Midnight Pleasure

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Chapter 3: 2nd Rule, Be Obedient

Oleya did her best to look presentable in her dress. She was right for doing it as the house of her boss was one of a kind. It was reflecting his boss’ hard work. Even in just the outside of the house, it perhaps could make anyone not dared to step inside with shabby clothes. The house itself could make anyone feel intimidated. What more if it came about her boss’ look?

She shook her head to brush away her thoughts. Her mind reminded her again why she was on the doorstep of the big house.

She couldn’t count the minutes of how long she stood in front of the door. The guard guided her there earlier. She really wanted to back off as an odd feeling was eating her alive especially since she had no idea why her boss wanted to discuss the matters in his house instead of at the office. She knew her boss’ attitude when they were in the company but here – in his own big house, she didn’t know. It looked like she needed to build strong walls on herself. She sighed deeply before knocking on the door.

“My boss, Brand Mauritius, is expecting me here,” she quickly muttered when the door opened. An elderly woman stood in front of her. She had a wide smile and let her in.

“Brand is coming down. Just wait here huh? Can I know what you want – coffee or juice?” The woman asked, her smile was still there.

“No, it’s okay. I’ll just wait for Sir Brand.” The woman stared at her for a moment before nodding and walked away.

She looked around the house. It was enormous and tidy. If the appearance outside was something that could make the eyes wide open, the inside was mouth-watering.

‘You really made it to the top, Brand.’ She whispered and looked around again.

A picture frame grabbed her attention. She slowly approached it on the shelf. “Wow, you know how to smile, why when you are in front of us you always have that scary serious look?” She whispered, she couldn’t help but to be nosy. A small smile formed on her lips as her fingers caressed the picture frame.

Someone cleared their throat that made her jump. The picture frame nearly fell as her hands were still holding it. Her body froze in an instant when she realized who was the person behind her.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m sorry, I just looked at the picture.” She didn’t dare to turn around. What if he was really a monster when he was at his house? Two big eyes, thick blue-green eyebrows that were the same color as his fur, two horns, and a bulk body. Wait, why did she suddenly remember Sulley? She giggled at that thought.

“Are you disrespecting me in my own house? How about you look at me while I’m talking to you?”

She instantly turned around. Her whole system seemed to disfunction for a while when she saw her boss. She stared at her with her mouth wide open. He was leaning against the wall and staring at her intently with his blue orbs. Topless, he was only wearing trunks and had a towel slung over his shoulder. She gasped when her eyes traveled down into his trunks. There was no way she couldn’t hide her heated face. There was a big bulk between his legs and could clearly be seen as his trunks were fitted in him.

He was still sex on legs!

She tried to look away. She wasn’t prepared for any of that and now she was starting to drool over her boss. She wanted to lick her lips.

But she couldn’t believe what she had seen. How did his thing become large like that? Her gaze wandered on his trunks again but immediately looked up straight to his tattooed chest down to his waist. She cursed silently because of that. ‘Shit! Why did he need to have a tattoo? That’s my weakness.’

“Eyes up, Campbell if you’re done gawking at my body.” His voice appeared to tease her. She blushed, even more, when she noticed him staring at her. “You really want the job, huh?”

“Excuse me, Sir?” She asked. She fidgeted on the floor. It was as if she was naked by the way he stared. And his voice fitted better on him – sexy. She bit her lower lip at the thought.

“I’m not expecting you’ll really come here as what I’d said,” he started. He flashed his famous smirk before he turned his back. He sat on the brown couch probably not minding he was almost naked as he sprawled his hands on both armrests.

She didn’t know if she should follow, sat down, or ran out of the house.

“You’re going to stand up there the whole time or what?” He asked.

Hesitantly, she sat down in the opposite seat. She swallowed a few times when she noticed his big bulk that was even bigger now since he was sitting. She restrained herself from looking there again and just focused on the hem of her skirts.

“Where are your things? Are you going with me with just one piece of clothes?” He asked. She frowned because of that.

“What are you talking about, Sir? You just told me to be here and we’ll meet one client after,” she replied. Her confusion became more intense as he shook his head. He looked kind of irritated with his eyebrows lined in one.

“Guess you’re not serious about your decision yesterday.” There his scary looks and voice again.

She was really confused about what he was saying. “But Sir, I’m serious. I promise. It’s just, I don’t know what you are talking about.” She didn’t know where she got the courage to speak up for herself. All she knew was she needed the damn job.

“You need your stuff because you will come with me, you won’t go home while I’m teaching you how to improve yourself. The client we’re about to meet rescheduled the meeting. I emailed that to you last night.”

She instantly stood up while covering her mouth with her own hands. Shit, the laptop shut down after a few minutes, and the power was still cut. But that’s not what made her curious.

The line on her forehead increased. “I know you’re going to teach me. But why should I stay here with you?” Just the thought of that made her tremble. There was no way she would agree with that. She had things to do after work.

“Did I say here? We’ll meet the client in his place. And it will be around 2 weeks. You’ll go with me. ”

Her eyes widened at what she heard. She did not expect what her boss wanted. That would be her first time to go with his business meeting outside. Because even though she was his secretary, he did not want her to mess things up.

“But I can’t. I have important things to do after work. I cannot neglect it.” Any time, she felt like she would give up and just looked for another job. But she couldn’t do that. She needed to stay in her job at the Brand’s Intell.

“Second rule. Be obedient. I don’t take no as an answer. Go home and pack your things good for two weeks. We’ll be there tomorrow.”

She was about to object when he rapidly stood up. She almost had an attack when he pulled her left arm and yanked her closer to him. She could smell his masculine perfume.

“What the hell?” She couldn’t help but exclaim.

She wanted to run out. She didn’t like the way he was touching her like what he did yesterday to his office. That was the first time Brand had physical contact with her and looked straight in her face after he left.

She slowly looked at him and gasped, well, he was also looking at her. With lust and hunger in his eyes.

“Lean closer,” he demanded. Her forehead creased. Why was he saying that? The more she got in contact with her boss, the more he was being touchy.

“Why?” She asked.

“You forget things easily. I told you yesterday that I’ll teach you to improve yourself. Now, lean closer.” He had a stern face while saying that. When she didn’t comply, his lips clamped tight and his face became darker.

“Give me a reason why I should do that, Sir,” she mumbled with her serious tone. Brand was really fucked whenever he used his commanding voice.

The last thing she remembered was her–asking him. But right now, her body was smashed hard into his body and he was already claiming her lips. He kissed her violently. He appeared very eager. And everything happening seemed to be unreal as she couldn’t protest into his audacity to kiss her. She felt something growing inside her stomach, it was ticklish and warm. She quickly breathed as he released her lips. Had swollen lips and got wet, that’s what happened to her in just a minute.

“To improve yourself, I’ll teach you how to be obedient. When I say something, obey it. No but’s. You promised you’d do everything I say, remember?” He whispered with his teasing voice. She swallowed hard when her gaze followed his tongue that licked his lips.

She did her best to pull away and succeed. She clung tightly to the hem of her dress and cursed silently. Just a few minutes after she got closer to her boss, she could no longer control her lust for him. What more with the 2 weeks they would be together?

’What does his kiss have to do with him teaching me to be a better secretary?

With her confused and irritated mind, she couldn’t stop herself from confronting him. “Yes, I want my job, Sir. But that doesn’t mean you can disrespect me. What you did was sexual ha harassment. I really do not know the connection between kissing me and you, teaching me.” Her voice cracked due to sudden embarrassment. She gave up on him just like that.

“Or you thought I’m still the 18 years old girl who always obeyed you. Like before?

She could see the strange emotion reflected in his eyes. “Forget what happened. Leave now!”

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