The Blind Billionaire

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Finding out who did it

Allesandro, Gabriele and Antonio worked all night to find out whose responsible for the assault on Lisa. After three in the morning, Gabriele says he's going to call it a night and that its better to continue the next morning after they got some sleep. The three men says good night and went to their bed rooms.

Allesandro was lying awake thinking how he could've prevented all of this had he just listen to Sophia, but his pride got in the way, look where his arrogant attitude got her. Dammit he just should have asked Pierro to go back to the hospital to fetch his wife. What if something bad had happened, what would he have told Lilani? His thoughts were interrupted by someone screaming. He quickly got up and feel his way to the door, when he was in the hall way the sound of crying became clear.
He made his way to Lisa's room, open her door and feel his way to her bed.

Lisa were having nightmares probably about the attack, Allesandro lightly shakes her, “Wake up Lisa, it's just a bad dream”, he says softly. Lisa eyes shot open once she feels someone shaking her. She realizes it's Allesandro and starts crying holding on to him as if her life depends on it. “He.... h.... he was in th...the... room....” she says crying. “Shh, piccina (little one), no one is in the room, shh... you just had a bad dream”, Allesandro smoothest her. After she calm down, Lisa looks up at Allesandro and says embarrassing, “ I am so sorry for waking you up, your shirt is wet and full of snot”, Allesandro holds her a while longer before saying, “ Do you feel better now? Must I ask someone to get you something?”
“No, thank you I think I will be alright now, sorry for waking you up” she says softly. “Alright then, if you are going to be okay I will head back to bed, but in the morning I want to hear everything that happened, Si (yes)? Allesandro says.
“I will help you back to bed,” Lisa offers. When Allesandro don't protest and instead hold out his hand she takes it and leads him back. Once in his room, about to help him in bed Allesandro lost balance and lands on top of her on the bed. With their face's touching each other Lisa sucks her breath in, her heart beats fast, this is the closes she has ever been to him, and she feels strangely exited about their position, even though it hurts, she can smell his minty breath that fans her face, she can feel his upper body pressed against her breast that cause her nipples to become hard, suddenly she tries to get out from under him, but he just lay there pinning her with his body, she hears Allesandro whisper husky, “You should stop doing that or you're going to make a certain member of my body wake up”. At his words Lisa's action instantly freeze. She lay still not moving an inch. Then he chuckles and stand up. “Thank you, Lisa, you should go now, we will talk in the morning”, Allesandro says. Lisa quickly got off from the bed and make a run for her bedroom. Once inside she falls on to bed and winch she forgot about her bruised body, then whisper softly “ What the hell just happened?” After their encounter Lisa couldn't go back to sleep, she just plays the scene over and over again in her head.
What seems like forever she drifted back to sleep dreaming of Allesandro.

The next morning Lisa wakes up still feeling tired. She quickly went to the bathroom, do her business and shower. She walks to her walking closet and can't decide what to wear. Finally, she decides on a white skinny denim, a turquoise spaghetti strap flared shirt and her vans. She just applies eyeliner and mascara seeing how she don't like wearing too much make up, she let her hair fall lose with its natural curls. She looks one last time in the mirror and head to the dinning room. Just as Lisa walks in she hears Sophia whistle “Damn, girl you look hot”, Lisa blushes at the remark and take a seat next to Allesandro.
Allesandro immediately recognize her vanilla and honey sent. Last night he had to restrain himself when he was on top of her, he could feel her breast pressed against his chest, and the fact that she smells so damn good did not help either he wanted to take her there and then, as soon as she left he made his way to the shower because a cold shower was all that was going to calm his exited member. Now he has to sit next to her again, this is going to be one hell of a day for him. Wait he can't feel like this, he can't think of her that way, and he sure as hell can't fall in love with her. His heart only belongs to Bianca.... “Allesandro are you listening? Gabriele's voice brings him back out of his thoughts.
“ what did you say? Allesandro ask with a stutter. “I said, detective Guido will be here just after breakfast to talk to Lisa”, Gabriele says again. Lisa stiffen when she hears this. She just wants to forget about what happened.
“As soon as he gets here, sent him to my office and Lisa you can come then as well”, Allesandro says with a hard voice.

Soon after breakfast, Antonio announced detective Guido's arrival and that they should follow him to Allesandro's office.
Once in side the detective greets them and began asking his questions. Lisa tries her best not to cry as she tells him about the attack. “I was sitting on the bench waiting for the next bus when a tall man with dirty blond hair walked up to me, he then came and stand in front of me trying to make a conversation,” Lisa took a big breath and close her eyes as she continues, “I asked him to just leave me alone that I am a married woman. He then began to make remarks about how stupid my husband are for letting me stay out this late saying that my husband wouldn't mind sharing me. I started shifting up so that I can escape, when he got closer I jumped up and started to run,” tears where now running down her cheeks, “ he chased me and eventually caught up with me, he then grabbed me by my neck and threw me against a wall he started kicking me and yelled at me being stupid..... he....he.....he then bent down an...ann....and wanted to rip my shirt apart, i suddenly realized that if I don't fight back this man is going to ra....r....rape me, I bit him ha... ha...hard on his hand and when he was off me I got up and kic.... kic..kicked him in between his legs and then i a run for it while he was still lying on the floor, I think he tried to follow me, I saw a dumpster and hid inside, I don't know how long I was in there but after a while I got the courage to clime out. I made sure the coast was clear I started walking that's when I realized I was lost. I don't how I found my way home.” Lisa ends while shaking from crying.
Allesandro were silent the whole time, he could hear she was trying hard not to break down, he balled his fists and swear if he gets this guy his going to make him pay for what he did. Detective Guido asked Lisa if she could identify the man. Lisa nods her head and reply with a small, “ yes”. The detective got the man description and told Allesandro he will be in touch. With that he left.

Allesandro was quiet for a while, then Lisa hear him say, “I will go with you to visit your sister”, Lisa was just about to say something when Gabriele came in, “I am sorry to disturb, but I have an important matter that I want to discuss with my brother” Gabriele says trying to avoid eye contact with Lisa. Lisa nods and left the office. She finds Sophia on her way up stairs, “ how are you feeling, Lisa”? Sophia ask concerned. “I'm fine, just got a headache from lack of sleep probably”, Lisa says softly. She looks at Sophia and see that she is about to go out when she sees she got her hand bag. “I will let you be, I see your're going out”, Lisa says. “O, no i just got back from the store but forgot something in the car”, Shopia says with a blush. “Why are you blushing like that?” Lisa teased. Sophia smiles and drag her to Lisa's room. “Ok, what I am about to tell you don't leave this room, pinky promise”? Lisa smiles and her sister in laws childish behavior but sticks her pinky out and says, “pinky promise”.
“So you see it's like this, I haven't had my period in almost two months, i completely forgot about it, but then about a week or so ago I started trowing up, I thought it's just a tummy bug, but it's still the same so I went to the store to buy a pregnancy test.” Sophia says happy. “ O my word, what are you waiting for? Go and get the sticks so you can find out!” Lisa says exited. Sophia quickly went down to the car to get the bag, she decides she wants Lisa with her when she did it. With a soft knock on Lisa's door she enters. “Can you be with me when I do it please? She asks Lisa. “Of course come here's the bathroom”. The two women went inside and lock the door. Sophia takes the pregnancy test and put it on the counter, “ok we have to wait five minutes”, says Sophia. They were waiting for the results when Lisa ask, “how long have you and Gabriele been together?” Sophia smiles when she answers, “ We grew up together, at first he was the boy who stole my candy and always made me cry, our parents were best friends, it wasn't until high school that we became aware of our feelings for each other. I didn't do anything at first, but when other girls started to flirt with him, and he flirted back while looking my way I became jealous. He made sure I was the first to tell my feeling, so one day the queen bee of school went up to him and stuck her tong down his throat that's when I lost it and pull her off him, then did something none of us expected and kissed him in front of everyone, since that day we are together and married for two years now”, Sophia says smiling. Sophia ask Lisa to take a look at the test because she is to scared, Lisa takes the test of the counter and says, “There's........two lines, congratulation Sophia!” Sophia began to cry out of happiness. “I can't wait to tell Gabriele. I have to do something special”. Sophia says exited.

After they were finished, Sophia thanked Lisa for her support and went to organize a dinner for them. Lisa then got ready to go to the hospital, as soon as she went down, Allesandro was already waiting for her. They walked to the car were Pierro waits for them. The car ride is very quiet no one says a word. Until Allesandro says, “Detective Guido wants to know if you are willing to go to the station and look at possible suspects?” Lisa's heart beats fast when she answers with fear clear in her voice, “ Yes, when must I go?”
“As soon as we are done at the hospital”. Allesandro says to her. Soon they were at the hospital and made there way to Lilani's room. Lisa kiss her sister on her head gently. “ Hey, sis I hope you are doing well, I can't wait to talk to you again.” Lisa says to her sister. Lisa takes Allesandro and lead him to her sisters side. “Hello, principi(princes) I am glad to see you fought during the operation and hopefully you will recover very soon, your sister and I are going to get your room ready for when you come home, and as soon as you get out there's going to be a cake for you like I promised you the other day, get well soon principi" Allesandro says, surprising Lisa with his kindness toward her sister. She can't believe this is the same man she had to deal with the past few days. “Wow like who are you and what have you done to Allesandro” Lisa though. They spent some more time with Lilani until Allesandro say it's time to go to the station. Lisa kisses her sister softly and the two walked out. On there way to the police station, Lisa began to panic silently. How is she going to get trough this alone, she is afraid that he will hurt her again. As she thinks of all the possible scenarios that could happen, Allesandro puts his hand on her shaken hand and calmly says to her, “ I will be there with you Lisa, just relax if he's there he can't hurt you, I promise.” Lisa answer worriedly, “I am just scared, what if his not there and still out there somewhere?”
“Let's wait until we find out if he's there, for now that's all that matters”. Allesandro says calmly. They stop in front of the station, Allesandro gets out and hold his hand to Lisa, she takes his waiting hand and leads them inside.
Detective Guido walk up to them and ask them to follow him. Lisa's heartbeat increase, and there's sweat forming on her forehead. Allesandro squeeze her hand trying to calm her. Once inside a dark room detective Guido says, “I am going to show you five man, you can take your time, if you see him just nod and say which number, don't worry he won't be able to see you. Are you ready?” Lisa answers softly with a yes. Then there's a light on the other side of the window were five men are lined up. Lisa walks forward and look at the men. She suddenly became pale, as she looks at her attacker, she points to the tall, dirty blonde hair with a scar across his left eye, “That's him” she said in a small voice. Allesandro walks up to her and holds her in his arm. “You did great, Lisa”. Allesandro assures her. Detective Guido tell his men to take him away. “Thank you, Lisa, you just helped us to put a serial rapist behind bars.” The detective says gladly. Lisa just nods and ask if she can go. All of this walking are making her ribbes pain. She asks Allesandro if they can go home she wants to rest for a while seeing that she is baring very much pain. “You should have never got out of bed this morning, Lisa you're ribbs must heal first and all the events of today aren't helping either.” Allesandro scolds.
“I was fine this morning, just had a little pain when I moved but other wise fine”, Lisa tries to argue. “When we get home, you're going straight to your room and rest, I will send Maria to take you some pain killers,” Allesandro says with a stern voice. Lisa just sights and keep quiet.

As soon as they arrive home, Allesandro ask Maria to take pain killers for Lisa. He then went to his office to get some work done. It didn't take Lisa long before she is fast asleep.
Allesandro make some calls to find out why the guy targeted his wife, he feels there is more to the story and won't rest till he finds answers, but at least he knows the guy is behind bars. Allesandro asked Leonardo to call Gabriele for him, once his brother answers, Allesandro tells him everything. Gabriele agrees that there's something not adding up and that he will dig further. Gabriele tells Allesandro that they wont be joining them for dinner he already got plans with his wife. Allesandro tells him to enjoy his evening. With that they hung up.
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