The Blind Billionaire

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Ending it all

Allesandro tells Lisa that he will be back late. "I'm going to meet up with the guys. Go and take rest." He kisses Lisa then leaves with Kevin. "They are waiting for us with everything we need." Kevin informs him. The drive to the house feels like an eternity for Allesandro. When they stop in front of the house Jhonny and Jake are already waiting for them. "Where are they?" Allesandro ask as soon as he climbs out of the car. "Follow me". Jake reply looking at Jhonny. Allesandro notice how angry and disappointed Jhonny looks but decides not to ask. They walk inside the basement were three chairs are standing with lights showing each one of them. "Allesandro! Baby! You came!!" Bianca shouts as soon as she sees Allesandro. "You really thought that I will come to rescue you ?" Allesandro sneered. Bianca looks confused at him. "What are you talking about baby? They phoned you to come and get me!" Allesandro start laughing, "You really think that I will come to you? Haha I planned this all to get you!" Allesandro laughs. "You see we've been watching you for a while now. I know you planned to get rid of Lisa and our boys." Allesandro continues. Bianca look at him fear clearly in her eyes. "You and your friends killed my father!" She shouts, "I will get my revenge on each one of you!"
"Bianca! SHUT UP!" Her mother shouts. "I can see why my stupid daughter wants you." Mrs Lombardi tells Allesandro. "Just a pity you chose that little mouse over her!." She looks at Allesandro showing no fear whatsoever. "Let her go, I'm the one you want! It's me who planned all of this!" She continues. "You killed the only man i ever loved and I did the same to you, well at least I thought I did!" Allesandro smirks as his listing to Mrs Lombardi. "You didn't act alone, your daughter wants me and I know both of you planned this!" Then he looks at the other person and felt sorry for Jhonny. "You! We trusted you! Jhonny loved you even if he didn't confess, but he did!" Allesandro shouts at Aurora. Aurora starts laughing. "You stupid fools! I will never love Jhonny! I'm a Lombardi! I was always playing all of you to get information for my father." Allesandro and the others are shocked by her confession. They can't believe they trusted her. "Father?" Jhonny suddenly ask. "Yes, I'm the oldest daughter of the famous Lombardi's!" Suddenly everything makes sense to them. How they met her was just a set up. Allesandro watches Jhonny carefully. "You just used us! I think my guys will have fun with you!" Jhonny say angry then turns around and walk out.

"Poor guy! Did he really think I will love him?" Aurora taunts. "Well you have ten minutes to day your goodbyes. But I'm sure you will see each other in hell!" Allesandro says. "Allesandro! Baby please don't do this. I love you!" Bianca cries. "Will you just fucking stop it? Do you know how pathetic you are?" Allesandro tells her. Allesandro smile at them then walks out. "Kevin and Jake you guys knows what to do! I want them dead! Torture them until they beg to be killed!" Allesandro tells them. Kevin and Jake nods and walks back inside. Soon Allesandro and Jhonny hear the three girls screaming begging for them to stop. "Lets get out of here." Allesandro suggest to Jhonny. They sent a message to Kevin telling him to meet them at the house. "I'm sorry for what she did." Allesandro tells him. Jhonny nods not wanting to discuss this anymore. Allesandro realize his friend don't want to talk and decides to change the topic.

Later that night Kevin and Jake shows up at the house. "Its done, we can all go back home." Kevin tells them while pouring him a drink. "What did you do to the bodies?" Jhonny ask. "We cremated them." Jake simply answer. Jhonny nods and down his drink. "To the Lombardi's may they burn in hell". Jake raise his glass and everyone else follows. "I'm going to my wife you guys can each take a room." Allesandro announced after drinking his whiskey.
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