The Blind Billionaire

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Two years later.

"Alexander! Gabriele! And Jp!" Lisa shouts when she sees the mess in the kitchen. "Come and clean this mess!" She yells when they walk into the kitchen. "It was Alexander mommy". Gabriele point his little finger to his brother. "No it was Jp". Gabriele argued back. "I don't care who it was because we all know the three of you did this together." Lisa say with her hands on her heaps. "What's going on here?" Lisa hear her husband's voice. "They made a mess with flour and eggs." Lisa sights. Allesandro looks at the mess the boys made. "We sowwy daddy. We wanted to supise mommy and Lilian with a cake." Alexander explains with his head down. "That was a nice gesture guys but you will have to clean this mess and get ready." Allesandro says in a stern voice. The triplets quickly starts to clean the kitchen. "I'm going to get Lilian ready for the party please make sure these three are ready before everyone arrives." Lisa tells him walking out of the kitchen.

An hour later the door bell rings and Allesandro go to open the door. "Hey Mancini." Jhonny greats him followed by Jake and Marna. Allesandro tells them to go to the back while he waits for the rest of the people. "Where's the birth day girl?" Sophia ask when she walks outside. "Playing with her brothers over there." Lisa points to where her children is playing. "Where's Luna?" Lisa ask when she don't see her. "With her father as usual." Comes Sophia's reply "She's a real daddy's girl". Sophia continues. "Come and sit down it looks like your about yo pass out." Lisa say when she notices how pale Sophia looks this pregnancy are really taking its toll on her. Sophia found out six months ago that she's pregnant with twins a boy and a girl. "I can't wait for these guys to come out." Sophia says as she sits down. "Yeah I know how you feel." Just then the others joins them, and they start talking about what they missed out these past few weeks they didn't see each other. "Well the wedding plans are all up to date just two more weeks than I'm going to be married to my best friend and the love of my life." Marna tells them with a big smile. Jake and Marna have been dating for almost two years now and five months ago he proposed to her. "I can't believe his finally settling down. "Sophia say. "How about you and Kevin?" Lisa ask Ariana. Ariana smiles, "Well we got some good news for you guys." Ariana and Kevin looks at each other lovingly. "We are expecting." Kevin blurts out. Kevin and Ariana sorted everything out between them a few weeks after everything happened. They got married last year in the Bahamas. "Congrats man! Welcome to the pregnancy club!" Gabriele says shaking his hand. "Thank you guys." Ariana say with a smile. "I also have an announcement to make". Lisa say looking at Allesandro with a grin. "We are also expecting again." Allesandro smiles, "I'm going to be a father again?" Allesandro picks Lisa up and spins her around. "I'm the luckiest guy in the world. Everyone congrats them. "Dammit Mancini give your wife a break after this one!" Jhonny jokes. They laugh at Allesandro.

"Okay let's get the birthday girl"Allesandro say. They all stand in front of the table where Lilian stand ready to blow the candles. Lisa looks at her family the triplets are turning three and Lilian one years old. Lisa's cant believe she's expecting again. She wouldn't trade her life for anything in this world. To think she married him to safe her sister's life and look where they are now. They have overcome many obstacles in these past few years but somehow managed to stay together. Lilani are turning eight this year and currently in South-Africa at her grandfather with Alice. Grandpa and Alice also get along very well and when he askedif Lilanican visit him for a month, Alicetold them she will go with her to keep an eye on the little girl. Antonio, Leonardo and Maria are still a part of their family. Allesandro sent them on a month vacation to their families. Lisa looks around and watches Jhonny and the new nanny they hired for the triplets it seems that they are going to get along very well. Jhonny didn't take Aurora's betrayal very well but it seems that the new nanny is just what Jhonny needs.
Allesandro puts his arms around Lisa, "What are you thinking about honey?" Lisa turns around wrapping her arms around his neck. "Just about how far we got and our family and friends." She smiles. "Yeah we got far in these past few years and I love you more with every passing day." Allesandro says. "I love you too." Allesandro capture her lips. Lisa knows now matter what happens they will always find a way back to each other.
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