Midnight Pleasure

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Chapter 2: The Boss' Rules

“Where’s Campbell?”

She spilled the water from her mouth to the papers she was reviewing when she heard her boss’ voice. She quickly hid under her table before peeking out of her cubicle. From the front desk where one of his assistants was sitting, her boss was looking around and she could clearly see his frowning face.

“What did I do this time?”

She fiddled under, biting her finger as she thought of a possible reason to save her life that time. Couldn’t think of any, she took a deep sigh before choosing the end of her life. “Sir, I’m here.”

She peeked out again the moment her boss stopped on her cubicle. Slowly, she traced from his shoes up to his face and quickly gave him her sweetest smile. ‘He’s gonna eat me alive!’

“You’re late. You did something stupid yesterday and now, you’re late? You’re really trying my patience. In my office,” he said with his low tone, obviously just holding back his anger from her. He took big steps towards his office.

She couldn’t stand from where she was hiding as she thought about what would happen to her that time. “Is this the time he will feed me to the shark?”

“Oleya Campbell! Where’s your brain? In my office, now!” He shouted again, making her tremble a bit. She ran to follow him. Fortunately, she chose to wear flat shoes that day.

Brand slammed the door shut, not waiting for her to enter. It almost hit her nose as she was just one step away. Her throat became dry while wishing that she could leave the office later, alive.

As she opened the door, she saw him sitting on his chair tapping a ballpen on the table. He already had his eyes on her the time she entered. She closed the door gradually, almost tip-toeing not to create a sound.

“All I need is you to do something better but you can’t at least for once do it right. I already said that you have only one more chance,” he started.

Her head hung low, tapping her fingers on her black skirt. There was no excuse this time. “I’m sorry, sir.”

“Send your resignation letter to the HR. I don’t want to see you again working on my company.”

Those words gave her head a massive pain that she could feel was about to explode at any time. Did he really fire her now? He couldn’t do that. She needed the job. She needed to stay at the company.

“Sir, don’t fire me, please. Give me one more chance,” she pleaded with her eyes gawking on her heels.

“I always gave you a chance, Campbell. But now, I need a new secretary who is capable of doing her task right. And that is not you and always won’t be you.”

“I need this job, Sir. Give me a chance. I’ll do everything, just let me keep my job here,” she said, crossing her fingers in her back.

Only the sound of the tapping ballpen and the ticking clock could be heard in the office. She was feeling out of breath and felt like fainting at any minute.

“You better think hard about that,” he said. She abruptly looked up and her neck felt pain from the sudden action. Brand Mauritius was smirking and giving her an odd feeling.

She wouldn’t waste that chance. “I’m serious, Sir. Just let me stay,” she answered.

He smirked. Offering her his famous grin caused her to narrowed her eyes and stumbled back a bit. Whenever he did that, she knew she was on the edge of trouble. “What do you want, Campbell?”

Letting out a deep sigh, she looked straight into his eyes. “My job, being your secretary. How can I prove to you that I’ll do my job right this time, Sir?”

The way he grinned was creating goosebumps on her already shaking body. He stood up and went near, winking at her. ‘Was my boss trying to flirt with me?’

“Listen carefully. I have rules that you should obey if you really want to stay in your job. Am I clear?” He mumbled.

She shivered when he leaned down on her, making their gap very close. She almost stopped herself from breathing when she felt something warm and wet lightly licked her earlobe. She stood there, frozen, with her hands clenched tight. There were no words that came out of her mouth even when she tried to answer.

He moved in front and without prior notice, he pushed her on the chair in front of them with his hands still on her shoulder. Then he turned around, his back facing her.

“First, use your mouth to answer me. If I ask you, answer me right away. Now, do you understand me?” His voice was fiercer than a while ago. His eyes were like throwing daggers at her.

“Yes, Sir.” Her shaky voice broke the long silence.

With that, Brand turned to her with his playful smile again. He leaned on her, hands on either of her shoulders, pinning her down. Her eyes widened as one wrong move and she would meet the bulk in his pants that were almost near her face. She continued to gulp and looked up at him only to see his blue eyes flashing with...hunger?

“You have to follow my rules to be able to stay. So, I’m asking you again, are you sure about your decision?”

She looked away as she couldn’t hold his stare any longer. “Yes, Sir. And I will do everything to be worthy of your another chance.” Her hands played on the hem of her skirt.

She backed away slightly when he moved enough that she felt his legs touch hers. She looked at him again, mouth wide open thinking that he was just testing her. And he wasn’t making it easy on her as she came to like that moment. With her boss leaning down on her face and her looking upon his attractive face. His minty breath hit straight on her face.

“Please?” She pleaded not knowing what she was begging for; him, letting her stay on her job or him, to kiss her right now.

No, she should have stopped thinking about that. 10 years have already passed between them. Brand left her and appeared to have already forgotten her. She should also do that.

He cupped her chin, tilting more near him. Her heart thumped fast as she was captivated by his small touch on her skin. Unconsciously licking her lips, she was thinking what else he would do. But he wasn’t giving any clue as he just started.

“One chance. Just one chance,” he muttered. And looked at her with an odd stare one more time.

‘You better be. After all my hard work and trying to be better.’

“I have to meet a client tomorrow right? Go straight to my house tomorrow at 9 a.m. sharp. I need to discuss some matters with you regarding your work first before we meet the client,” he continued with a firm voice. She nearly jumped when his fingers trailed down on her bare arm.

‘Why should I go to your house if you can discuss them now, here at the office?’ She wanted to voice that out but there was no way for her to risk her another chance.

She felt another finger touching the corner of her lips. It wasn’t right letting her boss touch her, but why did she feel so damn hot?


It was depressing while looking at the computer monitor in front of her. She had been staring at it for a long time and until now she still had not finished a single report. She couldn’t even change her clothes after coming back to work and her hair was still a mess. There were still filthy plates on the sink that she had no time to wash as she was keeping herself awake to do a better report for tomorrow.

“Wake up, Oleya! You need this job. You can’t lose this just because of your stupidity.”

Her hands touched the keyboard again but luck might hate her as darkness covered the whole room. Only the light from her laptop helped her to see around.

“Can I at least have one day without frustration?” Her voice boomed in the room. She raked her messy hair and stomped her feet towards the door.

She peeked outside. There were people outside their apartment’s doors with candles and flashlights. The landlady’s voice roared from downstairs. “You should all pay on time for the rent so that fucking electricity won’t be cut off again! Damn that Billy boy for not giving me heads up before cutting the power here.”

She closed the door while her shoulders hung low. She used the light on her laptop to find the used candles. Her fingers touched every corner of the drawer that had piles of junk papers and bills receipt. “Where the hell are you?” She muttered as she couldn’t find the candles.

With much frustration, the old drawer shook a bit when she kicked it. She went back sitting on the chair and slammed her head on the table.

“Life must really hate me.”

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