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I looked up as the cell door opened and a new girl was thrown in. I heard the man laughing. Don't worry bitch you will get used to it after awhile. The hell I will. When Manic finds you he and his members will kill you and burn you club to the ground. Right, you know Manic. I am his woman you dumb ass. You made a big mistake taking me. I will enjoy seeing your face when he finds out where i am. Well that is not going to happen. I laughed. Oh, I know it will happen. It won't take them more than a month to find me. Bet on that. Bitch keep believe he will find you. He won't. I turned and looked at the girl sitting on the floor. They won't find you. They will. His club is the most feared and they had men like him. What is your name? Jean. What's your's? My name is Marie. I have been here three years now. What do they want with us? To sale us to the highest bidder. I was standing next to the guard when that woman said she was Manic's woman. We are all dead men. I will save myself. I will Manic's club. Time to take down the Brown Recluse MC.

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Chapter 1: The Brown Recluse MC

My name is Demon. I am the president of the Brown Recluse MC. I looked up as my VP walked in and sat down.

"We have a new bitch, the boys took her from the mall."

"She kept yelling that we were all going to die and she is Manics woman."

I slowly put my pen down and lifted my head and looked at Randy.

"What did you just say?"

" She said she is Manics woman."

" What is her name?"

" I heard her tell the woman in the cell with her that her name is Jean."

" You stupid son of a bitch. You just got us all killed."

" What do you mean."

" She is Manics woman."

" He will not stop looking for her and when he finds her if she has been hurt we are all dead."

My face turned white.

"How many times have I told you to make sure to take woman that will not be missed."

" Fuck, I yelled."

" How long as she been missing?"

"About three hours."

" Fuck, he is already on the hunt for her. His members are hunters you dumb ass. They hunt that's what they do. They do not leave any rock unturned."

I moved down the hall smiling.

"Time to take this shit hole down."

I walked out the back door and lit a cigarette. I called the Rebel MC.

"Can I speak to Manic please."

" This is Manic."

"Have you talked to your woman lately?"

"You might want to check out the Brown Recluse MC. They have a cell under the club. They traffic woman."

"They just brought your woman here."

" You might want to hurry they just found out that Jean is yours and you will be coming for her. They are preparing to move the women to another location."

"I don't know who you are but keep me posted."

" I am undercover for the Wild Ranger MC. I just know your men are tough and not to be messed with."

"Cutter I yelled."

" Get the men ready. We are going Hunting."

As we walked outside I told them about the phone call. We need to be ready for anything.

"Apparently they traffic women and they took Jean."

" They are dead. We do have an undercover biker inside. We need to not kill him."

We arrived down the street from the Brown Recluse MC. We got off our bikes and surrounded the club. We watched as men were putting women into two vans. I looked at four prospects.

"Take the Vans once the women are inside."

" Take it to the clubhouse."

Then we saw them dragging Jean and a man slapped her before throwing her inside the van.

I saw our sharpshooters take down the men and then the prospects take down the men in the van. We moved in and took down men right and left. I saw a man hold his phone up.

"Don't shoot him I said he is the undercover."

We got to the door and kicked it open firing at anything that moved. Every room was searched and men shoved into the bar. The cellar was clear of women all but one.

We heard, "Cutter you better get down here."

" It looks like the forgot one."

I walked down the stairs and walked to the far end cell.

I saw the tiny woman pushing herself against the wall.

"Please don't hurt me" she said.

"Get me a blanket."

" I am not going to hurt you."

" We are here to rescue all of you."

I took the blanket and wrapped it around her. I lifted her and carried her up the stairs. I sat her in a chair surrounded by our men.

I looked for some clothes that might fit her. I found some sweatpants and a sweatshirt.. I walked out and put her on my bike.

"Cover your ears. Don't listen."

I pulled her into my arms as the shoots started. I was sitting on my bike when they walked out. Soon flames could be seen.

We rode out onto the road and headed to our club followed by the undercover man. When we arrived I carried the woman inside and to the doctors office.

The doctor had examined 15 women so far. I saw Jean walk out of a room with a woman she was very short and tiny.

"Cutter, this is Marie."

" I was thrown into the same cell she was in."

"Marie this is Cutter our VP."

" Pleased to meet you Marie."

" How are you doing?"

" Better now that I have had a shower and away from those bastards."

" Jean get her something to eat."

I looked over at the woman I carried into the club.

"How is she doctor?"

" She is going to be alright."

" She does have a broken rib and bruised back. But she will be fine. She needs to eat and drink water."

"What's your name miss?"

" My name is Ashley."

" Ashley, my name is Cutter. You are in our clubhouse."

" We are the Rebel MC. Are you hungry?"

" Starving."

" Let me help you to the bar where the other women are and I will get you something to eat and water."

I lifted her down from the bed and walked her to the bar.

I sat her at a table near the window. I sat across from her.

"What would you like to eat I asked her?"

" A cheeseburger with no lettuce, pickles, tomatoes and mayo. How about fries with that?"

" I can have fries too?"

I smiled down at her.

"You can have anything you want to eat Ashley, I told her."

"Prospect, I told him what to bring, including ice water, and a beer for me."

" I want what she is eating too" I said.

We watched as the prospect walked away.

" Are all of the guys as big as you?"

" No, Manic is our president and he is taller than all of us. He is Jean's husband."

" That is him over their standing next to Jean."

"How did you find us?"

" The Brown Recluse MC made a big mistake in taking Jean."

" There was a man from another club undercover. He called us. So, we came and rescued all of you. We don't believe in hurting women. We protect them."

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