The Blind Billionaire

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Lilani wakes up

It's been three days since the operation. So far everything have been going well. The guy responsible for the attack is locked up behind bars. Sophia told Gabriele that they are pregnant, Gabriele was over the moon, now Sophia's not aloud to do anything. They are also leaving one of these days, then it's just Lisa and Allesandro. He has been distant lately and ruder towards Lisa. Sophia feels bad for the way Allesandro treats his wife but decides to keep out of there business.

Lisa can't wait to go to the hospital, she got up early to shower and get ready. As she walks down she notices Allesandro standing at the bottom of the stairs. She can't help but to admire her handsome husband, even in a black shirt and blue jeans he looks hot. She never seen him in something other then his suites. She reaches the bottom, Lisa kindly greets Allesandro. “I'm going with you to see your sister” Allesandro simply say. Lisa take him by the arm and leads them to the waiting car. “I know your a busy man, you don't always have to go with me,” Lisa says after a while. “
“I know but I can stand some time of to accompany you to your sister, I know today is the day they will wake her up.” Allesandro says. Lisa stays quiet because she knows there's no point in arguing with this man. Once they reach the hospital Lisa leads Allesandro to her sisters room. When they went inside Dr. Dorigo was already there. “Good morning Mr and Mrs Mancini, your just in time, we are about to wake the little one. You can wait outside or if you prefer stay here it's up to you”. The Docter kindly say. “I think we will be staying”, comes the answer from Allesandro. Lisa looks up at Allesandro, she swears he is full of surprises. Lisa keeps quiet and watch the doctor go to work. After the doctor are finished he turns around and say, “It will take up to twelve hours, depending on the patient to fully wake up”, So far every thing seems normal. We can call you as soon as your sister are fully awake”, “Thank you, Doctor, I would appreciate if they can give me a call”, A happy Lisa say. The doctor write something down then greets the two and leave. “I can't wait to hear her talk again, I miss her so much thank you, Allesandro without your help my sister would not be alive”, Lisa says grateful. “You don't have to thank me Lisa, I didn't do it for free remember”, comes Allesandro's answer. Lisa says nothing and softly stoke her sister's hand. “Hi Lilly, by this time tomorrow you will be awake again, I cant believe your going to be alright, it still feels like a dream. I will see you as soon as you're awake. Remember I love you”, Lisa says softly. After she kissed her sister she and Allesandro leave the hospital. In the car Lisa hear Allesandro say, “ We are going to the store to buy things for your sister's room and clothes for when she comes home.”
“Thank you” comes Lisa's reply. They spent the next four hours shopping for Lilani. It was a struggle at first, because Allesandro can't see, and she has to describe everything, she must admit he has good taste even though he can't see. Once they are home Allesandro ask Antonio to take everything to the room where Lilani will sleep. He then excuses him self and went to his office. Lisa decides she wants to cook a traditional South-African dinner. With that thought she went to the kitchen to inform the sjef.
That night she cooked “vetkoek” and mince and for dessert a malva pudding.
Allesandro was quiet during dinner. Lisa and Sophia talk about her pregnancy and later Gabriele joins in. “This was very delicious Lisa, you are a great cook”, Gabriele compliments her. “Thank you”, she replies. Lisa got up to take the dishes and says, “ I made some dessert it's I will bring it just now.” Lisa went to the kitchen and sit the dishes in the sink then she starts serving the dessert and take it to the table. Every one enjoy the dessert as they make sounds every time they take a bite. “Wow, that was delicious, what do you call the dinner we had, Lisa? Sopia ask. O it's called “vetkoek” and mince”, Lisa tells her. “That remind me of our traditional bread “gnocco fritto”, Gabriele says after finishing his desert. Allesandro ask if there is any more dessert and Lisa went to get him some more, when she placed in in front of him he tells her “I have to admit this is the best dessert I had in ages, thank you, Lisa”. They all talked for a while. After dinner Antonio escorted Allesandro to his room while Lisa went and do the dishes, after she is done, she went up to her room and decides to take a shower. Lisa felt her body relax as the water hits her body. She thinks of Allesandro's weird behavior, one minute his friendly then the next like a ticking time bomb. She wishes this was a normal marriage, where he would hold her hand and tell her how much he loves her, where he takes her out for dinner, or order pizza, and they lay in each others arms, but sadly it's not. He will never love her, he only loves one woman. She must stop hoping for something more and concentrate on Lilani. After the shower she puts on a short and a t-shirt. She then decides to watch some movie as it is still early. Just as she's about to decide what to watch there's a knock on her door, with a soft come in Antonio comes in. “ Mrs Mancini, the hospital phoned, your sister is awake, Mr Mancini says you must get ready so you that you can go to her. I will wait at the car”. Antonio says to his lady boss. “Thank you, Antonio I will quickly change”. Lisa says happy. After Antonio left Lisa quickly change, she puts on a skinny jean and a check shirt with her blue sandals and quickly went down to the car, once inside she was shocked to see Allesandro there. “You didn't think I was going to send you alone did you”? He suddenly asks with amusement. Lisa is sure this man is bipolar. “How did you know I was shocked”? Came the surprise question from Lisa. “I don't usually go with you, and the fact that I went to my room after dinner you surely thought I was asleep”, Allesandro simply answer. “ Yes, um thank you”, came Lisa's reply.

At the hospital they quickly went to her sister room. When they went in Lisa sees her sister lying awake and take Allesandro with her to the bed. “ Hi Lil, how are you feeling?” Lisa immediately want to know. A soft, weak chuckle escape from Lilani as she says, “ I am feeling great Lis, I missed you”. Then she looks at Allesandro and talk again, “Hi, Alli thank you for saving my life”,
“It's a pleasure principessa, I am glad that you are doing better”, Allesandro simply reply. “What are a princi... what ever you just called me?”
“ It means princess, little one” Allesandro chuckles. “ Your room are almost ready by the time you come home everything will be ready”, Lisa tells her sister. Lilani can't wait to go home and see her new room. They talked for a while then say goodbye to Lilani telling her they will check in with her tomorrow. Lilani nods then close her eyes again. Lisa takes Allesandro's hand and the two walk out of the room. “Thank you for coming with me. I really appreciate it”. Lisa says sincerely. Allesandro just squeeze her hand softly. The drive home is quite and when they stop at the mansion Lisa offer to take Allesandro to his room. Allesandro nods and Lisa helps him inside walking up the stairs. Once they reach his room Lisa softly kiss him on the cheek, “Good night”. Allesandro has a small smile, “Good night, Lisa.” Then he went inside his room. Lisa decides to go to her room and hopefully fall asleep.

The next five days was really busy, they finished Lilani's bedroom and put her clothes in her wardrobe. Today Lilani comes home. Lisa cannot wait to get her sister at the hospital. Allesandro was here the whole time making sure everyone follows his demands. After breakfast the two set out to get Lilani. They make there way to her room and walks in. Lilani was already sitting up straight waiting for them. They greet each other and Lisa helps Lilanie get dressed. As soon as the were finished the Dr came in. “Good morning Mr and Mrs Mancini, I see my patient are ready to leave”, Came his remark. “ Yes, I am ready doctor”, Lilani reply with a huge smile on her face. “ Just sign the discharge forms, here are her schedule for her treatment, and for her next appointment with me. Remember not to wash her hair like usual, take baby shampoo and be gentle, here are the list of the do's and dont's. You take care now little one and behave”, The doctor tells them. They thanked the doctor and leave the room with Lilani in a wheel chair. Once everything was settled at the hospital they walk out of the hospital Allesandro helps Lilani into the car then ask Pierro to take the wheelchair. Lilani lays with her head on Lisa's lap. She still feels tired and fell asleep. As they get closer Lisa wakes Lilani. “We are almost there, Lil.” Linani wakes up rubbing her eyes she then sits up and look around. Lilani's eyes gets huge when they ride through the gates. “Wow, this is a palace Lisa, look how huge the house is, ooo and look the fountain, and the flowers. There must defeninly live fairies here”. Lilani says in awe. Pierro opens then door for them then Allesandro got out first followed by Lisa and Lilani. Lisa takes Allesandro's hand and Lilani's hand and walked to the house. Inside Sophia and Gabriele are already waiting for Lilani they made sure there's food and drinks for when she got home. Lilani have never seen a huge house before to her this must be a castle. Lilani then notice two people in the living room and hides behind her sister.”Lilani, I would like to introduce you to my sister- in- law Sophia and brother-in- law Gabriele.” Lisa says as she bent down to Lilani. Lilani takes a peek at the two people then came out from behind Lisa. “ Your name sound like princes Sophia i always watch, hey “tannie” (auntie), hey uncle”, Lilani greets them. After Lilani is introduced to everyone, they went to the dinning room where there is a whole feast. Just after they are finished Allesandro tells Lilani she can now go and check out her room. Lilani slowly gets up and takes her sister's hand. Gabriele went to Allesandro's side and help him. Everyone followed Lilani and Lisa to her room, Lilani can't believe her eyes her room are huge, it's painted pink with princesses on the wall, her bed is huge with pink and purple duvet covers, she got her own mirror and a study table, she even got a flat screen t.v, there's a chest with lots of toys and a huge wardrobe with clothes. She even has her own bathroom this is so cool, she then turns around and walk to Allesandro and hug him around his legs, “Thank you, Alli this is the prettiest room i ever had, are you sure your not n prince?” Lilani says with excitement. Allesandro laughs and say. “It's a pleasure, I am glad you like it, and no I am not a prince, little one”. While they were in Lilani's room, Antonio came and tell them that the nurse has arrived. Allesandro ask Sophia to keep an eye on Lilani then he and Lisa went to the nurse. As soon as the nurse saw Allesandro she instantly knew she must have him, his hot as hell and rich, very rich from the looks of it. Lisa take Allesandro to his seat and stand next to him. Allesandro starts to talk in a cold, hard tone, “ You are here to take care of my little sister, she is five years old and just had a brain surgery. Here is the list of do' and dont's. I expect you to follow every instruction on that paper. The days when she has chemo, her sister will take her, I do not tolerate people who show up late for work, you are going to live in seeing that you need to take care of Lilani, so there will be no excuses. Are there anything you like to ask?”
“No, Mr Mancini, you and your sister don't have to worry, I will take good care of your sibling”. The nurse says smiling sweetly at Allesandro. “Lisa is not my sister she is my wife” Allesandro sets her straight with a deep frown. “You will listen to Mrs Mancini, you will report to her, now that this is settle, you know we are the Mancini's, please tell us your name?”
“Yes, Mr Mancini, I understand. My name is Viola Lastra” the nurse says shocked that she did not know he was married.
After this Allesandro excused them and Lisa showed Viola where she will be staying, “Dinner are served at 19:00 hours, please let the sjef know if your not going to have dinner with us. I will introduce my sister to you after she wakes up.” Lisa informs her. With that Lisa went to her own room.
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