allesandro nods pleased that he will soon get to hold his wife. "Listen, you will have to be patient. She don't remember anything before the accident." Kevin reminds him. "I know you told me, but maybe once she sees me and her family she will start to remember." Allesandro says hopefully. They look at Allesandro praying that she will remember him. They know it will brake him if she don't get her memories back.

They start discussing what to do and who to contact. "I will keep you guys up to date." Jake tell them. "When are we leaving for the safe house" Allesandroask. "Lets make it in three days time." Kevin suggests. Allesandro and the other two agree on the date and place. "Good, now I have to go I'm on watch tonight at the warehouse." Kevin greets ready to leave. "We are coming with you, Allesandro you go home and get ready to leave." Jhonny orders. Allesandro nods and stand up. "Take care guys." He walks away leaving them behind. "Ohh, and Kevin? Thank you". Kevin smile and nods watching his friend leave. He realize he didn't have the right to keep this away from him after seeing him walk in earlier he knew he made the right choice to tell them the truth. He knows Allesandro will never survive without Lisa. He has seen how much his friend have suffered this past three months and made a promise to make it up to both him and Lisa.

Allesandro cant believe what he had just heard. His wife, the only women he love is still alive. He will help her remember that's a promise. This three months felt like his life was empty. He didn't have a reason to stand up in the morning but now after hearing Lisa is still alive he has a reason. He drives home and went to his son's room. They have grown so much. Every day the look more and more like their mother. "Hey buddies. Did you behave fun today?" He asks his boys when he steps inside their room. He kisses them on the head and tell Alice that he will take it from here. "Take the rest of the night off." Alice smiles thankful for what ever happened that made Allesandro come home to spend some time with his children. At one point she felt sad that the boys not only lost their mother but their father at the same day. Allesandro loved Lisa so much that the day when she past away something inside of him died as well. "Ali! Your home!" Lilani shouts running to him. "I missed you so much." Allesandro hugs her. "I'm sorry little one. I promise from now on I will make more time for you guys." Allesandro smile at her. Lilani sits next to him talking and playing with the babies. "Lets get you ready for bed." Allesandro announced. Lilani helps him bath the babies and put them to bed. "Now lets get you ready. Go and take a shower and as soon as you are finish I will read to you." Lilani smiles and runs to her room. She's happy to have her Ali back.

Allesandro went to Lilani's room and was just about to knock when he hears her pray. "Thank you, Jesus, for bringing Ali back to us. Help him find a way to let go of Lisa. I know he misses her terribly. I hear him cry at night, sometimes I think he wants to be with her again. But please don't take him now. I don't know how to raise three babies on my own. Please help him heal his broken heart. O and Jesus if you can, can you please bring her back to Ali?" Lilani pray. Allesandro open the door and walk up to her. "What story do you want to hear?" He asks her. Lilani thinks then take a book. "Sleeping beauty." She gives it to Allesandro. He starts to read the story and notice Lilani fast asleep. "Good night little one." He kisses her head and cover her. Looking at her one last time then head to bed.
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