Midnight Pleasure

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Everything messed up when the ambitious and arrogant C.E.O, Brand Mauritius, found out that he had a son and was diagnosed with a terminal disease. And the woman he was desiring and got pregnant with didn't want anything and didn't want to be indebted to him. So, he offered something. One month living together. They would act as a husband and wife in front of their son until the contract ended. Oleya Campbell needed work. She applied as a C.E.O’s Secretary in Brand’s Intell and was surprised when she found out that the C.E.O was the father of her son. Things seemed to be on her side as she planned something: to make his boss suffer even if it meant giving him her body, again. [Warning: This contained matured scenes. Parental Guidance is advised]

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1: Clumsy Secretary

"Shit! What should I do?"

Oleya's eyes widened as she peeked out the door, looking to see if anyone was coming in or not. Not seeing anyone outside, she quickly returned to the machine.

"That monster will probably kill me!" She whispered to herself. She turned the back of the photocopy machine and looked for where to remove the bond papers.

"He's going to fire me," she mumbled again. Although there was a glimmer of relaxation in her since no one still noticed her clumsiness again. But when she felt a dark aura behind her, she mentally cursed multiple times. Why the heck was he already here?

"What. Are. You. Doing?" And there it was, the annoying voice of her boss, Brand Mauritius. She rolled her eyes, still not facing him. And why would she do that? He would probably strangle her this time.

"Sorry sir, there was a paper jam. I'm still fixing it," she replied gently, masking her annoyance.

Closing her eyes tightly to calm herself, her breath became rigid when she felt that her boss was getting even closer to her. Nearly jumping in shock as she didn't like the heat she was feeling behind, she could feel his hot breath against her nape since her long black hair was tied up.

"Did you know that I need them right now? What the hell, Campbell. I didn't ask you to do this but you still insisted and looked at what you had done! I already told you that you have only one chance and after that, you're fired!" His voice bounced back at the four corners of the room that made her roll her eyes again.

She wanted to scream at his face that it was not her fucking fault. It was the damn machine who got her in trouble.

Why would he always get mad at her? It was the things she used that troubled her the whole time. Whenever she used the machine, it would stop or had a paper jam. When she used the damn coffee maker, it would stop or get stuck. She would fill the ink tubes but they would splash all over her or the files. Not that she asked those fucker machines to do that, right?

"Sorry boss. But don't worry, I will fix it before the meeting starts," she mumbled.

"You better be. One more mistake and you'll be leaving my company for good. I won't do any recommendations for you!"

“Go to hell, monster!” She whispered although she wanted to say that to him every time he scolded her.


Oleya almost tripped when she heard her boss called out. "Coming, boss!" She hurried to his office with the printed copies. Seeing him bent over some papers made her relax a little. It claimed that she was safe as her boss was busy with something. Of course, she was still afraid of him.

"What the fuck?" He yelled, looking at her with wide eyes. His swivel chair slightly backed away as he stared at her.

Her brows formed in one line due to confusion not until he gestured her hair. That was when she remembered that ink splashed on her face and to her frizzy hair. She was not able to fix them as she had just finished arranging the printed copies of the documents needed for the meeting.

Fixing her hair with her fingers, she tried to tie it again. Her boss shook his head and hissed. There was disapproval on his face.

She gripped the printed papers tighter to her chest. "These are the documents, boss. Besides, this is also the flash drive for your presentation later. I already checked it and it is fine."

"Get out of my sight now." His tone made her shiver to death.

She sighed and headed to the door. Brand really couldn't stand her presence. Sometimes, she wondered if he knew her by face or just by her name. She learned he never once peeked a single minute to look at her.

She took a glance at him first before leaving. It turned out again that she failed. She wondered why her boss was still giving her chances although she failed again and again.

Then something flickered in her memory. “Yeah, right. Maybe he was just making me see what I'd lost before.”

She went back to her cubicle and strived to have fresh air to calm herself. Being a 28-year-old woman, obeying her boss even if he was being unreasonable, and writer at night didn't make her feel better.


"Oleya Campbell!"

She nearly fell on the chair when she heard her boss' shout in his office. She was swirling herself at the swivel chair to relax. But when she heard Brand called her like there was no tomorrow, she stopped and gulped.

Earlier, she was praying that he would not notice the documents that got crumpled a bit and hid behind the neat ones. But now that his voice sounded furious, she knew he already saw them. She would definitely receive different kinds of hurtful words; not just hurtful words, she would be really fired from her job.

Sloppily walking into his office, she was praying that her boss would not fire her. Although she knew she got zero percent of a chance.

Chasing her breath, she held her chest as soon as she opened the door and a flying plastic bottle greeted her shoulder. She backed away and her eyes widened as she looked at him. She made a mistake, she shouldn't have looked at him as when she met his eyes, they were like digging holes in her body.

“Boss, are you trying to use me as a dartboard?” She joked. One of her defense mechanisms.

"What the hell did you do? Don't you know that these documents are very important to me, you idiot?"

Brand Mauritius was one of the famous businessmen because of his hard work and dedication to his work. While she was just a 28-year-old secretary striving hard to earn money and trying to be better although she was always a mess.

"Sorry, boss. I didn't mean to. I just want to-"

"I don't need your fucking sorry. What I need are these documents!" He cut her off. His eyes glazed over as he roughly dropped the documents over the table.

She couldn't get mad at him that time. It was her fault that she was irresponsible earlier just to finish up early to be the first in line at the cafeteria.

'You're so dead, Oleya.' She cursed herself.

Her mood earlier was great that she even wanted to be praised by him. So she brought coffee to his office earlier. Well, she saw him looked tired from work. He had been working non-stop. She arrived at the office at exactly 7 a.m. and already saw her boss working his ass off and now, it was already 7 p.m. and he was still working.

That was his routine, overdoing his body. She didn't see him taking a rest.

"Do something about it. I want them back in my office at exactly 5:45 p.m. I need them later for the contract signing," he ordered.

5:45? Her narrowed eyes glanced at the big piles of documents. She couldn't fix them and get them back fine in just about an hour. Especially when his boss was too perfectionist. He would just see a minor scratch from the documents, he would make a fuss about it. He even could notice if his coffee missed one teaspoon of sugar or not. He could see a minor stain in his window, he would lecture the cleaner nonstop.

"What are you still doing here? Go out! Leave!" He shouted as she practically jumped from the floor. She hurriedly picked up the documents on the table and ran out of the office with sweat falling on her forehead.

'Cold dick monster!'

Panting, she whistled and refreshed herself. But when she looked at the papers again she badly wanted to cry. “How do I fix these?” She carried the papers to the photocopy and printing machine, again. She needed to start printing them right at that moment as her boss would surely toss her outside.

"I'm done!" She shouted. She complimented herself as she finally ended her struggle with the damn photocopy machine.

She stretched out her hands first before arranging the documents in a folder. But her eyes widened as she looked at the clock. One and a half hours had passed. She ran for her life. She almost saw her boss' office, her heart relaxed a bit but before she could reach it, she stumbled over the height of her heels.

"Damn you for being so clumsy!"

The expected fall on the floor did not happen. Oleya felt strong arms wrapped around her waist. She looked up and was greeted by blue-colored eyes, thick eyebrows making a straight line, pointed nose, and luscious lips. She was daydreaming that those lips were pressing on hers and could have watched the beautiful scene in front long enough when she felt pain in her ass.

"Stop fantasizing about me, idiot."

She snapped back to reality, realizing that his boss had plunged her on the floor and her ass kissed it. Frowning, she stood up and flattened the peach dress she was wearing. She instantly remembered the documents that cost more than her ass pain. Handing them over to her boss, he pushed them away and they fell scattered on the floor.

"Put them into the shredder, I don't need them anymore. The deal was rejected. Thanks to you, Campbell," he said, smiling but sarcasm could be heard in his tone.

She was fuming in anger. She felt her blood was rising and at any minute, she would explode in turmoil. She spent multiple times and endured his unbearable words and waited for the documents to be resolved and he just wanted her to put them in the shredder? “Fuck you, monster!” She hissed in her mind.

She gave him a respectful smile although deep inside she wanted to tore him into pieces. Following his walking figure with her drastic glare, she decided not to chase him anymore because he might get even angrier.

She bit her lips, realizing what he had. They did not close the deal that was important for the company! “Because of my stupidity again. Oh yeah, I'm not really responsible! An idiot, clumsy secretary.”

'You'll pay, you monster.'
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