The Blind Billionaire

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The wedding

This is the last night Lisa will sleep in the hotel. She had already packed her and her sister's suitcases. Tomorrow morning her new life with Allesando begins. She feels tired and exhausted from all the work, but she can't fall asleep. Her marriage to Allesandro rests like a mountain on her shoulders. Lisa lay on her bed thinking about Allesandro the whole night. He is so arrogant, bitter and heartless. She wonders if he will ever be satisfied with her service, or will she also irritate him after a few days like the nurses before her? Then there is also his lifestyle.

Will she ever adapt to that lifestyle? She is used to a simple life. Without the lavishness and wealth she noticed in the mansion last night. They have such different personalities and have nothing in common. They do not even speak the same language! Numerous questions flash through Lisa's mind, questions to which she can't get an answer. She foresees dark days for herself. Allesandro is willing to pay for the operation, which her sister's life depends. Lisa falls asleep in the early morning hours. She sleeps very restlessly and has one nightmare after another, with the result that she still feels sleepy and irritable the next morning when the alarm clock goes off. She can not understand why the wedding should take place so early in the morning. In fact, she can understand just as little why there are gold diggers in the world who want to make life difficult for others. Now that she thinks about it again, she realizes that she don't understand Allesandro at all, and that she will also never know how his mind works.

After breakfast, Pierro arrives at the hotel to take Lisa to the masion, her future home. She looks at the simple dress she's wearing, and wonders if she should not have been wearing something fancy instead. Allesandro is blind, but there may already be guests at the mansion, and they are definitely not blind. Oh, they can go to hell, she decides frowning. She's a very ordinary person, not a rich man's daughter, and she's not going to pretend to be born rich. The porter takes her suitcases to the car parked in front of the hotel while Lisa pays the hotel bill. After this she greets the hotel manager and walks to the waiting car.

Allesandro was relaxing on the front porch with his brother and sister-in-law when the car stop in front of the mansion. Lisa are immediately aware of the two strangers when she gets out of the car, but she doesn't hear when Allesandro's sister-in-law whisper yell in Italian. “My world, what a beautiful girl! Indeed, a masterpiece from the hand of the creator.”
“Who are you talking about, Sopia?” Allesandro wants to know with a slight frown.
“I think it's your bride, because she just got out of your car, Allesandro,” his sister-in-law explains. Allesandro immediately got up when he hears Lisa's footsteps approaching. He immediately recognizes her by her perfume. Then he holds his hand out to her as he greets her and feels her cold hand in his. “Allow me to introduce my sister-in-law Sofia and my brother Gabriele Mancini to you, Lisa”, he then turns to his sister-in-law and say. “Lisa is the woman I'm marrying this morning. Her name is Lisa Saunders.” Lisa greets the two people kindly in English. Then Allesandro invite her to sit down. “I don't think there's anymore time left for talking you guys,” Sophia say before Lisa could sit down. “You'll have to get ready right away, if you don't want to be late for your own wedding”.
“Yes I think we need to get ready so that we can get the wedding behind us,” Allesandro say. “You'll have to show Lisa where her room is, Sophia. Maybe there's something you can do to help her.”

“It's really not necessary, Allesandro. I am quite capable of doing it myself.” Lisa objects. For her, this marriage is nothing but a contract. She will be nothing but just an employee like the rest of his employees. She's planning not to get too involved with the family. “I hope you don't care, I already put your wedding dress and everything that goes with it on your bed this morning,” Sophia say kindly as they walk up the stairs to the second floor. “I assume you have already taken a shower, I will only help you to get dressed, do hair and make-up. The guests who will be attending the wedding are some uncles, aunts, nieces and nephews. They will be here any minute now. “

“That's very kind of you, Mrs. Mancini,” Lisa say with a force smile.
Sophia don't give her a chance to say more, because she helps her right almost immediately. “Since you're about to become my sister-in-law, Lisa, it would be more appropriate to call me Sophia instead of Mrs Mancini.”

“Yes, I have to, but I'll have to get use to it first.” Lisa say softly. “You are all so strange to me. I don't know Allesandro well yet, then there's the language I don't understand at all. I will not understand word the priest will say during the ceremonie .... “
“That's exactly where you are wrong Lisa”, Sophia laugh. “I don't know how my brother-in-law did it, but the priest who is going to do the wedding can speak English very well.” “Your brother-in-law seems to me like the kind of man who will get anything, whether he's blind or not,” Lisa automatically say. “Yes, you summed him up quite right”, Sophia declares with a soft smile. “That's exactly how he was when he still had the use of his eyes. It seems like his blindness hasn't changed much about him. I think it's very thoughtful of him to have an English-speaking priest.” They enter the room prepared for Lisa. Amidst all the tension, worry and nervousness that Lisa experience, she can't help but to be impressed by the luxurious that surround her in the room. The bed is a king-size, black and red bedding, there's a large flat screen t.v which is fixed to the wall, on her right-hand side there is a large walk-in wardrobe that is larger than her bedroom back in South Africa. The bathroom is large with black tiles on the floor and wall. There's a Jacuzzi and even a small flat screen t.v, the shower is so big that four people can shower at once. Lisa was still checking her room when Sophia tell her they have to get ready before the groom come and take Lisa himself. What should have been a happy day for Lisa is a day full of worry and stress. Just the thought of her sister gives her the strength to push through with the wedding, otherwise she would have run away already. Finally, she is dressed in her pure white wedding dress. Her dress is shoulder less and has a low neck, at the bust there are fine beads and diamonds, her back is open, then the dress flows down past her feet. The sledge is so long it looks like she's dragging the red carpet behind her. They let her hair loose so her natural curls show, her makeup is skillfully applied. “Something new” Sophia say as she puts a heart-shaped necklace around Lisa's neck, “something old” followed by a beautiful hairpin that have white gold roses on it “Something borrowed”
Sophia say as she puts a beautiful yet simple bracelet on her arm, “then last but not least, something blue”, Sophia help to put the garter around Lisa's leg. “You are indeed the most beautiful bride I have ever seen Lisa”, she hears Sophia say with admiration “It is a pity that Allesandro can not see you today, he will never know how beautiful you look today.”

“Thank you very much Sophia” Lisa say with a sad smile. There's a knock on the door when Gabriele walks in and ask if the bride was ready. “Yes, I'm ready Gabriele, thank you very much. Lisa say to Gabriele as she walks to the door. Lisa and Sophia walk behind Gabriele to the back door leading to the garden. There Gabriele leave them to go to the groom. There is an audible whisper among the guests when Sophia and Lisa make their appearance in the garden. “Do you hear the guests whispering loudly Lisa?” Sophia ask softly. “They are all struck by my brother-in-law's beautiful bride”.

“No I think you are imagining stuff” Lisa say blushing. Then they are at Allesandro and Gabriele. Lisa takes the arm that Allesandro hold out for her, and is suddenly aware of how beautiful Allesandro looks in his black suit.
Then Lisa hears the priest say.
“We are gathered together here today to unite this man Allesandro Mancini and this woman Lisa Saunder in the bonds of matrimony.

Allesandro do you take Lisa to be your lawfully wedded wife?”
“I DO.” Allesandro say in an irritated voice.

Lisa do you take Allesandro to be your lawfully wedded husband?”
“I DO.” Lisa say sadly.

“By the power vested in me by the State of Vatican City State i now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride” When Lisa hear this her heart beats fast, what will Allesandro do? Will he kiss her in front of everyone?
Before she knows what's happening Allesandro pulls her to him and kiss her on her cheecks, to the guests it appears as if his kissing her on her lips, then she hears an applause and whispers from the guest. Allesandro let go of her and turn towards the guests.

Hand in hand, they walk to the tent where the reception are being held. The guests throw colored confetti as they walk into the tent. She was not even aware that in addition to the wedding ring, Allesandro also stuck a fabulous engagement ring consisting two huge blue diamonds on her finger. Only when she hears him say softly, “I have never met a woman with such small hands,” did she look down at her hand and notice two blue diamonds as big as pea's. She realizes that the ring is only meant to look real in front of the family.

Once they are alone, she will give the ring back to him. The family comes to congratulate them, photos are taken by some reporters. Then Lisa hears how Gabriele announces that the newlyweds will open the dance floor. Ed Sheeran's thinking “thinking out loud” starts to play, and she and Allesandro walk to the dance floor. Lisa feels nervous about being so close to the handsome man. It seems to her that Allesandro can not wait for the dance to finish. After this, everyone sits down for a festive meal. Champagne flows freely, but Lisa drinks only one glass, and she notices that Allesandro is doing the same. She wonders if he intends to accompany her to the hospital tonight. The guests left a few hours after dinner, then everyone made arrangements to leave — except Allesandro's brother and sister-in-law who had been invited by him to visit for a few days. After the guests leave, Lisa excuse herself to change.

But then she suddenly hears Allesandro say, “I want to feel what you look like before you go, Lisa, if you don't mind”, he gets up from the couch and continue, “Please come stand in front of me. Even though I have no eyes to see you, my fingers can tell me just as much “. Allesandro first feels over her face and hair with his fingers, then it feels to Lisa as if his hand is gently, carefully caressing her shoulders, her arms, her thin waist and her hips. She felt a hot blush push up against neck. Then she hears him say again, “You are indeed a beautiful bride.” Allesandro let his hands fall to his side and continue softly, “You can change now, Lisa, preferably something formal that will also be suitable for a visit to your sister. I'll go to the hospital with you tonight.” Lisa takes his arm and says softly, “Let me just help you sit down first then I'll get dressed ....”

“I'll help Allesandro, Lisa”, Gabriele offers kindly and gets up at the same time. But Allesandro immediately intervenes by saying half-commanding, “Let go of Lisa, Gabriele. It is her duty from today to assist me and be my eyes.” Lisa helps the stranger, who is now her husband, to sit on the couch. Then she leaves them and goes to her bedroom.

It still feels like a dream to Lisa when she puts on her new black vintage scoop neck, casual dress along with her black pumps she bought at the fashion house yesterday, and hangs a beautiful diamond infinity necklace around her neck and gold earrings to complete the outfit. Lisa's eye falls on the precious diamond ring on her finger and decides to give it back to Allesandro. With that in mind, she walks back to the living room, where she finds Allesandro alone.

“May I please talk to you for a moment Allesandro?” she asks politely, and stand some distance from the couch. “Yes, come sit next to me and tell me what you want to talk to me about, Lisa.” he invites matter-of-factly. He sounds so unfriendly that she feels restant to sit next to him. But she steel herself and sit next to him. Her voice sound uncertain when she said to him, “I would like to .... em ..... I mean, I just want to give your ring back to you. I realize it is a family ring.”
“You are right,” he causally interrupts her, “It's the family ring which every Mancini heir usually becomes engaged with.”
“In that case, the ring belongs in your safe”. She removes the ring from her finger and carefully place it in his hand.

“No I do not believe i'ts place is in the safe. His place is on your finger,” she hears him say determined. He holds out his hand to her. “Give me your hand, so I can put the ring on your finger again. My family all say you are the most beautiful woman under the sun, a beautiful woman must also wear beautiful jewelry. So the ring stays on your finger.” His voice sounds hard and cold, as if Lisa's hostility didn't impress him, as if he didn't care at all what she looks like. He puts the ring back on her finger and holds her hand in his and tiredly ask, “What time do you want to visit your sister?”

“I think it would be better to visit her early. Then she can go to bed early and rest for the operation that lies ahead tomorrow”, Lisa suggests. “All right,” he say,” releasing her hand slowly. “Please call Antonio to help me get dressed, after that we can go.” Lisa gets up and goes to get Antonio where he is standing outside with Pierro. “Antonio, Mr Mancini ask that you please go and help him get dressed”, she says to him. Antonio nodded and stepped inside the house. Allesandro is very nicely dressed in a navy blue suit and matching shoes and socks. He is a tall, big built man and the suit shows his muscles under all the clothes. His shiny, black hair are neatly combed back, and his gorgeous face expressionless. On the way to the hospital it is quiet in the car.

Lisa's thoughts now revolve around her sister and the surgery she has to undergo.
Allesandro thinks of the accident that left him blind and the heartless actions of his ex-fiancé. He will not rest until he has the use of his eyes again. It's important to be able to see again in the upcoming months. He may have to undergo surgery soon. Pierro stops in front of the hospital and helps Allesandro get out of the car. “You can wait for us here in the car, Pierro”, he addresses his driver in Italian. “Mrs Mancini will assist me further.” Lisa takes Allesandri's arm and carefully leads him inside. It didn't take them long to reach Lilani's room. Lilani was still awake when they entered the room. “Lilly, I would like to introduce Allesandro Mancini to you,” Lisa says in English. She is now glad that Lilani learned to speak English early, so she didn'thave to translate everything to Allesandro. “This is my sister Lilani Saunder, Allesandro.”

Allesandro greet Lilani and Lisa helps him to sit on the chair next to the bed. She bends down and kisses her sister lovingly on the forehead.” I assume you are ready for the operation tomorrow, Signorina? As soon as you get out of the hospital, I will make arrangements for a nurse to look after you at your new home until you have recovered.” a shy smile appeared on Lilani's lips as she said, “Am I really going to stay with you, uncle? My sister says it's a big house it looks almost like a castle. Are there any fairies in your garden? Do I get my own room? “ Lilani rattles on. Allesandro kindly replies and Lisa can not believe how the man suddenly turned ninety degrees in personality. “Yes, you are going to stay with us, my house is probably as big as a castle. And I do not know if there are fairies, maybe you can find out for us as soon as you are healthy? And to answer your last question, yes you get your own room with a bathroom. “ Allesandro say very calmly.

Lilanie thanked him kindly. “You were married this morning. Did you look like a princess to your prince Lisa? Oh, and was there cake? I wish I was there.” she said dreamily. Lisa smiles at her sister's innocence. “Yes, the people say your sister looked beautiful, I will get a cake as soon as you get out of the hospital then you can celebrate it with us.” Allesandro say friendly. Lilani smiles and closes her eyes, very soon she falls asleep. Lisa sighed and said worriedly,

“She seems to be asleep. I think our visit and the excitement has exhausted her.” “In that case, we should rather leave so that she can rest.” Allesandro softly say. “I will call the doctor and find out what time they are going to do the operation.” Lisa kisses her sister gently on the head, then she takes Allesandro's arm and leads him to the car. She will try to be with her sister tomorrow morning before the operation. On the way to the mansion, both are quiet and busy with their own thoughts.

Lisa thinks of the operation that's happening tomorrow and Allesandro thinks of his hasty decision to marry the strange woman. Everyone says she is beautiful but what good is her beauty if he still loves Bianca. His marriage to her will at least protect him from all the gold diggers who sit around like vultures waiting for their prey. That's the only benefit he will get from this marriage .... Upon their return home, Allesandro immediately disipear to his study, where he handles most of his business by telephone during the day. Lisa joins her sister-in-law on the porch. “I hope it goes much better with your sister after the operation tomorrow, Lisa.” Sophia say worriedly. “Allesandro is all Gabriele has left, except for the other family you met today. Their parents also died early. Allesandro was in his last year at university and Gabriele in his last year in school. Allesandro then had to took over the family business and take care of Gabriele. Allesandro is not one of the friendliest people today. He never talks about himself anymore, we did not even know about you.”

Lisa looks at her sister-in-law quietly and nods, “It's true,” she say softly, “He's definitely not a friendly person. He must be careful, one of these days he will become an old grumpy man. “ Sophia laughs softly and then say very seriously and confidentially, “Allesandro was not always so unfriendly Lisa. His former fiancé, Bianca Lombardi's heartlessness made him so bitter. He will later realize not all women are like Bianca. I fear that it would be too late to compensate for all the damage he had done.
“Yes, I have notice that he don't even trust people who are sincerely kind to him,” Lisa says. Sophia nodded. “You're right. My brother-in-law is nobody's friend at the moment. He's under the impression that people are only friends with him because he's rich. That's why the family is not really keen on coming to visit. Gabriele and I visit him just on Sundays and leave the same evening. I feel sorry for you, Lisa, because my brother-in-law is a difficult person to get along with at the moment, but maybe you're just what he needs to get back to his old self. “

“I wonder if I'm going to be strong enough to do it,” Lisa says half-thoughtfully. “He's so world wise and sophisticated ....” They still sit and chat until it's time to go and dress for dinner. Lisa is remarkably quiet as she sits opposite Allesandro at the table. She's thinking so deeply that she was startled when Allesandro suddenly speaks, “Your sister will be operated at eight tomorrow morning, Lisa. If you're at the hospital at half past seven, you can probably still see her before she goes in the theater. “ Allesandro say. “Thank you, Allesandro,” she replied, as her worry over her sister increase again.

She prays that the operation will be a success. She feels lonely in this big strange city. Lisa is so deep in her own unhappy thoughts, that she only hear the other three's voices vaguely. She was happy when the meal was finally finished and Sophia invite her to the small living room. Later, the two men also joins them. They talk about people and things she didn't know. After a while, she excuses herself. “I will ask the housekeeper to make sure you wake up on time tomorrow morning, Lisa” Allesandro assures her. “I think you need a good night's rest after the busy day you had.” Lisa wishes everyone a good night's rest and leaves the room. When she later got into bed and turned off the night light, she remembered that today was her wedding day. Her and Allesandro's wedding photos were on all the media platform tonight, and yet she does not feel like a bride. She is legally married to him, but it didn't feel like she is married. Normal husband and wife would now have enjoyed their wedding night and left on a honeymoon by the next morning. But they are sleeping in separate rooms tonight and there won't be a honeymoon either, after all she is nothing but his employee. The attractive man were still in her thoughts, when sleep takes over, and she peacefully sleeps.
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