The Blind Billionaire

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The operation

Allesandro kept to his word because the following morning one of the maids woke her up in time to take a quick shower, get dressed, and have a quick breakfast before going to the hospital. Everyone but the servants were still asleep when she left the mansion. She wanted to ask Pierro if he could take her to the hospital but the housekeepers didn't understand a word English and Lisa could not speak Italian. So she decides to catch a bus. She waits a long time for a bus and arrives late at the hospital unable to see her sister. She should have come earlier ..... she should never have eaten breakfast, then she would have been here in time to see her before the operation, Lisa blames herself, staring at the bed with tears in her eyes. The ward sister enters the room and greets Lisa kindly. She speaks Italian, which Lisa doesn't understand a word, and takes her to the waiting room. As Lisa flips sadly through a magazine, her thoughts constantly stay with her sister in the theater.

In the mansion, life goes on as usual. No one thinks about Lisa's problem, because no one says a word about her absence, until Sophia asks at the breakfast table, “Can someone tell me how Lisa got to the hospital this morning?”
“I told her yesterday that Pierro will take her”, Allesandro informs her as though he didn't care how Lisa went to the hospital. But Sophia doesn't care about his attitude. She was clearly worried when she said, “I do not believe Pierro took her, Allesandro, because just after I saw her walk out of the gate, Pierro was busy talking to the gardener.”

“Well then Lisa should have taken a bus since she went out at the big gate,” Gabriele says. “Then she would have been too late to see her sister,” Sophia said. “It would be her own fault if she were too late to see her sister,” Allesandro said heartless. “She knew Pierro was at her service”.
“She may have known, but did you forget she can not speak or understand Italian? So she couldn't be able to ask Pierro to take her!” Shopia shouts.
“I wonder if she ever made it to the hospital? How well does she know the city?” Gabriele wonders out loud.

Allesandro seems worried for the first time since they mentioned Lisa. He turned to his secretary and said matter-of-factly, “Please call the hospital after breakfast and find out if Mrs. Mancini arrived, Leonardo.”
“I think we are heartless and unsympathetic to leave Lisa alone with her worries and sadness.” Sophia says guilty. “She is so petite and small, it doesn't look like she can carry all the burdens alone.”
“Then why are you not supporting her, Sophia? No one is stopping you from doing that!” Allesandro says sharply.

Sophia looks sharply at her brother-in- law. She is positive that his brown eyes are spitting fire behind those dark glasses. “I'm sure your wife would appreciate it more if you supports her in her hour of need, Allesandro, it seems like you don't really care about her!” Sophia says disapproving. “I think you should rather focus on your own affairs, Sophia,” Allesandro warns her in a cold voice. “I do not need any help or approval from you or anyone else. I have always been able to handle my affairs without your help. My wife is not your responsibility, she is mine, therefore I will decide what is good for her! “
“I don't give a fuck, Allesandro. You can do all of that, but let me tell you something, you know nothing about women” Sophia now shouts angry at her arrogant brother-in-law.

When his secretary called the hospital after breakfast, Allesandro was noticeably relieved when he heard that Lisa was in the waiting room at the moment. Knowing that she arrived safely at the hospital, he immediately turns his attention to other matters. Allesandro is busy all morning with video conferences and other matters that he has completely forgotten about Lisa and her sister. It was only at lunch when Sophia asked if he had called the hospital again to hear how Lisa and her sister were doing that he remember Lisa and her sister.

“I'm afraid there's too many work that demands my attention, Sophia,” she hears him say in a neutral voice as he walks to his study. “You'll just have to call the hospital yourself and find out”. Sophia looked at her brother- in- law silently as he disappears into the office with his secretary. Judging by his reckless actions, he doesn't care about his wife at all ... and they were only married yesterday! There are something fishy about her bother-in-law's marriage that didn't make sense to her. He is far too heartless to his wife who now needs his support. It makes her wonder if he really loves her! "Are you not going to call the hospital, Sophia?” Gabriele's voice jerked her out of her thoughts.

“No, I'm going to Lisa myself to support her,” Sophia said hasty. She greets Gabriele with a kiss and ask Pierro to take her to the hospital immediately. The drive feels so long for Sophia when they finally arrive at the hospital. Sophia finds Lisa sitting in the waiting room. She walks up to her and take a seat next to Lisa. “Is there any news about your sister yet, Lisa?” Sophia asks with worry in her voice. With a shake of her head, Lisa sadly replies, “Nothing yet, they've been in the theater for almost five hours,” just then Dr. Dorigo makes his appearance. Lisa got up in a hurry and walked to the doctor. “Mrs Mancini .... the operation was a success. We are keeping your sister under anesthesia for a few days so that she can recover quicker and that her body don't have to endure so much pain, you can visit her as soon as she is back in her room “, the Doctor kindly informs.

Lisa is so relieved when she gets the good news that her legs give way beneath her. Sophia are immediately by her side and the doctor helps to take Lisa to an empty bed. The doctor examines her and then say to Sophia, “Mrs Mancini was under a lot of stress that her body couldn't handle all the stress. She will be fine she just needs to take it easy and don't over stress herself.” The Doctor explains. Sophia looks at her sister-in-law sadly. She is so small and delicate that she had to bear all this stress alone no wonder she fainted, Sophia thinks. After a while Lisa wakes up, and sees Sophia sitting next to her and looks at her worriedly. “How do you feel now, Lisa?” Sophia asked softly. “Why are you here? Where am I?” Lisa asked confused. “You lost consciousness when Dr. Derigo told you that your sister's operation was a success, Lisa,” Sophia patiently helps.

Lisa suddenly remembers all the morning's events, the long wait, Sophia who arrived minutes before the doctor came out, her sister ... “My sister, can I go to her?” she asks Sophia. “Of course, we'll go to her in a few minutes. I'm just going to get the doctor to make sure you're okay.” Sophia replied. Sophia leaves the room to call the doctor. Lisa feels hurt in a strange way because it's not Allesandro who are here with her, but what did she expect? Their marriage is only on contract. Her thoughts were interrupted when Doctor Rossi walked in with Sophia on his heels. Doctor Rossi examines her and says she's good to go, but she'll have to take it slow and not to stress so much. Lisa and Sophia both say thank you the Doctor and leave the room to visit her sister. Lisa walks up to her sister's bed and gently takes her hand in hers.

“Hey sis. The operation was a success. You fought hard. I'm so proud of you. I'm sorry I wasn't here in time to see you this morning before the operation “ Lisa says with tears running freely down her cheeks.” Here is someone I would like to introduce to you, “she takes Sophia's hand and pulls her to Lilani site, “Lilly, this is Sophia, my sister-in-law, Sophia this is my sister Lilani”, Lisa introduces Sophia to the sleeping girl.

“Hey, Lilani, I'm very glad you fought so hard during the operation your sister was really worried about you. As soon as you get stronger, the three of us will go shopping together,” Sophia say kindly. After sitting with Lilani for a while, Sophia asks Lisa if she has eaten anything today. Lisa only now realize she just had a light breakfast this morning. Lisa shook her head and replied embarrassed, “I had a light breakfast this morning, I was so worried about Lilani that I didn't think of eating or drinking anything”.
“I know a nice little restaurant nearby,” Sophia says. The two walk to the restaurant and order something to eat. “I am really sorry that no one was here by your side during the operation, Lisa,” Sophia say with quilt. “It's really okay, Sophia don't feel guilty about it besides I am still a stranger to you”, Lisa say assured. “Still, it was rude and unkind of us” Sophia keeps on apologizing. They chatted for a while longer and then Sophia asks for the bill, as soon as Sophia pay the bill the two of them head back to the hospital.

They were just walking into Lilani's room when Dr. Derigo asked Lisa if he could talk to her soon about everything that was going to happen as soon as Lilani wakes up. She tells the doctor that he can speak in front of Sophia, that she is family. The doctor explains all the things to do and not to do, and what to expect and look out for. “We will start waking her up in the next three days, after which she will be here for another six days, so we can keep an eye on her. She will then have radiology once a week for at least six months”. Dr. Derigo explains. “The biopsy result will be here in a few days, I will let you know as soon as I get it.” The Doctor says again. “Thank you so much Doctor Rossi, thank you for saving my sister's life” Lisa says sincerely to the specialist. With a nod and a friendly good bey, the doctor leaves the room. Sophia tell her that she will go home now if she wants to go with. Lisa declines the offer and say, “I think I will stay a while longer, Sophia but thank you”, the two women say goodbye to each other and Lisa take a seat next to her sister, take her hand gently and stroke it she lay with her head on Lilani's hand and feels how her eyes get heavy. Lisa must have fallen asleep, because when she woke up it's dark outside and realize that Allesandro are going to be mad because she's going to be late for dinner. She quickly kisses her sister and walk out of the hospital.

“Are my wife back from the hospital, Signora Maria,” Allesandro ask his housekeeper when they sit down for dinner. “Mrs Mancini is not home yet, Mr Mancini,” the housekeeper says worried.
There's a dark frown on Allesandro's forehead as he stands up from the table without any apology and commands his secretary to call the hospital and find out if his wife are still there. Leonardo immediatly call the hospital. “Good evening, Mr Mancini would like to speak to his wife, Mrs Mancini”, he says all business like and gives the phone to his employer. “Mrs Mancini left the hospital two hours ago after she visited her sister, Mr Mancini,” the nurse said truthfully. “Lisa left the hospital two hours ago,” Allesandro announces after a while. “But don't ask me where she is, because I myself don't know.”
“She may have caught a bus,” his sister-in-law says. “Then she should have been here already”, Allesandro set her right. He wonders if Lisa have decided to break her agreement now that her sister's surgery was a success. But then it strikes him that she does not have her passport, money or clothes with her, and therefore cannot leave the country without coming home.

Lisa is tired and exhausted when she arrives at the mansion. “Lisa, piccolo (little one)!” Sophia exclaimed anxiously as Lisa appeared in the living room's door. She quickly gets up and puts her arms around Lisa's petite shoulders and continues, “What happened? You are pale and .....”

“Let her first tell us where she's been all along and why she just got here,” Allesandro's cold voice suddenly cut through the room. Sophia can see in Lisa's pale face that something serious has happened and immediately stand up for her sister-in-law by saying, “Now is not the time for your arrogant, heartless attitude, Allesandro, she is deathly pale.” Allesandro is red with anger with Sophia's audacity to talk back to him, so he says in a sharper voice than he really meant, “If Lisa needs medical help, I'll obviously call a doctor. But I can not see how she only shows up now! She has left the hospital two hours ago! Or did she meet up with another man?” Allesandro's insensitivity strikes her like a knife through the heart. She is tired of running after a man who harassed her at the bus stop and made remarks towards her, when she tried to walk away he run up to her and grabbed her she tried to get away but couldn't after she bit him he threw her against a wall and started kicking her, she then realized she has to do something, or she's going to die, instinct kicked in how she managed to get away she didn't know, but she started running without thinking twice. He was chasing her, and she was running for what feels like forever then she found a hiding spot, when she finally decided it was safe to come out from her hiding spot, she realized she was lost and no idea where she was.

Everything suddenly turns black in front of her, and she collapses right there. “You will need to call a doctor immediately Allesandro, I told you it's unnecessary to be harsh and insensitive to her,” Sophia says with anger clearly in her voice, Gabriele pick Lisa up from the floor and carry her to her room. Sophia looks at her brother-in- law silently and then says with a sad voice, “I don't understand you at all, Allesandro. You have a wife who any man envies, yet you treat her like a nobody, it's like you don't love her”.
“I think you should rather go and see if you can do something for Lisa while we wait for the doctor. I suppose my brother has already called a doctor “, he answers guilty. Allesandro hear his sister-in-law talking to the housekeeper. He thinks about what she said about not loving Lisa, they should know that Bianca have scared him from the emotion one calls love, and that he will never allow that emotion in him again. While Allesandro's thoughts keep him busy, Lisa regains her consciousness. She started crying hard. Allesandro truly are heartless. She now realizes that she is married to the devil himself. How can he accuse her of a relationship with another man, he knows she knows no one in this country. On top of that, he did not give her a chance to tell him what had happened to her. She feels dirty where the man tried to touch her, Lisa's sobs are raw. The doctor gives Lisa an injection and examines her. Not long after, Lisa was fast asleep. The doctor asks if he can talk to Mr Mancini. Gabriele takes the doctor to his brother. “Mr Mancini, it seems like your wife was attacked, I saw bruises on her body and it looks like she fell, I think all the tension of today's events was too much for her, especially after someone wanted to hurt her “ the doctor explains. “Thank you Dr. Rossi, are the injuries she sustained serious, were... s... was....she sexually assaulted?” Allesandro now ask worriedly. “As far as I can see they did not sexually assault her, just a few bruised ribs from kicking, which will heal as long as she rests for a few days and a bruise on her head which maybe from the fall, she may experience nightmares, I will prescribe some medicine for pain and to help her sleep. I suggest you find out what exactly happened Mr Mancini, the person responsible are still out there,” the doctor says seriously. Allesandro wants to kick himself because he didn't give Lisa a chance to explain, he is furious because she had to take the bus back home.

His was interrupted when Gabriele burst through his office door. “Who do you think could have done this to her? I wonder how such a small girl could have escaped her attacker.” Gabriele asked anxiously. “I want you and Antonio to find out who did this to my wife and bring the bastard to me, when I'm finish with him he will wish he never met my wife.” A mad Allesandro says balling his fist at his side. Gabriele smirks knowing his brother may be an ass to his wife and something about his marriage aren't right, but his brothers actions just showed that maybe he does care about Lisa.
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