Little Ruby Red

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Life wasn't always simple for Ruby Rider, but she sure tried to enjoy every moment of it. She loved to race with her Uncle in the illegal street races that he and a friend, Colin. ran on a random track in the woods surrounding their little town. On the track she's known as Red, a girl who is a strong racer, beautiful and could be quite promiscuous with the men. Ruby loved hard when it came to her family and worked even harder when it came to working for her Uncle in his club. Things begin to get intense as she makes new friends, falls in love and ends up in serious trouble. Warning: This story includes, Sex, Abuse, Rape, Death etc. I will not warn on every chapter. This is 18+ for a reason. Copyright © 2020 by Charly James-Matthews All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

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Chapter One

I love to read, going on a journey into a characters life and experiencing their world and feelings, I couldn’t help but lose myself in books, crying, laughing and getting so angry with authors that I threw my phone away before picking it back up quickly and continuing to read. It was a way to get lost in another world other than my own.

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with my world, I have a loving family, a job in my uncle’s bar…Sure I could do with a better love life, but you can’t have everything right?

Lately, I had been reading a new series about an extremely cliché bad boy, you always see books about the bad boys, they are always hot, dark and gloomy but have little depth to them, their only reason for being ‘bad’ is because they’ve had it tough, a parent not around, drugs and all that shit that life deems to be ‘bad’.

It’s always so cliché, but when have any of us truly known someone like that?

I mean…It could be true for the odd person but the people I’ve known who had it rough weren’t the bad boys, they were the jokers or they were the quiet ones who studied, they wanted to make life better amongst their own shitty lives, they didn’t hurt anyone else.

Stereotypes suck and I’ve never met a single person who fits in just one, all of us have a little of everything depending on the situation.

For me, I fit in several groups, but all of them together make me, me. The way I dress outside would categorise me as what’s known as Emo. You could always see me in dark colours, mainly black, red, deep purples and dark blues. My hair was always changing colours as I loved to dye it, my latest was a deep red, my fringe swept to the side while the rest of it dangled just below my shoulders unless I was on my bike, then it was tied up, out of the way.

Mix that up with my biker chick leather leggings and jacket and you get my bad chick stereotype as I straddled my motorcycle, my favourite thing in the world.

Then when I was home I was always in clothes that kept me relaxed, jeans, t-shirts and a hoody.

I wasn’t one for sticking with one true style, depending on where I went or what I was doing I would just see what I was feeling like, but as usual, the world judges you on how you look so as I grew up people saw me as the bad girl and after a while, I just accepted that that would be how I was seen, so why not accept it?

Throughout my school years, I had a huge group of friends, a complete mix of people who didn’t really seem to belong. We laughed, had fun and got into a lot of trouble in school.

Although I got into trouble all the time in school I still managed to get good grades, I still wanted a good life, I just wanted to have fun with it, so of course, I studied hard when I got home and pissed about in class. My teachers always rolled their eyes at us, while the others got shit grades and I got good ones, they paid no attention to my mischievous ways and concentrated on the others.

In our last year of school, the others began to realise just how much they needed to knuckle down and most of them got decent grades with my help. But as time went on people began to change, they left to go to college and university while I stayed back home to work. I preferred it that way but I can’t say I wasn’t a little jealous of some of the success they had all got, some of them were already in high paying jobs and had a bright future while I worked in my Uncles club in the bar.

At twenty years old I was still seen as the bad girl who worked on the bar, there was nothing wrong with working at my Uncles club, I loved the bar and the people. I got paid well and my Uncle taught me everything I needed to know.

“Are you coming out of your room today or are you too far gone into those stories you read on your phone Ruby?” Dad smirks at the door of my room as I’m curled into a blanket on the bed.

“What time is it?” I ask, frowning.

“Three in the afternoon,” he chuckles shaking his head as my eyes go wide in shock.

“SHIT! I didn’t mean to stay in this long!” I groan before plugging my phone in for a quick charge before grabbing clothes out of my wardrobe throwing them on the bed.

“Are you working tonight?” Dad asks.

“Yeah, you? Shit…Don’t answer that, I know,” I ask gazing at him before smacking my hand against my forehead at my stupidity.

He was in his scrubs, of course, he was working. Dad was one of the top surgeons for the emergency department, his hours changed most weeks and this week he was on the late shifts. I admired him and his work, it’s how he and Mum had met.

My Uncle and Mum had been in a car accident when they were younger, being hit by a drunk driver. Mum had needed surgery from a shard of glass impaling her side, she luckily made it through easily with just a scar on her side, my Dad had been a new surgeon and was given his first solo surgery, they met when she woke up and their love story began, they say it was love at first sight.

“Yes, I’m working, but you knew that. Your mother is at Bev’s tonight, she might not be home until tomorrow afternoon, you know what those two are like after a few wines,” Dad smirks at me. Mum was still so young at heart and if she was with her best friend Bev, they were like two teenagers, but I didn’t blame them, why not keep having fun, why should anyone grow up too quickly?

“What about Toby?” I frown, wondering where my sixteen-year-old pain of a brother would be…He was a pain, but I loved him all the same, he was becoming my dad’s body double though, tall at six foot and skinny, short brown hair sweeping back and our families deep brown eyes, whereas my Dad’s hair was beginning to grey. He was fifty-five, after all, he was eleven years older than Mum, though they never acted it. They were best friends and soulmates, that’s what I wanted one day, though I wasn’t sure I would ever get it.

My luck in love was beyond shit, I had gotten to the point of giving up on trying for love, it seemed all the guys I had met all wanted one thing, sex, so I decided to just have fun and see what happened, no point in pushing something that wasn’t going to happen. Sure, that meant I was labelled a bit of a slut, but I didn’t care, I liked sex, what’s wrong with that? If a man has sex with loads of girls he’s labelled a stud…Spin it to a girl and she’s a slut or a whore. Fuck that label! I would have fun, why not while I was young and single?!

“Toby is at his friends for the night, Ollie’s Mum will drop him home tomorrow evening after dinner so you don’t have to worry about getting him, right I have to go, make sure you eat something before work and tell Shaun he’s welcome to dinner tomorrow evening,” Dad says kissing my head. Shaun, my Uncle, was my Mum’s brother, they were so close and he came to dinner most weeks at least three times.

“I will do, hope your shift goes well Dad,” I smiled kissing his cheek as he hugs me before rushing off to work.

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