The Blind Billionaire

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Allesandro takes Lisa into his arms and whisper. "Why didn't you tell me where you was?" Lisa didn't answer to afraid. "I'm asking you a question! Why didn't you tell me where you was when you remembered who you were?" He asks in a low dangerous voice. Lisa shook her head and open her eyes. Allesandro was now staring down to the triplets. "I'm sorry baby". Lisa whispers and notice his still not looking at her and it hurts do bad.

"Lisa?" Sophia broke the tension between them. "O my! It's really you!" Sophia runs to Lisa when she saw it's really Lisa. Lisa hugs Sophia while keeping her eyes on Allesandro. "We missed you so much". Sophia cries. "I'm sorry Sophia. I wish none of this ever happened." Lisa whisper with tears flowing down her cheeks. Sophia let Lisa go and steps aside that the others can also greet her. Lisa hugs everyone and cry out of happiness. She thought she will never see them again. Lilani's eyes went wide when she sees her sister standing there. She can't talk just star. "Lets go inside." Lisa tells them and turns to go and help Allesandro with their boys. "Lets take them to their room." Lisa tells him. Allesandro nods and then follow her up to the room. "I'm really sorry for not making contact with you. I was scared." Lisa tells him as soon as they lay the boys down. She looks at her three sons they have grown so much she wishes she could turn back time but sadly she can't. "I'm sorry for snapping at you. It's just... I thought I have lost you forever and after seeing you I just... I don't know.." Allesandro says to her. He walks up to her and takes her into his arms. "I have missed you so fucking much." He looks down at her then bends down to kiss her. Lisa has missed this, his touch, his lips on hers everything about him. After sometime they pull apart both breathing hard. "Lets go down everyone wants to talk to you. Especially Lilani. She's been praying that you will return to us." Allesandro takes her hands and leads her down where everyone is waiting.

"Lisa!" Lilani shouts as soon as Lisa walks into the living room. "I knew that if I prayed hard enough that you will come back to us." Lilani cries out. Lisa pick her up. "I have missed you so much, Lil." Lisa say hugging her. "You know Alli cried every day. He even locked himself in his office for days until Maria told him to go and shower because he was beginning to smell." Lilani ramble on making a disgusting face. "Yeah my brother won't live long without you that's for sure." Gabriele also comments. They start to catch up with every thing that has happened to Lisa since the day of the accident. "That Bitch will pay for what she did to you." Sophia gritted out. "Speaking of her. Do we have a location on her?" Antonio ask. "Kevin and the other two are still busy tracking them." Allesandro reply with his eyes lingering on Lisa. Maria comes in telling them lunch is ready just as they went to the living room the door bell ring. "I will get it." Leonardo offers and went to check. A few minutes later Kevin, Sebastian and Ariana walks in. "My timing was perfect." Kevin smiles when he sees the food. He walks up to Lisa and hugs her. "Welcome back sis." He whispers. "Thank you for saving me." Kevin nods then take a seat. Ariana sits next to Lisa, and they start having a conversation. "Mancini I want to talk to you after lunch." Kevin suddenly say to him. Allesandro nods knowing its news about Bianca.

After lunch, the guys went to the study to talk. "What's up man?" Allesandro ask
"We found Bianca and who she's working with." Kevin informs them. " "It turns out mommy dearest are the one helping her take revenge for killing Mr Lombardi." Kevin continues. "Great two women out on revenge. Well when are we going to them?" Allesandro ask him. "Jake and Jhonny will be here at midnight with both of them. They caught them at the airport on their way here. So we suspect that someone close to us informed them about everything." Kevin says angry. "Are you going to tell us who?" Allesandro ask impatiently. Kevin looks at them then shake his head. "You will find out tonight. Let's just say someone in our circle got really close to this person." Kevin still can't believe they backed stabbed them. "Fine, I can't wait to get my hands on Bianca and watch her die slowly." Allesandro say with so much hatred. They talked for a while when Allesandro excuse himself. He went to look for Lisa and found her playing with the Triplets. "I can't believe they have grown so much." Lisa say sadly. "I have missed three months of their lives." Lisa cries looking at her babies. "Hey, it's not your fault." Allesandro say sitting next to her. "It is i never should have gone out that day if I sent Antonio or someone else then I would've been there with you guys." She continues to cry. Allesandro takes her into his arms then lift her face with his finger. "No, if anyone is to blame its Bianca and her family." Lisa looks into her husband's eyes and nods. "Your right. I'm sorry its just that I have missed you guys so much." She sniffs. "I was dreaming about you constantly after the accident. I didn't know why, so I never told anyone until one day I decided to search your name that's when I found pictures of you and me on the internet. Everything I dreamed about was our life together." She smiles telling him how she started to remember her life before the accident. "I'm glad that you got your memory back because honestly I was nervous about how to handle the situation if you didn't remember us." Allesandro truthfully say. "Lets go lay down for a bit?" Lisa ask him. She feels tired after the long flight and the reunion with her family. "Come on boys how about you guys go and lay down with mommy and me?" Allesandro ask his boys. They pick them up and went to their room.
Allesandro lay on his side looking at Lisa who fell asleep instantly. Tonight he will make Bianca pay for everything she did to them.
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