The Blind Billionaire

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The nurse

A few days have past since Lilani came home. Lisa helps her sister and tries to keep her in bed as much as possible. It seems like Lilani is getting better day by day. After breakfast Lisa takes her sister back to her room and give her, her medication. Lisa reads a story for Lilani and soon she falls asleep. Lisa kiss her and cover her with a blanket. She then stands up and decides to go and look for Sophia as she walks down the stairs, Viola suddenly talk behind her. “O, hi Mrs Mancini, do you know where I can find Mr Mancini?” She asks sweetly. “He is usually in his office,” Lisa answers with a frown. Viola skipped the stairs one by one very exited, she needs to find out everything about Allesandro, she knows he is rich as fuck, but to get him to like her or best fall in love with her and leave his wife. With that she went to his office.
Lisa shake her head at Viola's strange behavior but continue walking down stairs. Once she reached the back door she found Sophia sitting at the pool. “O, this is where you are hiding”, Lisa teased. “I think I need some vitamin sun,” Sophia laughs.

“I am glad your sister are back home, she is such a lovely girl.” Sophia say. “Thank you, yes I'm also glad she is home, my live are so dull without her, I promised our parents that I will protect her and when we found out about the tumor my world suddenly stopped.” Lisa says. “You know you are one strong women Lisa, I hope you realize it.” Sophia says with admire in her voice.
They chatted for a while before Lisa say she's going to check up on her sister. Lisa went up and find her sister awake. “Hi sweety, how are you feeling? She asks her sister softly. “I am doing okay, thank you. I just hungry Lisa.” Lilani tells her sister. “Then lets go and make you something to eat, or you can stay here and I will bring you something”. Lisa says. With a shake of her head Lilani slowly got up and take Lisa's hand. When they went into the kitchen, Maria tells them lunch are ready they can go to the table. As soon as they went to the table she notices Viola already sitting at the table on Lisa's chair. Lisa frown but don't say anything, when Allesandro enter Lilani went up to him and hug him saying, “ Hi Alli, how you doing?” Allesandro bent down to give her a hug. “Hello, Principessa, I am good thank you, how are you feeling?” Lilani leads Allesandro to his chair and then says to Viola, “Can you please move up I want to sit next to my Alli”, Viola just stare at the girl and doesn't move. Lilani then got on Allesandro's lap and whisper something in his ears. “Miss Viola, I think my sister asked you a question I told you in my office this afternoon that I do not tolerate anyone who over step there boundaries in this house, that chair is my wife's chair, Anonio already told you about it, so if you will be so kind as to move from that chair”, Allesandro says in a cold voice. With a small yes, Viola takes another open chair, she was fuming with embarrassment, how dare this brat interfere with her plans for Allesandro, she will soon make this pest understand who is boss around here. Lisa shake her head then sit down. Lilani sits on Allesandro's lap and it don't seem that it's bothering him. Lunch was quiet just Allesandro and Lilani who was talking the whole time. After lunch Allesandro takes Lilani's hand and ask Lisa to take them out to the back yard, then he told Viola, “Your duty starts from tomorrow morning, this is my sister Lilani. You can take rest for the rest of the day”, with that the three of them went outside.
Lisa got a blanket for them to sit on, Allesandro sit with his back against a tree while Lilani sit next to him with her head on his lap, they talked about everything. Allessandro tickle her and all you can hear are the laughter of the little girl. All the employers that was watching could not believe that their employer are actually laughing and playing, he was always cold and heartless, i'ts good to see him laugh again.
Somewhere in the house Viola was also watching this scene, she cant understand why Allesandro is always so cold towards her but to his wife and that brat he's always laughing and talk softly to them. This makes her mad. She wants him and his money. Maybe if she tries to seduce him, or make him drunk and take him to bed, but there is always someone with him, she must think of a plan. With an evil smile on her face she starts making a plan to get Allesandro's attention.

Allesandro and the other two are still outside with Lilani asleep on his lap. He gently strikes her head, then he tells Lisa, “I have to go away for a few days, there's an important matter that needs my attention, I will be back before this weekend.” Lisa looks sad all of a sudden and softly answer, “We will be fine, when are you leaving?” Allesandro could swear he heard sadness in her voice but just answer politely.
“Tomorrow morning just after breakfast, if you need anything don't hesitate to call me or Antonio.” They sit there a while when Lilani wakes up. After that Lisa takes Allesandro to his office and Lilani to her room so that she can have a bath. Lilani enjoys this big bath tub. It almost feels like a small pool for the little girl, Lisa helps her with her hair gently. After they are done with bathing Lilani dressed in a denim jumpsuite outfit with her black vans, her hair is short they had to shave her hair for the operation. Lisa says she still looks pretty even with the short hair.
“Lisa, that Viola girl, I don't think I like her, she looks at Alli weird and I don't like it.” Lilani says with a frown.
Lisa smiles at her sister possessiveness towards Allesandro and carefully says, “Give her a chance maybe she isn't as bad as you think she is,” Lisa sound unsure herself, she has seen the way Viola looked at Allesandro the whole day, and she wanted to tell Viola to leave her husband alone, but she can't because they're marriage is not out of love. Lilani takes Lisa's hand and they went out. They spent time with Gabriele and Sophia until dinner time. At the table everyone seemed busy with their own thoughts, just Lilani who ask a lot of questions for the people around the table. Everyone loves and adore the little girl, except for one person and that is Viola. “I see you and Allesandro don't sleep in the same bed”, Viola suddenly talks behind Lisa where she is busy doing the dishes. “I don't know what you are talking about, Miss Viola, and besides what goes on between my husband and I got nothing to do with you, I would appreciate it if you stay out of our business and just do what you get paid to do”, Lisa says angry at Viola. Viola looks at Lisa and smirks before saying, “O, I intend to make it my business honey, you and you're brat of a sister should start packing your backs because as soon as I get Allesandro I'm kicking you out”, Lisa only laughs at the poor girls fantasy, she laughs so hard that tears starts to form. “What's going on in here? Lisa are you alright?”, comes Allesandro's deep voice from behind. Before Lisa could answer Viola says in a teary voice, “Mrs Mancini just hit me in the face and told me to stay away from you”, Viola fake cry. “Lisa in my office now!”, Allesandro command. Viola smirks as Lisa help Allesandro to his office once inside Allesandro says in a cold voice, “ Don't you dare hit any of my employers again, you maybe married to me but I am still the boss, do I make myself very clear!” Lisa stares at Allesandro with tears in her eyes, she then composes herself before saying, “ One, I did not touch her, two she is the one who said she noticed that we don't share a bed and lastly she will make sure you divorce me and kick me and my brat of a sister out, so don't you dare talk to me that way again without listening to my side of the fucking story, if you will excuse me now I need to go put my sister yo bed”. Before, Allesandro could say anything his office door slams shut. He then calls for Antonio who was outside the door listening to every thing. Antonio knock once and went inside, “Yes Mr Mancini, what can I do for you?” Antonio ask. “I want to find out what happened in the kitchen something doesn't add up, ask the staff and report back to me, I want this matter settled before I leave tomorrow.” Allesandro says to Antonio. Antonio went to talk to the other employees, after his done he went to tell Allesandro what he could find out. Allesandro thanked him and ask him to take him to his room and to tell the household to be at breakfast at 07:00.

Lisa still can't believe what happened tonight, how could Allesandro think of her that low? She tossed and turn the whole night to think of a way to expose Viola. It's past midnight when she finally fell asleep. The next morning Allesandro waits for everyone to come down for breakfast, then he hears someone behind him. “Good morning, Mr Mancini, did you sleep well?” Viola asks while putting her hands on his shoulder. Allesandro stiffen at her action and just nod without saying a word. After everyone were seated, Allesandro begin to speak, “As most of you know today I will be leaving for a few days, while I'm gone my wife will be in charge and I expect everyone to listen to her, if I find out someone went against her there will be consequences, Lisa baby when breakfast is finished I want to see you in my office”. Did he just call me baby? Lisa though but she must have heard wrong. Viola blood was boiling how the hell is he so sweet and caring towards that bitch, she thought after last night he would still be mad at her. She must think of another plan. After breakfast Lisa and Allesandro went to his office once inside he pulles Lisa in his embrace and put his head in her neck and whispers, “I am sorry for over reacting last night and not listening to you, but I promise from now on I will first listen before I act,” Dammit she smell like heaven he wishes he can bend her over his desk and have his way with her.
“Thank you Allesandro it means so much to me”, Lisa says interrupting his dirty thoughts. “There is one more thing, your stuff will be moved to my bedroom”, Allesandro suddenly says. With a stutter Lisa answer, “ I... um... i....yo...are you sure?”
“Yes very sure that way people won't notice something off about our marriage.” Allesandro assures her. Truth is Viola came into his room last night, and try to seduce him, he doesn't know how she thought of seducing him when he can't see he chased her out and told her if that ever happens again he will fire her, that's when he decided Lisa must move into his room. After their conversation Lisa went to get Lilani, so she can say goodbye to Allesandro. Lilani run to him and cry, “Why do have go A....All...Alli?” She asks crying. “ O honey I will be back before you know it, you must help Lisa and watch over everyone for me,” Allesandro says to the little girl while holding her in his arms. “Pinky promise you won't be away for to long”, Lilani holds her finger and take his hand to make a pinky promise. “Pinky promise”, Allesandro says to Lilani with a smile.

As soon as Allesandro left Lisa ask Viola to take her sister up to her room and give her medicine so that she can rest. Viola take Lilani and went to her room. Lisa went to her own room, when she enters she saw Maria already busy moving her stuff Lisa offer to help and before long all her stuff was in Allesandro's room. His room is huge, there's a king-size bed. His whole room is black and silver, he also got a balcony with a beautiful view that looks over the ocean, Lisa went to the bathroom and was in awe, there're a his and hers shower with black tiles and a golden floor, and his and hers basin that is also black with gold details. A huge bath in the corner of the bathroom. This man got good taste Lisa thought. Then she went out and see if she can help with lunch.
The day went by quick without any incidents. Sophia and Gabriele are leaving tomorrow morning early, they say it's time to head to their own home. Lisa was sad at the thought, she and Sophia have gotten really close this past few days they were here, she is really going to miss them. After dinner everyone went to the hometeater to watch some movies. Lilani was asleep soon after dinner, Lisa has sent her dinner up to her room seeing she needs to recover from the operation, and she can't over do it. During the movie Maria came and call Lisa telling her there's phone. “Mrs Mancini speaking, how can I help you?” Lisa ask trough the phone. “Good evening Lisa, how is everything at home?”, Allesandro's sweet voice falls on Lisa's ear. O that voice alone are making her wet, she thought. Clearing her voice she answers, “Everything is going great Allesandro, Lilani went to sleep just after dinner and the rest of us are watching movie, how was your day?”
“Exhausting thanks for asking, i assume your stuff has been moved to my room?” Allesandro ask. “Yes, Maria moved everything just after you left.” Lisa answer. “O, alright I will call again tomorrow as soon as I can, have a wonderful night Lisa”, Allesandro end their conversation. “Good night Allesandro”, Lisa says in a sad tone. Allesandro heard the sadness in her voice but decide not to ask what's wrong. Lisa miss Allesandro she has to admit this arrogant man has made his way into her heart without realizing it, she doesn't love him, but they are more civil so to speak. After the movie is finished Lisa says good night and made her way to Allesandro's room. She was just about to go inside when she hears Viola talking from behind. “Where do you think you are going? That's Allesandro's bedroom!”
“Correction it's our bedroom, and if you will excuse me this has been a long day and I miss my husband,” Lisa says mockingly before entering the room and lock it. This is going to be a long night she thought as she lay in bed, everything smells like Allesandro. She really does miss him, she takes his pillow and hug it soon she was sleeping peacefully.
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