The Blind Billionaire

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Finally seeing Lisa

Everyone sits around the dining table curious why Allesandro wants to talk to them so urgent. "Alli!" Lilani greets him as soon as he enters the dining room. "Hey little one." He went and kiss her on the head then look around the table and notice everyone he cares about is there. "Thank you, Maria this looks delicious." Maria smiles at her boss. This was one of Lisa's favorite in fact Lisa have shown her how to make "vetkoek" and mince. No one talked during dinner everyone busy wondering what Allesandro wants to say.

After dinner Allesandro ask them to follow him to the living room. "Thank you all for coming. What I'm about to say will come as a shock to you but no one must know about this." Allesandro look at them and they nod. "Well first thing, I'm taking you all to a safe house. Bianca wants to hurt everyone close to me..."
"What are you talking about?" Gabriele interrupt. Allesandro give him a look to shut up. "As I was explaining Bianca hired someone to kill Lisa and our boys but it turns out she's still alive." He pauses for a second to let his words sink in then continue to tell them about everything. "O my!" Sophia gasp. "That Bitch! I will kill her myself!" Sophia continues to shout. "You...yo mean my prayers came true?" Allesandro and the rest turn to Lilani. He wanted to tell her in private he didn't realize she was hiding behind the couch. Allesandro walk over to her and pick her up. "Yes, Lisa is alive, but she may not remember us. So we need to help her." Allesandro try to explain to the little girl. "When are we leaving?" Gabriele ask trying to help his brother. "Tomorrow morning I want everyone ready at 4 O Clock." They nod and stand up to leave. "See you all tomorrow morning." With that Gabriele and Sophia leaves. "Who's going to watch over the house and clean it?" Maria ask concerned that the house will be left alone. "I will hire someone to come and clean it regularly until we can come back. Don't worry. You all should go and rest tomorrow is going to be a long day." Antonio, Leonardo and Maria say goodbye and leave. Lilani and Allesandro went up to the triplets where Alice is watching them. "Alice? I need to talk to you as well." Alice looks up at Allesandro and notice how tired he's looking. "What's wrong dear child?" Alice ask concerned. Allesandro takes her hand and leads her to the sofa. "We are all leaving tomorrow morning early to a safe house." Allesandro tells her exactly what he told the others. "O my dear Lord.! That's bad! O my, I can't believe she's still alive." Alice cries out. Allesandro dismissed her telling her to be ready early. He takes the triplets with Lilani helping him. "I think we all will sleep in my room tonight. What do you think?" He asks Lilani. "Yeah! A sleep over!" Lilani shouts clapping her hands.

The next morning everyone arrives early and make their way to the limousine. Allesandro can't wait to see Lisa again even tough she won't remember him. He looks at everyone around him. This is his family, and he won't let anything happen to them. Yesterday he and the guys talked about everything that have to be done in order to keep them safe. Kevin will be joining them later while the other two will locate Bianca and the person she's working with. Allesandro told them that if they don't find her in the next few days they must use him as bate to capture her. They all agreed to do that as a last resort but that he must go with his family to meet Lisa. His heart beat begins to beat fast just thinking that after so long he will finally see her again. His thoughts were interrupted when the car holds still at the airport.

After what felt like forever the plane finally lifts off. Allesandro went to the bedroom to lay the boys down. "Soon you guys will get to see your mother again. I promise you that you will never have to go without her this long." He stares at them thinking how much Lisa missed out during these three months but knows that if Bianca hired some else he could've lost her and his boys. He stayed with them for a while then went back and notice Lilani sleeping in Gabriele's arms. "I will go and lay her down." Gabriele tell him standing up.

Aftera few hours of flying they finally reached their distinction. Allesandro takes Gabriele and Jp while Alice takes Alexander. They follow him to the waiting car while Leonardo went to do all the paperwork.

As they get closer to the house Allesandro begins to get nervous. How will she react when she sees everyone? Was this a good idea to let them bring her here? All these questions goes through his head. "Mr Mancini? We have arrived." The driver informs him. He nods then open the door. He takes the stroller and put the boys inside. Taking a big breath he walks towards the house. Just as he was about to knock the door opens and on the other side Lisa stands looking at the man in front of her.

Lisa can't believe her eyes. His finally here after so long. Yes she regained her memories two months after the accident. She became suspicious about the man that keeps appearing in her dreams. At first, she thought he was responsible for the accident that's why she keeps dreaming about him but soon realized that if he did hurt her why don't she get nightmares instead of happy dreams. That's when she started to look him up and saw that he was indeed her husband. She didn't tell anyone about her remembering everything instead she decided to keep quiet to find out why they are keeping her away from her family.

Lisa can't take her eyes off her sexy husband. He had grown a beard and his eyes looks like he haven't slept in a long time she really has missed him. His touch, his smell everything. Then she looks down and her eyes went wide. "The...they have...." Lisa couldn't speak her eyes went back to Allesandro who was watching her the whole time. "You reconice us, don't you?" Allesandro whisper softly as if his afraid to talk to loud then realize its just a dream. He steps forward and take her in his arms slowly...
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