A Painter's Muse

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Sunnie Watson is a pretty girl from New Zealand who loves to paint and her artwork has sold at auction for thousands of dollars. So when her overzealous manager sets her up to paint his nude bodyguard, what could possibly go wrong?

Romance / Erotica
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A Painter's Muse

“But I’ve never done a painting of people before, Jasper! It’s not really not my specialty, you know that!”

“But Sunnie, darling, you simply must find a way to come out of your comfort zone or you’ll never know what kind of potential you may have!”

I was trying to convince my over-zealous manager that painting humans was something that I would never be good at; I could paint anything from a vase of flowers to an entire landscape! They granted me a small studio flat here in Napier, New Zealand when they sold at auction for thousands of dollars! As for people? It was like trying to do math upside down for me! I loved Jasper to death and I trusted his opinion more than anybody else’s.

But now he wanted me start painting humans and was more than eager to let me use his new bodyguard to practice with! I didn’t even know he HAD a bodyguard until a few minutes ago!

“What if he doesn’t like me?” I complained.

“Oh, pish-posh, darling!” Jasper chirped, waving a hand at me. “He may look like a dangerous brute, but I promise you he’s just a big ol’ teddy bear! Plus, he’s pretty handsome...”

I sighed, knowing that I wasn’t going to win this argument. “I don’t even know his name...”

“Oh, right! His name is Hector and he should be here any minute...”

As if on point, there was a light rapping at my door.

“That must be him! Okay, Sunnie, I’ll be off now, and good luck on this painting!”

I let out a breath I’d been holding in and tried to slow down my beating heart. It’s only one painting, I thought. How hard could it be?

There were footsteps behind me as I looked around to find my iPad and get settled.

“Come on in and close the door, please,” I said quietly, not bothering to look up right away.

The person didn’t say anything in return, but I heard the click of my lock and more footsteps coming closer.

“Sunnie Watson?”

Damn! I didn’t expect his voice to be so deep! It rumbled from his chest like an earthquake. I spun around and nearly dropped my iPad when I got a look at him...

Jasper had definitely not done a very good job in describing his bodyguard because Hector was the most scrumptous man I’d ever seen! Long raven hair that touched his broad shoulders... dark olive skin... intense dark eyes... a solid 6’2 build of pure muscle! If you showed me his picture, I would’ve guessed that he was Polynesian or something... all I knew is, my young woman hormones were suddenly raging! He had come dressed only in a black trench coat.

“Y-Yes, that’s me... a-and you must be H-Hector...”

I took his large hand into my lighter toffee one to be polite, but I wasn’t ready for the wave of desire that smacked into me harder than a freight train! Hector’s hands were so soft... I held onto them for a minute too long until I caught myself.

“Um... t-there’s a stool behind you... i-if you wanna sit...”

I grabbed my iPad and Apple pencil and sat down in my own big cosy desk chair. Jasper gave it to me a year ago and it was so huge I could fit my tiny 5’7 frame right into it. While Hector made himself comfortable, I opened up the Adobe Illustrator drawing app so that I could get started by doing some rough sketches of him.

“Much better...” he muttered.

I instinctively looked up and then just as quickly wished that I hadn’t... Hector had been completely naked underneath that trench coat!!! As in, not a stitch of clothing anywhere in sight!!! And the way he was sitting gave me a full view of EVERYTHING he had to offer - more of that delicious dark olive skin, a litter of tattooed artwork in various places... and a ginormous eggplant nestled between his legs in a raven patch of pubic hair. Only one word came to my mind: FUCK.

“Like what you see, you little painter?”

I snapped out of my stupor and somehow remembered my job again. Jasper was definitely going to get an earful of profanity the next time I saw him! My face was on fire from the heat of my own embarrassment. Hector seemed pretty amused at my expense.

“You’re cute,” he said. “What’s your name again?”

“Sunnie,” I told him, trying to focus on my sketching.

He didn’t say anything else, just smiled slyly. I worked on my sketches as quickly as possible with my whole heart pounding in my ears and my lady parts becoming moist underneath my tight yoga pants. Almost an hour went by before I was able to save my work to come back to it later. I stood up out of my chair to stretch out my stiff muscles.

“Okay... the sketches are done, now I can make the oil painting... OH!”

Hector had come up behind me so quietly I didn’t even hear his footsteps. He must have been pretty horny because I could feel his erection pressing into my lower back, making my arousal even worse. I never wear a bra underneath my shirts when I’m at home, so my nipples poked through the pink material. Hector pinched both of them at the same time and I gasped.

“I really wanna kiss you,” he murmured, turning me around in his arms. “Can I kiss you?”

I looked up into his eyes - timidly, of course - and inhaled his sweet strawberry scent with a hint of vanilla. Then I stood on my tiptoes and nodded. Hector smushed his lips against mine, feverishly devouring them as his tongue explored my mouth. The only time he stopped was to tear off my shirt and yoga pants and kiss my neck.

“Mmm... delicious... I can’t wait to be inside of you, Sunnie... will you let me be inside of you?”

At this point, Hector was painfully hard and the way he was still asking me for my consent was so sexy to me! I wanted to give him everything he was asking for.

“Sit down in my chair... I wanna be on top...”

That did it. Cradling me in his arms, Hector carefully sat us down in my chair and nestled me on his lap so that he was just inches away from my wet core. He was kissing me the whole time until my lips were swollen.

“First time?”

I nodded but not without trying to hide my face behind my thick dark hair.

“Hey... that’s nothing to ashamed of... we’ll just have to go slow, alright?”

My voice didn’t work anymore at the moment, so I just focused on getting him inside of me. The more I sank down, the more discomfort I felt, but I kept going until I was fully impaled. Hector kept me wrapped up in his arms and didn’t let go. I started to slowly bounce on his lap and he latched onto my right breast, sucking hard on my nipple. One of his hands remained on my ass to keep me steady.

“H-Hector...! Fuck... oh! Don’t stop...!”

The sexy man didn’t stop. I bounced harder on his lap and he moved his head to suck on my other nipple. But then all of a sudden, he stopped.

“Where’s your bedroom?” he whispered.

“In... in the back...” I panted.

He lifted me up in both arms, still buried inside my pussy, and carried me the short distance to my room. All I had in there was my actual bed, my closet, and my nightstand, but it was mine nonetheless. Hector certainly wasn’t complaining; he just shoved my door closed with the heel of his foot and laid me down underneath him.

“Sorry, Sunnie... but I just couldn’t fuck you properly in that damn chair...”

I giggled and wrapped my legs around his waist to pull him closer to me. “How about now?”

“Now?” he echoed. “Now I’m going to fuck you until you can’t sit down properly...”

Hector pinned my hands to the side of my head and shoved himself hard into my love box. He didn’t hold back this time, making sure to keep thrusting over and over again. I threw my head back against my pillows and moaned as loud as I could. It turned me on even more to know that he was watching my every move, especially since my breasts were rocking back and forth in time with our rhythm. My bed was also beginning to shake from all the motion going on.

“Oooh... ha...! H-Hector... I’m... I’m almost...”

He let go of my arms and let me hold onto his back as he continued to pork me.

“Fucking cum for me, baby... just let it go...”

His manhood poked against my sweet spot and swallowed my cries with kisses as my orgasm took over. Only then did Hector let his own climax happen and he shot his sperm into my center. After our high died down, he pulled himself out and stroked my hair.

“This isn’t just a one-time thing, you know... I want you to be mine... forever... and ever!”

He kissed me for every word he said and I melted like chocolate.

“Yeah... I think that’ll be a good idea! Except... what are we gonna tell Jasper?”

“Simple- we tell him that I’m your boyfriend and he’d better get used to seeing a LOT of random displays of affection... publically!

I laughed out loud as he covered my face with more kisses.

“Does this mean I get to paint you more often?”

“My love, I will buy you your supplies whenever you need them!”

I promised I would let him.

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